C++ Standard Library Issues List (Revision R124)

Table of Contents

Reference ISO/IEC IS 14882:2020(E)

This document is the Table of Contents for the Library Active Issues List, Library Defect Reports and Accepted Issues, and Library Closed Issues List.

Revised 2023-06-09 at 14:25:43 UTC

Issue Status Section Title Proposed Resolution Priority Duplicates
1(i) TC1 [using.linkage] C library linkage editing oversight Yes
2(i) NAD 99 [auto.ptr.conv] Auto_ptr conversions effects incorrect Yes
3(i) TC1 17.5 [support.start.term] Atexit registration during atexit() call is not described Yes
4(i) NAD 23.4.3 [basic.string] basic_string size_type and difference_type should be implementation defined Yes
5(i) TC1 [string.swap] String::compare specification questionable Yes 87
6(i) NAD 31.5.3 [fpos] File position not an offset unimplementable Yes
7(i) TC1 23 [strings] String clause minor problems Yes
8(i) TC1 [locale.statics] Locale::global lacks guarantee Yes
9(i) TC1 17.6.3 [new.delete] Operator new(0) calls should not yield the same pointer Yes
10(i) Dup [locale.codecvt.byname] Codecvt<>::do unclear Yes 19
11(i) TC1 22.9.2 [template.bitset] Bitset minor problems Yes
12(i) NAD [allocator.requirements] Way objects hold allocators unclear Yes
13(i) TC1 [istream.extractors] Eos refuses to die Yes
14(i) TC1 [locale.members] Locale::combine should be const Yes
15(i) TC1 [locale.members] Locale::name requirement inconsistent Yes
16(i) TC1 [locale.codecvt] Bad ctype_byname<char> decl Yes
17(i) TC1 [facet.num.get.virtuals] Bad bool parsing Yes
18(i) TC1 [facet.num.get.members] Get(...bool&) omitted Yes
19(i) TC1 [locale.codecvt] "Noconv" definition too vague Yes 10
20(i) TC1 [facet.numpunct.virtuals] Thousands_sep returns wrong type Yes
21(i) TC1 [locale.category] Codecvt_byname<> instantiations Yes
22(i) TC1 [ifstream.members] Member open vs. flags Yes
23(i) CD1 [facet.num.get.virtuals] Num_get overflow result Yes
24(i) TC1 [locale.codecvt] "do_convert" doesn't exist Yes 72
25(i) TC1 [string.io] String operator<< uses width() value wrong Yes 67
26(i) TC1 [istream.sentry] Bad sentry example Yes
27(i) TC1 [string.erase] String::erase(range) yields wrong iterator Yes
28(i) TC1 [facet.ctype.char.members] Ctype<char>is ambiguous Yes 236
29(i) TC1 31.4.3 [narrow.stream.objects] Ios_base::init doesn't exist Yes
30(i) TC1 [locale.category] Wrong header for LC_* Yes
31(i) TC1 30.3.1 [locale] Immutable locale values Yes 378
32(i) TC1 [streambuf.virt.pback] Pbackfail description inconsistent Yes
33(i) TC1 [locale.codecvt] Codecvt<> mentions from_type Yes 43
34(i) TC1 [facet.num.put.virtuals] True/falsename() not in ctype<> Yes
35(i) TC1 31.5 [iostreams.base] No manipulator unitbuf in synopsis Yes
36(i) TC1 [ios.base.storage] Iword & pword storage lifetime omitted Yes
37(i) TC1 30.3.1 [locale] Leftover "global" reference Yes
38(i) TC1 30.3.2 [locale.global.templates] Facet definition incomplete Yes
39(i) TC1 [istreambuf.iterator.ops] istreambuf_iterator<>::operator++(int) definition garbled Yes
40(i) TC1 99 [facets.examples] Meaningless normative paragraph in examples Yes
41(i) TC1 31.5.2 [ios.base] Ios_base needs clear(), exceptions() Yes 157
42(i) TC1 23.4.3 [basic.string] String ctors specify wrong default allocator Yes
43(i) Dup [locale.codecvt.byname] Locale table correction Yes 33
44(i) CD1 31 [input.output] Iostreams use operator== on int_type values Yes
45(i) NAD 31.8.4 [ostringstream] Stringstreams read/write pointers initial position unclear Yes
46(i) TC1 D.15 [depr.str.strstreams] Minor Annex D errors Yes
47(i) TC1 [ios.base.locales] Imbue() and getloc() Returns clauses swapped Yes
48(i) TC1 [ios.failure] Use of non-existent exception constructor Yes
49(i) CD1 [ios.members.static] Underspecification of ios_base::sync_with_stdio Yes
50(i) TC1 31.5.2 [ios.base] Copy constructor and assignment operator of ios_base Yes
51(i) TC1 24.2 [container.requirements] Requirement to not invalidate iterators missing Yes
52(i) TC1 [fpos.operations] Small I/O problems Yes
53(i) TC1 [basic.ios.cons] Basic_ios destructor unspecified Yes
54(i) TC1 [streambuf.cons] Basic_streambuf's destructor Yes
55(i) TC1 31 [input.output] Invalid stream position is undefined Yes
56(i) TC1 31.6.3 [streambuf] Showmanyc's return type Yes
57(i) TC1 [char.traits.specializations.wchar.t] Mistake in char_traits Yes
58(i) NAD [istream.extractors] Extracting a char from a wide-oriented stream Yes
59(i) TC1 [streambuf.get.area] Ambiguity in specification of gbump Yes
60(i) TC1 [istream.formatted.reqmts] What is a formatted input function? Yes 162, 163, 166
61(i) TC1 [istream.unformatted] Ambiguity in iostreams exception policy Yes
62(i) TC1 [istream.unformatted] Sync's return value Yes
63(i) TC1 [ostream.unformatted] Exception-handling policy for unformatted output Yes
64(i) TC1 [istream.extractors] Exception handling in basic_istream::operator>>(basic_streambuf*) Yes
65(i) NAD D.15.2.4 [depr.strstreambuf.virtuals] Underspecification of strstreambuf::seekoff Yes
66(i) TC1 D.15.2.4 [depr.strstreambuf.virtuals] Strstreambuf::setbuf Yes
67(i) Dup [string.io] Setw useless for strings Yes 25
68(i) TC1 [istream.extractors] Extractors for char* should store null at end Yes
69(i) TC1 24.3.11 [vector] Must elements of a vector be contiguous? Yes
70(i) TC1 17.9 [support.exception] Uncaught_exception() missing throw() specification Yes
71(i) TC1 [locale.time.get] Do_get_monthname synopsis missing argument Yes
72(i) Dup [locale.codecvt] Do_convert phantom member function Yes 24
73(i) NAD 31.10 [file.streams] is_open should be const Yes
74(i) TC1 [locale.codecvt] Garbled text for codecvt::do_max_length Yes
75(i) TC1 [locale.codecvt] Contradiction in codecvt::length's argument types Yes
76(i) CD1 [locale.codecvt] Can a codecvt facet always convert one internal character at a time? Yes
77(i) Dup [valarray.access] Valarray operator[] const returning value Yes 389
78(i) TC1 31.5.2 [ios.base] Typo: event_call_back Yes
79(i) TC1 28.4.2 [complex.syn] Inconsistent declaration of polar() Yes
80(i) TC1 28.4.2 [complex.syn] Global Operators of complex declared twice Yes
81(i) NAD 28.6.5 [template.slice.array] Wrong declaration of slice operations Yes
82(i) NAD 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Missing constant for set elements Yes
83(i) TC1 23.4.3 [basic.string] String::npos vs. string::max_size() Yes 89
84(i) NAD [string.access] Ambiguity with string::insert() Yes
85(i) NAD 23 [strings] String char types Yes
86(i) TC1 [string.require] String constructors don't describe exceptions Yes
87(i) Dup [string.swap] Error in description of string::compare() Yes 5
88(i) NAD [string.insert] Inconsistency between string::insert() and string::append() Yes
89(i) Dup [string.insert] Missing throw specification for string::insert() and string::replace() Yes 83
90(i) TC1 [string.io] Incorrect description of operator >> for strings Yes
91(i) CD1 [string.io] Description of operator>> and getline() for string<> might cause endless loop Yes
92(i) CD1 27 [algorithms] Incomplete Algorithm Requirements Yes
93(i) NAD 28.6 [numarray] Incomplete Valarray Subset Definitions Yes
94(i) NAD 16.4.6 [conforming] May library implementors add template parameters to Standard Library classes? Yes
95(i) NAD [member.functions] Members added by the implementation Yes
