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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 contacts:
The personal information in the following is given with permission of the respective persons.

WG administration

Convener and secretariat:
          Ken Whistler
	  ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 Secretariat
          Sybase, Inc.
          One Sybase Drive
          Dublin, CA 94568

Tel:      +1 925 236-7429

Email, web and ftp maintainer:
          Keld Simonsen
          Fruebjergvej 3
          DK-2100 København Ø
Tel:      +45 3322-6543
Fax:      +45 3325-6543

WG membership

P-members of SC22

Australia          Austria            Belgium            Brazil             
Bulgaria           Canada             China              Denmark            
Finland            France             Germany            Greece             
Ireland            Japan              Netherlands        Norway             
Romania            Russian Federation Slovenia           Sweden             Ukraine            
United Kingdom     United States      

O-members of SC22

Argentina          Cuba               Czech Rep.         Hungary            
Iceland            India              Israel             Italy              
Korean Republic    New Zealand        Poland             Portugal           
Singapore          Thailand           Turkey             Yugoslavia         

WG20 Liaisons

Formal liaisons, working relations or cooperation agreements exist with the following:
from WG20           Organization         Subject              to WG20              

Gim Gyeongseok      SC2/WG2              Character Sets

Keld Simonsen       SC22/WG15            POSIX                Keld Simonsen        

                    SC22/WG4             COBOL                Don Schricker

                    SC21/WG3             SQL                  Jim Melton           

Keld Simonsen       SC22/WG14            C                    Keld Simonsen        
Keld Simonsen       SC22/WG11            Bindings             Keld Simonsen        

Keld Simonsen       SC22/WG21            C++                  Keld Simonsen        

Gary Miller         X/Open               I18n                 Gary Miller          

Alain LaBonté       SHARE-Europe         I18n                 Alain LaBonté        

Alain LaBonté       CEN/TC304            I18n                 Keld Simonsen        
Keld Simonsen                                                                      

John Clews          CEN/ISSS/CDSG            I18n                 Marc Küster
Keld Simonsen                                                                      

Alain LaBonté       SC35                 User Interfaces                           

Keld Simonsen       TC37/SC2/WG3         Alphabetic ordering                       

                    Unicode              Unicode              Asmus Freytag

Related work

WG20 was a part of the now disbanded JTC1 Technical Direction on Cultural and Linguistic Adaptability, Character Sets and User Interfaces (CLAUI)

Other related work that the WG follows are:

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