96(i) NAD 24.3.11 [vector] Vector<bool> is not a container Yes
97(i) NAD 24 [containers] Insert inconsistent definition Yes
98(i) CD1 [input.iterators] Input iterator requirements are badly written Yes
99(i) NAD [reverse.iter.cmp] Reverse_iterator comparisons completely wrong Yes
100(i) NAD 25.5.2 [insert.iterators] Insert iterators/ostream_iterators overconstrained Yes
101(i) NAD Editorial 24.3.11 [vector] No way to free storage for vector and deque Yes
102(i) Dup 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Bug in insert range in associative containers Yes 264
103(i) CD1 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] set::iterator is required to be modifiable, but this allows modification of keys Yes
104(i) NAD [string.capacity] Description of basic_string::operator[] is unclear Yes
105(i) Dup 31.10 [file.streams] fstream ctors argument types desired Yes 454
106(i) TC1 28.6.5 [template.slice.array] Numeric library private members are implementation defined Yes
107(i) NAD 28.6.2 [template.valarray] Valarray constructor is strange Yes
108(i) TC1 17.7.3 [type.info] Lifetime of exception::what() return unspecified Yes
109(i) CD1 99 [depr.lib.binders] Missing binders for non-const sequence elements Yes
110(i) TC1 25.6.4 [istreambuf.iterator] istreambuf_iterator::equal not const Yes
111(i) NAD [istreambuf.iterator.ops] istreambuf_iterator::equal overspecified, inefficient Yes
112(i) TC1 [ostreambuf.iter.cons] Minor typo in ostreambuf_iterator constructor Yes
113(i) NAD [istream] Missing/extra iostream sync semantics Yes
114(i) TC1 [new.delete.placement] Placement forms example in error twice Yes 196
115(i) TC1 D.15.5.2 [depr.strstream.cons] Typo in strstream constructors Yes
116(i) Dup 22.9.2 [template.bitset] bitset cannot be constructed with a const char* Yes 778
117(i) CD1 [ostream.inserters.arithmetic] basic_ostream uses nonexistent num_put member functions Yes
118(i) CD1 [istream.formatted.arithmetic] basic_istream uses nonexistent num_get member functions Yes
119(i) TC1 [res.on.exception.handling] Should virtual functions be allowed to strengthen the exception specification? Yes
120(i) CD1 [reserved.names] Can an implementor add specializations? Yes
121(i) NAD [locale.category] Detailed definition for ctype<wchar_t> specialization Yes
122(i) TC1 31.6.3 [streambuf] streambuf/wstreambuf description should not say they are specializations Yes
123(i) CD1 [slice.arr.fill] Should valarray helper arrays fill functions be const? Yes
124(i) TC1 [locale.ctype.byname] ctype_byname<charT>::do_scan_is & do_scan_not return type should be const charT* Yes
125(i) TC1 28.6.2 [template.valarray] valarray<T>::operator!() return type is inconsistent Yes
126(i) TC1 [locale.ctype.virtuals] typos in Effects clause of ctype::do_narrow() Yes
127(i) TC1 99 [auto.ptr] auto_ptr<> conversion issues Yes
128(i) NAD 31.8 [string.streams] Need open_mode() function for file stream, string streams, file buffers, and string  buffers Yes
129(i) TC1 [istream.unformatted] Need error indication from seekp() and seekg() Yes
130(i) CD1 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Return type of container::erase(iterator) differs for associative containers Yes 451
131(i) NAD [list.ops] list::splice throws nothing Yes
132(i) TC1 [list.capacity] list::resize description uses random access iterators Yes
133(i) TC1 24.4.4 [map] map missing get_allocator() Yes
134(i) TC1 [vector.cons] vector constructors over specified Yes
135(i) NAD [iostream.cons] basic_iostream doubly initialized Yes
136(i) CD1 [istream.unformatted] seekp, seekg setting wrong streams? Yes
137(i) TC1 30.3.1 [locale] Do use_facet and has_facet look in the global locale? Yes
138(i) NAD [locale.codecvt] Class ctype_byname<char> redundant and misleading Yes
139(i) TC1 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Optional sequence operation table description unclear Yes
140(i) NAD Editorial 24.4.4 [map] map<Key, T>::value_type does not satisfy the assignable requirement Yes
141(i) TC1 [string.insert] basic_string::find_last_of, find_last_not_of say pos instead of xpos Yes
142(i) TC1 27.8.11 [alg.lex.comparison] lexicographical_compare complexity wrong Yes
143(i) NAD 17.14 [support.c.headers] C .h header wording unclear Yes
144(i) TC1 [deque.cons] Deque constructor complexity wrong Yes
145(i) NAD [basic.ios.cons] adjustfield lacks default value Yes
146(i) TC1 28.4.6 [complex.ops] complex<T> Inserter and Extractor need sentries Yes
147(i) TC1 [global.functions] Library Intro refers to global functions that aren't global Yes
148(i) TC1 99 [facets.examples] Functions in the example facet BoolNames should be const Yes
149(i) C++11 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Insert should return iterator to first element inserted Yes
150(i) TC1 27.6.9 [alg.find.first.of] Find_first_of says integer instead of iterator Yes
151(i) TC1 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Can't currently clear() empty container Yes
152(i) TC1 [locale.ctype.virtuals] Typo in scan_is() semantics Yes
153(i) CD1 [facet.ctype.char.members] Typo in narrow() semantics Yes 207
154(i) TC1 [facet.num.get.virtuals] Missing double specifier for do_get() Yes
155(i) TC1 31.4 [iostream.objects] Typo in naming the class defining the class Init Yes
156(i) TC1 [ios.base.locales] Typo in imbue() description Yes
157(i) Dup [ios.base.storage] Meaningless error handling for pword() and iword() Yes 41
158(i) TC1 [streambuf.virt.buffer] Underspecified semantics for setbuf() Yes
159(i) TC1 [streambuf.virt.get] Strange use of underflow() Yes
160(i) TC1 [istream] Typo: Use of non-existing function exception() Yes
161(i) TC1 [istream.formatted.arithmetic] Typo: istream_iterator vs. istreambuf_iterator Yes
162(i) Dup [istream.extractors] Really "formatted input functions"? Yes 60
163(i) Dup [istream.unformatted] Return of gcount() after a call to gcount Yes 60
164(i) TC1 [locale.time.put.virtuals] do_put() has apparently unused fill argument Yes
165(i) CD1 [ostream] xsputn(), pubsync() never called by basic_ostream members? Yes
166(i) Dup [ostream.inserters] Really "formatted output functions"? Yes 60
167(i) CD1 [ostream.inserters.character] Improper use of traits_type::length() Yes
168(i) TC1 [ostream.unformatted] Typo: formatted vs. unformatted Yes
169(i) TC1 [stringbuf.virtuals] Bad efficiency of overflow() mandated Yes
170(i) TC1 31.8.5 [stringstream] Inconsistent definition of traits_type Yes
171(i) CD1 [filebuf.virtuals] Strange seekpos() semantics due to joint position Yes
172(i) TC1 [istream.unformatted] Inconsistent types for basic_istream::ignore() Yes
173(i) TC1 [filebuf.virtuals] Inconsistent types for basic_filebuf::setbuf() Yes
174(i) TC1 99 [depr.ios.members] Typo: OFF_T vs. POS_T Yes
175(i) TC1 99 [depr.ios.members] Ambiguity for basic_streambuf::pubseekpos() and a few other functions. Yes
176(i) TC1 99 [depr.ios.members] exceptions() in ios_base...? Yes
177(i) NAD 28.4.6 [complex.ops] Complex operators cannot be explicitly instantiated Yes
178(i) NAD 31.4.3 [narrow.stream.objects] Should clog and cerr initially be tied to cout? Yes
179(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] Comparison of const_iterators to iterators doesn't work Yes
180(i) CD1 23.4.3 [basic.string] Container member iterator arguments constness has unintended consequences Yes
181(i) TC1 22.3 [pairs] make_pair() unintended behavior Yes
182(i) CD1 16 [library] Ambiguous references to size_t Yes
183(i) CD1 31.7.7 [std.manip] I/O stream manipulators don't work for wide character streams Yes
184(i) CD1 [numeric.special] numeric_limits<bool> wording problems Yes
185(i) CD1 22.10 [function.objects] Questionable use of term "inline" Yes
186(i) CD1 [bitset.members] bitset::set() second parameter should be bool Yes
187(i) CD1 27.7.3 [alg.swap] iter_swap underspecified Yes
188(i) NAD [valarray.cassign] valarray helpers missing augmented assignment operators Yes
189(i) TC1 [fmtflags.state] setprecision() not specified correctly Yes
190(i) NAD 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] min() and max() functions should be std::binary_functions Yes
191(i) NAD 27.8.4 [alg.binary.search] Unclear complexity for algorithms such as binary search Yes
192(i) NAD 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] a.insert(p,t) is inefficient and overconstrained Yes 233
193(i) TC1 27.8.8 [alg.heap.operations] Heap operations description incorrect Yes 216
194(i) NAD 31.5.4 [ios] rdbuf() functions poorly specified Yes
195(i) TC1 [istream.sentry] Should basic_istream::sentry's constructor ever set eofbit? Yes
196(i) Dup [new.delete.placement] Placement new example has alignment problems Yes 114
197(i) NAD [allocator.requirements] max_size() underspecified Yes
198(i) CD1 25.3.4 [iterator.concepts] Validity of pointers and references unspecified after iterator destruction Yes
199(i) TC1 [allocator.requirements] What does allocate(0) return? Yes
200(i) CD1 [forward.iterators] Forward iterator requirements don't allow constant iterators Yes
201(i) CD1 17.3 [support.limits] Numeric limits terminology wrong Yes
202(i) CD1 27.7.9 [alg.unique] unique() effects unclear when predicate not an equivalence relation Yes
203(i) NAD [istream.sentry] basic_istream::sentry::sentry() is uninstantiable with ctype<user-defined type> Yes
204(i) NAD 25.4.3 [iterator.operations] distance(first, last) when "last" is before "first" Yes
205(i) NAD [numeric.limits.members] numeric_limits unclear on how to determine floating point types Yes
206(i) CD1 [new.delete.single] operator new(size_t, nothrow) may become unlinked to ordinary operator new if ordinary version replaced Yes
207(i) Dup [facet.ctype.char.members] ctype<char> members return clause incomplete Yes 153
208(i) TC1 25.3.4 [iterator.concepts] Unnecessary restriction on past-the-end iterators Yes
209(i) TC1 23.4.3 [basic.string] basic_string declarations inconsistent Yes
210(i) TC1 27 [algorithms] distance first and last confused Yes
211(i) TC1 [string.io] operator>>(istream&, string&) doesn't set failbit Yes
212(i) TC1 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] Empty range behavior unclear for several algorithms Yes
213(i) NAD 28.7 [c.math] Math function overloads ambiguous Yes
214(i) CD1 24.4.6 [set] set::find() missing const overload Yes 450
215(i) NAD 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Can a map's key_type be const? Yes
216(i) Dup 31.7.7 [std.manip] setbase manipulator description flawed Yes 193
217(i) TC1 99 [facets.examples] Facets example (Classifying Japanese characters) contains errors Yes
218(i) NAD 27.8 [alg.sorting] Algorithms do not use binary predicate objects for default comparisons Yes
219(i) NAD 27.6.6 [alg.find] find algorithm missing version that takes a binary predicate argument Yes
220(i) TC1 [ios.base.cons] ~ios_base() usage valid? Yes
221(i) CD1 [facet.num.get.virtuals] num_get<>::do_get stage 2 processing broken Yes
222(i) TC1 [structure.specifications] Are throw clauses necessary if a throw is already implied by the effects clause? Yes
223(i) TC1 27.7.10 [alg.reverse] reverse algorithm should use iter_swap rather than swap Yes
224(i) TC1 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] clear() complexity for associative containers refers to undefined N Yes
225(i) CD1 [global.functions] std:: algorithms use of other unqualified algorithms Yes
226(i) CD1 [reserved.names] User supplied specializations or overloads of namespace std function templates Yes
227(i) TC1 27.7.3 [alg.swap] std::swap() should require CopyConstructible or DefaultConstructible arguments Yes
228(i) CD1 30.4 [locale.categories] Incorrect specification of "..._byname" facets Yes
229(i) CD1 [contents] Unqualified references of other library entities Yes
230(i) CD1 16 [library] Assignable specified without also specifying CopyConstructible Yes
231(i) CD1 [facet.num.put.virtuals] Precision in iostream? Yes
232(i) CD1 [reserved.names] "depends" poorly defined in Yes
233(i) CD1 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Insertion hints in associative containers Yes 192, 246
234(i) CD1 [allocator.members] Typos in allocator definition Yes
235(i) CD1 [reverse.iterator] No specification of default ctor for reverse_iterator Yes
236(i) Dup [facet.ctype.char.members] ctype<char>::is() member modifies facet Yes 28
237(i) CD1 [deque.cons] Undefined expression in complexity specification Yes
238(i) CD1 [stringbuf.cons] Contradictory results of stringbuf initialization. Yes
239(i) CD1 27.7.9 [alg.unique] Complexity of unique() and/or unique_copy incorrect Yes
240(i) CD1 27.6.10 [alg.adjacent.find] Complexity of adjacent_find() is meaningless Yes
241(i) CD1 27.7.9 [alg.unique] Does unique_copy() require CopyConstructible and Assignable? Yes
242(i) CD1 27.7.4 [alg.transform] Side effects of function objects Yes
243(i) CD1 [istream.unformatted] get and getline when sentry reports failure Yes
244(i) NAD 27.6.6 [alg.find] Must find's third argument be CopyConstructible? Yes
245(i) NAD 25.6.2 [istream.iterator] Which operations on istream_iterator trigger input operations? Yes
246(i) Dup 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] a.insert(p,t) is incorrectly specified Yes 233
247(i) CD1 [vector.modifiers] vector, deque::insert complexity Yes
248(i) CD1 30.4.6 [category.time] time_get fails to set eofbit Yes
249(i) NAD 99 [auto.ptr] Return Type of auto_ptr::operator= Yes
250(i) CD1 [list.ops] splicing invalidates iterators Yes
251(i) CD1 31.8.2 [stringbuf] basic_stringbuf missing allocator_type Yes
252(i) CD1 31.8 [string.streams] missing casts/C-style casts used in iostreams Yes
253(i) CD1 [valarray.cons] valarray helper functions are almost entirely useless Yes
254(i) CD1 19.2 [std.exceptions] Exception types in clause 19 are constructed from std::string Yes
255(i) NAD 31.6.3 [streambuf] Why do basic_streambuf<>::pbump() and gbump() take an int? Yes
256(i) CD1 [basic.ios.members] typo in, p17: copy_event does not exist Yes
257(i) NAD 99 [depr.base] STL functional object and iterator inheritance. Yes
258(i) CD1 [allocator.requirements] Missing allocator requirement Yes
259(i) CD1 [string.capacity] basic_string::operator[] and const correctness Yes
260(i) CD1 [istream.iterator.ops] Inconsistent return type of istream_iterator::operator++(int) Yes
261(i) CD1 [istream.iterator.ops] Missing description of istream_iterator::operator!= Yes
262(i) CD1 [bitmask.types] Bitmask operator ~ specified incorrectly Yes
263(i) CD1 23.4.3 [basic.string] Severe restriction on basic_string reference counting Yes
264(i) CD1 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Associative container insert(i, j) complexity requirements are not feasible. Yes 102
265(i) CD1 22.3 [pairs] std::pair::pair() effects overly restrictive Yes
266(i) CD1 17.9.4 [bad.exception] bad_exception::~bad_exception() missing Effects clause Yes
267(i) NAD D.15.2.4 [depr.strstreambuf.virtuals] interaction of strstreambuf::overflow() and seekoff() Yes
268(i) CD1 30.3.1 [locale] Typo in locale synopsis Yes
269(i) NAD 17.9 [support.exception] cstdarg and unnamed parameters Yes
270(i) CD1 27.8.4 [alg.binary.search] Binary search requirements overly strict Yes 472
271(i) CD1 [iostreamclass] basic_iostream missing typedefs Yes
272(i) CD1 [iostate.flags] Missing parentheses around subexpression Yes 569
273(i) CD1 31 [input.output] Missing ios_base qualification on members of a dependent class Yes
274(i) CD1 [allocator.requirements] a missing/impossible allocator requirement Yes
275(i) CD1 [facet.num.get.members] Wrong type in num_get::get() overloads Yes
276(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] Assignable requirement for container value type overly strict Yes
277(i) NAD [allocator.requirements] Normative encouragement in allocator requirements unclear Yes
278(i) CD1 [list.ops] What does iterator validity mean? Yes
279(i) NAD 24.2 [container.requirements] const and non-const iterators should have equivalent typedefs Yes
280(i) CD1 25.5.1 [reverse.iterators] Comparison of reverse_iterator to const reverse_iterator Yes
281(i) CD1 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] std::min() and max() requirements overly restrictive Yes 486
282(i) CD1 [facet.num.put.virtuals] What types does numpunct grouping refer to? Yes
283(i) CD1 27.7.5 [alg.replace] std::replace() requirement incorrect/insufficient Yes 483
284(i) CD1 22.10.8 [comparisons] unportable example in 20.3.7, p6 Yes
285(i) CD1 [ifstream.cons] minor editorial errors in fstream ctors Yes
286(i) CD1 27.12 [alg.c.library] <cstdlib> requirements missing size_t typedef Yes
287(i) NAD [fmtflags.state] conflicting ios_base fmtflags Yes
288(i) CD1 19.4 [errno] <cerrno> requirements missing macro EILSEQ Yes
289(i) NAD 28.7 [c.math] <cmath> requirements missing C float and long double versions Yes
290(i) NAD 27.6.5 [alg.foreach] Requirements to for_each and its function object Yes
291(i) CD1 27.8.7 [alg.set.operations] Underspecification of set algorithms Yes
292(i) CD1 [basic.ios.members] effects of a.copyfmt (a) Yes
293(i) NAD 27.7.4 [alg.transform] Order of execution in transform algorithm Yes
294(i) CD1 [macro.names] User defined macros and standard headers Yes
295(i) CD1 28.7 [c.math] Is abs defined in <cmath>? Yes
296(i) C++11 22.3 [pairs] Missing descriptions and requirements of pair operators Yes
297(i) CD1 22.10.10 [logical.operations] const_mem_fun_t<>::argument_type should be const T* Yes
298(i) CD1 [new.delete.array] ::operator delete[] requirement incorrect/insufficient Yes
299(i) NAD Editorial [bidirectional.iterators] Incorrect return types for iterator dereference Yes
300(i) CD1 [list.ops] list::merge() specification incomplete Yes
301(i) CD1 [string.require] basic_string template ctor effects clause omits allocator argument Yes
302(i) NAD [locale.codecvt.byname] Need error indication from codecvt<>::do_length Yes
303(i) CD1 22.9.4 [bitset.operators] Bitset input operator underspecified Yes
304(i) NAD 25.3.4 [iterator.concepts] Must *a return an lvalue when a is an input iterator? Yes
305(i) CD1 [locale.codecvt.byname] Default behavior of codecvt<wchar_t, char, mbstate_t>::length() Yes
306(i) CD1 17.2 [support.types] offsetof macro and non-POD types Yes
307(i) CD1 24.3.10 [list] Lack of reference typedefs in container adaptors Yes
308(i) CD1 31 [input.output] Table 82 mentions unrelated headers Yes
309(i) NAD 31.7 [iostream.format] Does sentry catch exceptions? Yes
310(i) CD1 [headers] Is errno a macro? Yes
311(i) CD1 [ostream] Incorrect wording in basic_ostream class synopsis Yes
312(i) CD1 22 [utilities] Table 27 is missing headers Yes
313(i) NAD [terminate] set_terminate and set_unexpected question Yes
314(i) NAD [terminate] Is the stack unwound when terminate() is called? Yes
315(i) CD1 [list.ops] Bad "range" in list::unique complexity Yes
316(i) CD1 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Vague text in Table 69 Yes
317(i) CD1 30 [localization] Instantiation vs. specialization of facets Yes
318(i) CD1 [locale.numpunct.byname] Misleading comment in definition of numpunct_byname Yes
319(i) CD1 [new.delete.single] Storage allocation wording confuses "Required behavior", "Requires" Yes
320(i) CD1 [list.cons] list::assign overspecified Yes
321(i) CD1 [facet.num.get.virtuals] Typo in num_get Yes
322(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] iterator and const_iterator should have the same value type Yes
323(i) NAD 28.7 [c.math] abs() overloads in different headers Yes
324(i) CD1 [output.iterators] Do output iterators have value types? Yes
325(i) CD1 [locale.moneypunct.virtuals] Misleading text in moneypunct<>::do_grouping Yes
326(i) NAD [locale.moneypunct.byname] Missing typedef in moneypunct_byname Yes
327(i) CD1 [locale.category] Typo in time_get facet in table 52 Yes 447
328(i) CD1 [locale.money.put.virtuals] Bad sprintf format modifier in money_put<>::do_put() Yes
329(i) CD1 [vector.capacity] vector capacity, reserve and reallocation Yes
330(i) NAD 30.3.1 [locale] Misleading "exposition only" value in class locale definition Yes
331(i) CD1 [ios.failure] bad declaration of destructor for ios_base::failure Yes
332(i) NAD 31.5.3 [fpos] Consider adding increment and decrement operators to std::fpos< T > Yes
333(i) CD1 [ostream.manip] does endl imply synchronization with the device? Yes
334(i) CD1 [map.access] map::operator[] specification forces inefficient implementation Yes
335(i) CD1 23.2.2 [char.traits.require] minor issue with char_traits, table 37 Yes
336(i) CD1 16 [library] Clause 17 lack of references to deprecated headers Yes
337(i) CD1 27.7.5 [alg.replace] replace_copy_if's template parameter should be InputIterator Yes
338(i) CD1 30.4 [locale.categories] is whitespace allowed between `-' and a digit? Yes
339(i) CD1 30.4.2 [category.ctype] definition of bitmask type restricted to clause 27 Yes
340(i) CD1 [locale.category] interpretation of has_facet<Facet>(loc) Yes
341(i) CD1 [vector.capacity] Vector reallocation and swap Yes
342(i) NAD [istream.unformatted] seek and eofbit Yes
343(i) Resolved 16 [library] Unspecified library header dependencies Yes
344(i) NAD 30.4.3 [category.numeric] grouping + showbase Yes
345(i) CD1 23.5 [c.strings] type tm in <cwchar> Yes
346(i) CD1 25.3.4 [iterator.concepts] Some iterator member functions should be const Yes
347(i) CD1 [locale.category] locale::category and bitmask requirements Yes
348(i) Dup 22.3 [pairs] Minor issue with std::pair operator< Yes 532
349(i) CD1 25.6.3 [ostream.iterator] Minor typographical error in ostream_iterator Yes
350(i) Dup [allocator.members] allocator<>::address Yes 634
351(i) NAD Editorial 22.10 [function.objects] unary_negate and binary_negate: struct or class? Yes
352(i) CD1 23.2.3 [char.traits.typedefs] missing fpos requirements Yes
353(i) Resolved 22.3 [pairs] std::pair missing template assignment Yes
354(i) CD1 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Associative container lower/upper bound requirements Yes
355(i) CD1 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Operational semantics for a.back() Yes
356(i) NAD 30.4.2 [category.ctype] Meaning of ctype_base::mask enumerators Yes
357(i) NAD Editorial 28.7 [c.math] <cmath> float functions cannot return HUGE_VAL Yes
358(i) CD1 [facet.num.get.virtuals] interpreting thousands_sep after a decimal_point Yes
359(i) CD1 [facet.num.put.members] num_put<>::do_put (..., bool) undocumented Yes
360(i) CD1 30.3.1 [locale] locale mandates inefficient implementation Yes
361(i) NAD [facet.num.put.virtuals] num_get<>::do_get (..., void*&) checks grouping Yes
362(i) CD1 99 [depr.lib.binders] bind1st/bind2nd type safety Yes
363(i) CD1 [ios.failure] Missing exception specification in Yes
364(i) CD1 [streambuf.virt.buffer] Inconsistent wording in Yes
365(i) CD1 31 [input.output] Lack of const-qualification in clause 27 Yes
366(i) NAD 31 [input.output] Excessive const-qualification Yes
367(i) NAD 27.7.8 [alg.remove] remove_copy/remove_copy_if and Input Iterators Yes
368(i) NAD Editorial [string.replace] basic_string::replace has two "Throws" paragraphs Yes
369(i) CD1 31.4 [iostream.objects] io stream objects and static ctors Yes
370(i) CD1 [istream.unformatted] Minor error in basic_istream::get Yes
371(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] Stability of multiset and multimap member functions Yes
372(i) NAD [res.on.exception.handling] Inconsistent description of stdlib exceptions Yes
373(i) CD1 [istream.formatted.reqmts] Are basic_istream and basic_ostream to use (exceptions()&badbit) != 0 ? Yes
374(i) NAD [locale.moneypunct.members] moneypunct::frac_digits returns int not unsigned Yes
375(i) CD1 [stringbuf.virtuals] basic_ios should be ios_base in Yes
376(i) CD1 [stringbuf.virtuals] basic_streambuf semantics Yes
377(i) NAD [string.insert] basic_string::insert and length_error Yes
378(i) Dup 30.3.1 [locale] locale immutability and locale::operator=() Yes 31
379(i) CD1 [locale.ctype.virtuals] nonsensical ctype::do_widen() requirement Yes
380(i) CD1 [locale.codecvt.byname] typos in codecvt tables 53 and 54 Yes
381(i) CD1 [locale.codecvt.byname] detection of invalid mbstate_t in codecvt Yes
382(i) NAD [locale.codecvt] codecvt do_in/out result Yes
383(i) CD1 [bidirectional.iterators] Bidirectional iterator assertion typo Yes
384(i) CD1 [equal.range] equal_range has unimplementable runtime complexity Yes
385(i) NAD 16 [library] Does call by value imply the CopyConstructible requirement? Yes
386(i) CD1 [reverse.iter.elem] Reverse iterator's operator[] has impossible return type Yes
387(i) CD1 28.4 [complex.numbers] std::complex over-encapsulated Yes
388(i) NAD 28.4 [complex.numbers] Use of complex as a key in associative containers Yes
389(i) CD1 [valarray.access] Const overload of valarray::operator[] returns by value Yes 77
390(i) NAD Editorial [utility.arg.requirements] CopyConstructible requirements too strict Yes
391(i) CD1 [conversions.character] non-member functions specified as const Yes
392(i) NAD [input.iterators] 'equivalence' for input iterators Yes
393(i) NAD Editorial [locale.codecvt.virtuals] do_in/do_out operation on state unclear Yes
394(i) NAD [ostream.formatted.reqmts] behavior of formatted output on failure Yes
395(i) CD1 28.7 [c.math] inconsistencies in the definitions of rand() and random_shuffle() Yes
396(i) CD1 [bitset.cons] what are characters zero and one Yes
397(i) NAD Editorial [ostream.sentry] ostream::sentry dtor throws exceptions Yes
398(i) NAD [ostream.sentry] effects of end-of-file on unformatted input functions Yes
399(i) NAD [istream.unformatted] volations of unformatted input function requirements Yes
400(i) CD1 [allocator.members] redundant type cast in lib.allocator.members Yes
401(i) CD1 [allocator.requirements] incorrect type casts in table 32 in lib.allocator.requirements Yes
402(i) CD1 [allocator.requirements] wrong new expression in [some_]allocator::construct Yes
403(i) CD1 [string.swap] basic_string::swap should not throw exceptions Yes
404(i) CD1 [replacement.functions] May a replacement allocation function be declared inline? Yes
405(i) CD1 27.12 [alg.c.library] qsort and POD Yes
406(i) CD1 [vector.modifiers] vector::insert(s) exception safety Yes
407(i) CD1 25.3.4 [iterator.concepts] Can singular iterators be destroyed? Yes
408(i) NAD Editorial 25.3 [iterator.requirements] Is vector<reverse_iterator<char*> > forbidden? Yes
409(i) CD1 [ifstream.members] Closing an fstream should clear error state Yes
410(i) CD1 [list.cons] Missing semantics for stack and queue comparison operators Yes
411(i) CD1 27.8.7 [alg.set.operations] Wrong names of set member functions Yes
412(i) CD1 [iostate.flags] Typo in Yes 429
413(i) CD1 [istream.extractors] Proposed resolution to LDR#64 still wrong Yes
414(i) CD1 [vector.modifiers] Which iterators are invalidated by v.erase()? Yes
415(i) CD1 [istream.manip] behavior of std::ws Yes
416(i) CD1 17.3.6 [climits.syn] definitions of XXX_MIN and XXX_MAX macros in climits Yes
417(i) NAD [locale.ctype.virtuals] what does ctype::do_widen() return on failure Yes
418(i) NAD [ios.init] exceptions thrown during iostream cleanup Yes
419(i) C++11 [istream.sentry] istream extractors not setting failbit if eofbit is already set Yes
420(i) CD1 31.10 [file.streams] is std::FILE a complete type? Yes
421(i) NAD [streambuf.cons] is basic_streambuf copy-constructible? Yes
422(i) CD1 [reserved.names] explicit specializations of member functions of class templates Yes
423(i) Open 31 [input.output] Effects of negative streamsize in iostreams Yes 3
424(i) NAD Editorial [structure.summary] normative notes Yes
425(i) CD1 99 [depr.temporary.buffer] return value of std::get_temporary_buffer Yes
426(i) CD1 27.6.15 [alg.search] search_n(), fill_n(), and generate_n() with negative n Yes
427(i) C++11 [facet.num.get.virtuals] Stage 2 and rationale of DR 221 Yes
428(i) CD1 [string.erase] string::erase(iterator) validity Yes
429(i) Dup [iostate.flags] typo in basic_ios::clear(iostate) Yes 412
430(i) C++11 [valarray.sub] valarray subset operations Yes
431(i) Resolved [allocator.requirements] Swapping containers with unequal allocators Yes
432(i) CD1 [stringbuf.virtuals] stringbuf::overflow() makes only one write position available Yes
433(i) NAD 99 [unexpected] Contradiction in specification of unexpected() Yes
434(i) CD1 [bitset.members] bitset::to_string() hard to use Yes
435(i) CD1 [string.io] bug in DR 25 Yes
436(i) CD1 [locale.facet] are cv-qualified facet types valid facets? Yes
437(i) NAD [ostream.inserters.arithmetic] Formatted output of function pointers is confusing Yes
438(i) CD1 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Ambiguity in the "do the right thing" clause Yes
439(i) NAD 30.4 [locale.categories] Should facets be copyable? Yes
440(i) NAD 28.4.8 [complex.transcendentals] Should std::complex use unqualified transcendentals? Yes
441(i) CD1 31.5.3 [fpos] Is fpos::state const? Yes
442(i) CD1 [ostream.sentry] sentry::operator bool() inconsistent signature Yes
443(i) CD1 [filebuf.members] filebuf::close() inconsistent use of EOF Yes
444(i) CD1 31.10 [file.streams] Bad use of casts in fstream Yes
445(i) CD1 [iterator.traits] iterator_traits::reference unspecified for some iterator categories Yes
446(i) NAD Editorial 25.3 [iterator.requirements] Iterator equality between different containers Yes
447(i) Dup [locale.category] Wrong template argument for time facets Yes 327
448(i) CD1 [random.access.iterators] Random Access Iterators over abstract classes Yes
449(i) CD1 17.2 [support.types] Library Issue 306 Goes Too Far Yes
450(i) Dup 24.4.6 [set] set::find is inconsistent with associative container requirements Yes 214
451(i) Dup 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Associative erase should return an iterator Yes 130
452(i) NAD [locale.members] locale::combine should be permitted to generate a named locale Yes
453(i) CD1 [stringbuf.virtuals] basic_stringbuf::seekoff need not always fail for an empty stream Yes
454(i) NAD [filebuf.members] basic_filebuf::open should accept wchar_t names Yes 105
455(i) CD1 31.4 [iostream.objects] cerr::tie() and wcerr::tie() are overspecified Yes
456(i) CD1 [headers] Traditional C header files are overspecified Yes
457(i) CD1 [bitset.cons] bitset constructor: incorrect number of initialized bits Yes
458(i) NAD [random.access.iterators] 24.1.5 contains unintended limitation for operator- Yes
459(i) NAD [facet.num.get.virtuals] Requirement for widening in stage 2 is overspecification Yes
460(i) CD1 31.10 [file.streams] Default modes missing from basic_fstream member specifications Yes
461(i) CD1 [locale.time.get.virtuals] time_get hard or impossible to implement Yes
462(i) NAD [basic.start.term] Destroying objects with static storage duration Yes
463(i) NAD 99 [auto.ptr] auto_ptr usability issues Yes
464(i) CD1 24.3.11 [vector] Suggestion for new member functions in standard containers Yes
465(i) CD1 [headers] Contents of <ciso646> Yes
466(i) NAD [string.require] basic_string ctor should prevent null pointer error Yes
467(i) CD1 [char.traits.specializations.char] char_traits::lt(), compare(), and memcmp() Yes
468(i) CD1 [iostate.flags] unexpected consequences of ios_base::operator void*() Yes
469(i) CD1 24.3.11 [vector] vector<bool> ill-formed relational operators Yes
470(i) NAD 24 [containers] accessing containers from their elements' special functions Yes
471(i) C++11 17.9.3 [exception] result of what() implementation-defined Yes
472(i) Dup [equal.range] Missing "Returns" clause in std::equal_range Yes 270
473(i) C++11 [locale.ctype] underspecified ctype calls Yes
474(i) CD1 [ostream.inserters.character] confusing Footnote 297 Yes
475(i) CD1 27.6.5 [alg.foreach] May the function object passed to for_each modify the elements of the iterated sequence? Yes
476(i) NAD [forward.iterators] Forward Iterator implied mutability Yes
477(i) Dup [forward.iterators] Operator-> for const forward iterators Yes 478
478(i) CD1 [forward.iterators] Should forward iterator requirements table have a line for r->m? Yes 477
479(i) Dup 24.2 [container.requirements] Container requirements and placement new Yes 580
480(i) NAD 99 [depr.base] unary_function and binary_function should have protected nonvirtual destructors Yes
481(i) NAD 27.7.9 [alg.unique] unique's effects on the range [result, last) Yes
482(i) Resolved 22.3 [pairs] Swapping pairs Yes
483(i) Dup 27.6 [alg.nonmodifying] Heterogeneous equality and EqualityComparable Yes 283
484(i) Open [input.iterators] Convertible to T No 2
485(i) Resolved [output.iterators] output iterator insufficiently constrained Yes
486(i) Dup 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] min/max CopyConstructible requirement is too strict Yes 281
487(i) NAD [allocator.requirements] Allocator::construct is too limiting Yes
488(i) CD1 27.7.11 [alg.rotate] rotate throws away useful information Yes
489(i) NAD 27.7.8 [alg.remove] std::remove / std::remove_if wrongly specified Yes
490(i) NAD 27.7.9 [alg.unique] std::unique wrongly specified Yes
491(i) NAD [list.ops] std::list<>::unique incorrectly specified Yes
492(i) NAD [structure.specifications] Invalid iterator arithmetic expressions Yes
493(i) NAD [input.iterators] Undefined Expression in Input Iterator Note Title Yes
494(i) NAD 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Wrong runtime complexity for associative container's insert and delete Yes
495(i) CD1 30 [localization] Clause 22 template parameter requirements Yes
496(i) CD1 24.3.11 [vector] Illegal use of "T" in vector<bool> Yes
497(i) CD1 [numeric.limits.members] meaning of numeric_limits::traps for floating point types Yes
498(i) C++11 27.8.5 [alg.partitions] Requirements for partition() and stable_partition() too strong Yes
499(i) NAD Editorial [stable.sort] Std. doesn't seem to require stable_sort() to be stable! Yes
500(i) NAD [locale.codecvt.byname] do_length cannot be implemented correctly Yes
501(i) NAD 99 [depr.base] Proposal: strengthen guarantees of lib.comparisons Yes
502(i) NAD [locale.category] Proposition: Clarification of the interaction between a facet and an iterator Yes
503(i) NAD 30.4 [locale.categories] more on locales Yes
504(i) NAD Editorial 28.5.3 [rand.req] Integer types in pseudo-random number engine requirements Yes
505(i) CD1 28.5.3 [rand.req] Result_type in random distribution requirements Yes
506(i) NAD 28.5 [rand] Requirements of Distribution parameter for variate_generator Yes
507(i) CD1 28.5 [rand] Missing requirement for variate_generator::operator() Yes
508(i) CD1 28.5.6 [rand.predef] Bad parameters for ranlux64_base_01 Yes
509(i) NAD [rand.dist.uni] Uniform_int template parameters Yes
510(i) NAD [rand.dist.bern] Input_type for bernoulli_distribution Yes
511(i) NAD 28.5.9 [rand.dist] Input_type for binomial_distribution Yes
512(i) NAD Editorial 28.5.4 [rand.eng] Seeding subtract_with_carry_01 from a single unsigned long Yes
513(i) NAD Editorial 28.5.4 [rand.eng] Size of state for subtract_with_carry_01 Yes
514(i) NAD Editorial [rand.eng.sub] Size of state for subtract_with_carry Yes
515(i) NAD 28.5.2 [rand.synopsis] Random number engine traits Yes
516(i) NAD Editorial 28.5.4 [rand.eng] Seeding subtract_with_carry_01 using a generator Yes
517(i) NAD 28.5.3 [rand.req] Should include name in external representation Yes
518(i) CD1 24.2.8 [unord.req] Are insert and erase stable for unordered_multiset and unordered_multimap? Yes
519(i) CD1 24.3.7 [array] Data() undocumented Yes
520(i) CD1 22.10.15 [func.bind] Result_of and pointers to data members Yes
521(i) CD1 22.10.6 [refwrap] Garbled requirements for argument_type in reference_wrapper Yes
522(i) CD1 22.4 [tuple] Tuple doesn't define swap Yes
523(i) Open 32 [re] regex case-insensitive character ranges are unimplementable as specified No 4
524(i) CD1 32 [re] regex named character classes and case-insensitivity don't mix Yes
525(i) Resolved 21.3.5 [meta.unary] type traits definitions not clear Yes
526(i) NAD 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Is it undefined if a function in the standard changes in parameters? Yes
527(i) CD1 [func.bind.bind] tr1::bind has lost its Throws clause Yes
528(i) NAD 24.5 [unord] const_iterator iterator issue when they are the same type Yes
529(i) NAD Editorial 99 [res.on.required] The standard encourages redundant and confusing preconditions Yes
530(i) CD1 23.4.3 [basic.string] Must elements of a string be contiguous? Yes
531(i) CD1 [istream.unformatted] array forms of unformatted input functions Yes
532(i) LEWG 22.4.9 [tuple.rel] Tuple comparison Yes 348
533(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.getdeleter] typo in Yes
534(i) CD1 23.4.3 [basic.string] Missing basic_string members Yes
535(i) CD1 [string.swap] std::string::swap specification poorly worded Yes
536(i) Dup 24.2 [container.requirements] Container iterator constructor and explicit convertibility Yes 589
537(i) CD1 [istream.unformatted] Typos in the signatures in and Yes
538(i) CD1 27.7.9 [alg.unique] 241 again: Does unique_copy() require CopyConstructible and Assignable? Yes
539(i) C++11 27.10.7 [partial.sum] partial_sum and adjacent_difference should mention requirements Yes
540(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared.obs] shared_ptr<void>::operator*() Yes
541(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared] shared_ptr template assignment and void Yes
542(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared.obs] shared_ptr observers Yes
543(i) CD1 28.6.4 [class.slice] valarray slice default constructor Yes
544(i) NAD Editorial C.7 [diff.library] minor NULL problems in C.2 Yes
545(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.getdeleter] When is a deleter deleted? Yes
546(i) NAD 5.1.1 [tr1::tr.rand.req] [tr1] _Longlong and _ULonglong are integer types Yes
547(i) NAD 28.5 [rand] division should be floating-point, not integer Yes
548(i) NAD 28.5.7 [rand.device] May random_device block? Yes
549(i) NAD Editorial 28.5.9 [rand.dist] Undefined variable in binomial_distribution Yes
550(i) CD1 28.7 [c.math] What should the return type of pow(float,int) be? Yes
551(i) CD1 17.14 [support.c.headers] <ccomplex> Yes
552(i) CD1 27.7.13 [alg.random.shuffle] random_shuffle and its generator Yes
553(i) NAD Editorial 17.4.1 [cstdint.syn] very minor editorial change intptr_t / uintptr_t Yes
554(i) NAD [numeric.special] Problem with lwg DR 184 numeric_limits<bool> Yes
555(i) NAD Editorial 8.21 [tr1::tr.c99.boolh] [tr1] 8.21/1: typo Yes
556(i) C++11 27.8 [alg.sorting] Is Compare a BinaryPredicate? Yes
557(i) NAD Editorial 17.4.1 [cstdint.syn] TR1: div(_Longlong, _Longlong) vs div(intmax_t, intmax_t) Yes
558(i) NAD Editorial [input.iterators] lib.input.iterators Defect Yes
559(i) CD1 17.3.5 [numeric.limits] numeric_limits<const T> Yes
560(i) NAD [allocator.requirements] User-defined allocators without default constructor Yes
561(i) CD1 [inserter] inserter overly generic Yes
562(i) CD1 31.8 [string.streams] stringbuf ctor inefficient Yes
563(i) CD1 [stringbuf.virtuals] stringbuf seeking from end Yes
564(i) C++11 [stringbuf.virtuals] stringbuf seekpos underspecified Yes
565(i) C++11 [streambuf.virt.put] xsputn inefficient Yes
566(i) CD1 [istream.unformatted] array forms of unformatted input function undefined for zero-element arrays Yes
567(i) CD1 31.7 [iostream.format] streambuf inserter and extractor should be unformatted Yes
568(i) NAD 8.16.4 [tr1::tr.c99.cmath.over] [tr1] log2 overloads missing Yes
569(i) Dup [iostate.flags] Postcondition for basic_ios::clear(iostate) incorrectly stated Yes 272
570(i) NAD 23.2 [char.traits] Request adding additional explicit specializations of char_traits Yes
571(i) NAD Editorial 2 [intro.refs] Update C90 references to C99? Yes
572(i) NAD 28.5 [rand] Oops, we gave 507 WP status Yes
573(i) NAD 31.5.3 [fpos] C++0x file positioning should handle modern file sizes Yes
574(i) CD1 31.4 [iostream.objects] DR 369 Contradicts Text Yes
575(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared.dest] the specification of ~shared_ptr is MT-unfriendly, makes implementation assumptions Yes
576(i) CD1 27.6.9 [alg.find.first.of] find_first_of is overconstrained Yes
577(i) CD1 [upper.bound] upper_bound(first, last, ...) cannot return last Yes
578(i) CD1 [allocator.members] purpose of hint to allocator::allocate() Yes
579(i) NAD 24.2.8 [unord.req] erase(iterator) for unordered containers should not return an iterator Yes
580(i) NAD Editorial [container.requirements.general] unused allocator members Yes 479
581(i) CD1 [ostream.unformatted] flush() not unformatted function Yes
582(i) NAD 27.11.5 [uninitialized.copy] specialized algorithms and volatile storage Yes
583(i) NAD 28.7 [c.math] div() for unsigned integral types Yes
584(i) NAD 28.7 [c.math] missing int pow(int,int) functionality Yes
585(i) NAD 30.4 [locale.categories] facet error reporting Yes
586(i) CD1 [string.io] string inserter not a formatted function Yes
587(i) NAD Editorial D.15.3.2 [depr.istrstream.cons] iststream ctor missing description Yes
588(i) NAD 24.3.7 [array] requirements on zero sized tr1::arrays and other details Yes
589(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] Requirements on iterators of member template functions of containers Yes 536
590(i) NAD Editorial 21 [meta] Type traits implementation latitude should be removed for C++0x Yes
591(i) NAD Editorial [numeric.limits.members] Misleading "built-in Yes
592(i) NAD Editorial [ifstream.members] Incorrect treatment of rdbuf()->close() return type Yes
593(i) CD1 17.4.1 [cstdint.syn] __STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS Yes
594(i) Resolved [utility.arg.requirements] Disadvantages of defining Swappable in terms of CopyConstructible and Assignable Yes
595(i) CD1 28.4.7 [complex.value.ops] TR1/C++0x: fabs(complex<T>) redundant / wrongly specified Yes
596(i) CD1 [filebuf.members] Table 112 omits "a+" and "a+b" modes Yes
597(i) NAD 3.2 [dec.tr::trdec.types.types] [dec.tr] The notion of 'promotion' cannot be emulated by user-defined types. Yes
598(i) TRDec 3.2 [dec.tr::trdec.types.types] [dec.tr] Conversion to integral should truncate, not round. Yes
599(i) TRDec 3.1 [dec.tr::trdec.types.encodings] [dec.tr] Say "octets" instead of "bytes." Yes
600(i) TRDec 3.9 [dec.tr::trdec.types.cwchar] [dec.tr] Wrong parameters for wcstod* functions Yes
601(i) TRDec 3.3 [dec.tr::trdec.types.limits] [dec.tr] numeric_limits typos Yes
602(i) TRDec 3 [dec.tr::trdec.types] [dec.tr] "generic floating type" not defined. Yes
603(i) TRDec 3 [dec.tr::trdec.types] [dec.tr] Trivially simplifying decimal classes. Yes
604(i) TRDec 3 [dec.tr::trdec.types] [dec.tr] Storing a reference to a facet unsafe. Yes
605(i) TRDec 3.4 [dec.tr::trdec.types.cdecfloat] [dec.tr] <decfloat.h> doesn't live here anymore. Yes
606(i) NAD 3.2 [dec.tr::trdec.types.types] [dec.tr] allow narrowing conversions Yes
607(i) CD1 [rand.util.seedseq] Concern about short seed vectors Yes
608(i) CD1 [rand.util.seedseq] Unclear seed_seq construction details Yes
609(i) CD1 [rand.adapt.ibits] missing static const Yes
610(i) CD1 [func.wrap.func.con] Suggested non-normative note for C++0x Yes
611(i) CD1 [res.on.functions] Standard library templates and incomplete types Yes
612(i) CD1 [numeric.limits.members] numeric_limits::is_modulo insufficiently defined Yes
613(i) CD1 [numeric.special] max_digits10 missing from numeric_limits Yes
614(i) NAD 23.4.3 [basic.string] std::string allocator requirements still inconsistent Yes
615(i) NAD Editorial 23.5 [c.strings] Inconsistencies in Section 21.4 Yes
616(i) CD1 [locale.ctype.byname] missing 'typename' in ctype_byname Yes
617(i) Open 24.3.7 [array] std::array is a sequence that doesn't satisfy the sequence requirements? No 3
618(i) CD1 [valarray.members] valarray::cshift() effects on empty array Yes
619(i) CD1 17.13 [support.runtime] Longjmp wording problem Yes
620(i) CD1 [valarray.cons] valid uses of empty valarrays Yes
621(i) CD1 28.6 [numarray] non-const copy assignment operators of helper arrays Yes
622(i) CD1 [fstream.members] behavior of filebuf dtor and close on error Yes
623(i) CD1 31.2.1 [iostream.limits.imbue] pubimbue forbidden to call imbue Yes
624(i) CD1 [valarray.assign] valarray assignment and arrays of unequal length Yes
625(i) Resolved 16 [library] Mixed up Effects and Returns clauses Yes 895
626(i) NAD Editorial [structure.specifications] new Remark clauses not documented Yes
627(i) NAD [new.delete.single] Low memory and exceptions Yes
628(i) CD1 32.7 [re.regex] Inconsistent definition of basic_regex constructor Yes
629(i) CD1 28.4.6 [complex.ops] complex<T> insertion and locale dependence Yes
630(i) C++11 [valarray.cons] arrays of valarray Yes
631(i) NAD 27 [algorithms] conflicting requirements for BinaryPredicate Yes
632(i) NAD 24.2 [container.requirements] Time complexity of size() for std::set Yes
633(i) NAD Editorial [func.wrap.func.targ] Return clause mentions undefined "type()" Yes
634(i) CD1 [allocator.members] allocator.address() doesn't work for types overloading operator& Yes 350
635(i) Resolved [allocator.requirements] domain of allocator::address Yes
636(i) NAD Editorial [valarray.access] valarray::operator[] Yes
637(i) NAD Editorial 28.7 [c.math] §[c.math]/10 inconsistent return values Yes
638(i) CD1 [deque.modifiers] deque end invalidation during erase Yes
639(i) NAD [istream.extractors] Still problems with exceptions during streambuf IO Yes
640(i) CD1 [ostream.inserters.arithmetic] does not handle (unsigned) long long Yes
641(i) NAD Editorial 31.7.8 [ext.manip] Editorial fix for 27.6.4 (N2134) Yes
642(i) NAD Editorial [ifstream.members] Invalidated fstream footnotes in N2134 Yes
643(i) CD1 31.10.2 [filebuf] Impossible "as if" clauses Yes
644(i) NAD [func.wrap.func] Possible typos in 'function' description Yes
645(i) NAD Editorial 32.9 [re.results] Missing members in match_results Yes
646(i) CD1 32.9.6 [re.results.form] const incorrect match_result members Yes
647(i) NAD Editorial 32.10.3 [re.alg.search] Inconsistent regex_search params Yes
648(i) NAD Editorial [re.regiter.cnstr] regex_iterator c'tor needs clarification/editorial fix Yes
649(i) NAD Editorial [re.tokiter.cnstr] Several typos in regex_token_iterator constructors Yes
650(i) CD1 32.11.2 [re.tokiter] regex_token_iterator and const correctness Yes
651(i) CD1 [re.tokiter.cnstr] Missing preconditions for regex_token_iterator c'tors Yes
652(i) CD1 32.11.1 [re.regiter] regex_iterator and const correctness Yes
653(i) NAD 2 [intro.refs] Library reserved names Yes
654(i) CD1 [rand.req.eng] Missing IO roundtrip for random number engines Yes
655(i) CD1 [rand.util.canonical] Signature of generate_canonical not useful Yes
656(i) NAD Editorial 28.5.2 [rand.synopsis] Typo in subtract_with_carry_engine declaration Yes
657(i) NAD [using.headers] unclear requirement about header inclusion Yes
658(i) Resolved 22.10 [function.objects] Two unspecified function comparators in [function.objects] Yes
659(i) C++11 25.6.4 [istreambuf.iterator] istreambuf_iterator should have an operator->() Yes
660(i) CD1 22.10 [function.objects] Missing Bitwise Operations Yes
661(i) CD1 [istream.formatted.arithmetic] New changes make special extractions useless Yes
662(i) NAD [facet.num.get.virtuals] Inconsistent handling of incorrectly-placed thousands separators Yes
663(i) NAD [structure.specifications] Complexity Requirements Yes
664(i) CD1 [locale.codecvt.virtuals] do_unshift for codecvt<char, char, mbstate_t> Yes
665(i) CD1 [locale.codecvt.virtuals] do_unshift return value Yes
666(i) CD1 [locale.moneypunct.virtuals] moneypunct::do_curr_symbol() Yes
667(i) NAD [locale.money.get.virtuals] money_get's widened minus sign Yes
668(i) NAD [locale.money.get.virtuals] money_get's empty minus sign Yes
669(i) NAD [locale.money.get.virtuals] Equivalent postive and negative signs in money_get Yes
670(i) Dup [locale.moneypunct] money_base::pattern and space Yes 836
671(i) C++11 [facet.num.put.virtuals] precision of hexfloat Yes
672(i) CD1 [utility.arg.requirements] Swappable requirements need updating Yes
673(i) CD1 20.3.1 [unique.ptr] unique_ptr update Yes
674(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared] shared_ptr interface changes for consistency with N1856 Yes
675(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] Move assignment of containers Yes
676(i) C++11 24.5 [unord] Moving the unordered containers Yes
677(i) CD1 [rand.util.seedseq] Weaknesses in seed_seq::randomize [rand.util.seedseq] Yes
678(i) CD1 [rand.req.eng] Changes for [rand.req.eng] Yes
679(i) CD1 24.3 [sequences] resize parameter by value Yes
680(i) CD1 [move.iterator] move_iterator operator-> return Yes
681(i) CD1 32.8.3 [re.submatch.op] Operator functions impossible to compare are defined in [re.submatch.op] Yes
682(i) CD1 32.7.2 [re.regex.construct] basic_regex ctor takes InputIterator or ForwardIterator? Yes
683(i) NAD Editorial 32.11.2 [re.tokiter] regex_token_iterator summary error Yes
684(i) NAD Editorial 32.9 [re.results] Unclear which members of match_results should be used in comparison Yes
685(i) CD1 [reverse.iter.nonmember] reverse_iterator/move_iterator difference has invalid signatures Yes
686(i) NAD [unique.ptr.single.observers] unique_ptr and shared_ptr fail to specify non-convertibility to int for unspecified-bool-type Yes
687(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared.const] shared_ptr conversion constructor not constrained Yes
688(i) C++11 [refwrap.const] reference_wrapper, cref unsafe, allow binding to rvalues Yes
689(i) CD1 [refwrap.const] reference_wrapper constructor overly constrained Yes
690(i) NAD Editorial 28.7 [c.math] abs(long long) should return long long Yes
691(i) CD1 24.5 [unord] const_local_iterator cbegin, cend missing from TR1 Yes
692(i) CD1 31.7.8 [ext.manip] get_money and put_money should be formatted I/O functions Yes
693(i) CD1 22.9.2 [template.bitset] std::bitset::all() missing Yes
694(i) CD1 22.9.2 [template.bitset] std::bitset and long long Yes
695(i) CD1 [facet.ctype.special] ctype<char>::classic_table() not accessible Yes
696(i) C++11 [istream.formatted.arithmetic] istream::operator>>(int&) broken Yes
697(i) Resolved 19.5 [syserr] New <system_error> header leads to name clashes Yes
698(i) CD1 [syserr.syserr.overview] system_error needs const char* constructors Yes
699(i) CD1 28.5 [rand] N2111 changes min/max Yes
700(i) CD1 22.2.4 [forward] N1856 defines struct identity Yes
701(i) NAD [tr1::tr.num.sf.Lnm] [tr1] assoc laguerre poly's Yes
702(i) NAD [tr1::tr.num.sf.Plm] [tr1] Restriction in associated Legendre functions Yes
703(i) CD1 [map.access] map::at() need a complexity specification Yes
704(i) C++11 24.2 [container.requirements] MoveAssignable requirement for container value type overly strict Yes
705(i) CD1 [meta.trans.other] type-trait decay incompletely specified Yes
706(i) CD1 22.3 [pairs] make_pair() should behave as make_tuple() wrt. reference_wrapper() Yes
707(i) NAD 17.9.7 [propagation] null pointer constant for exception_ptr Yes
708(i) NAD 30 [localization] Locales need to be per thread and updated for POSIX changes Yes
709(i) CD1 23.2.4 [char.traits.specializations] char_traits::not_eof has wrong signature Yes
710(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared] Missing postconditions Yes
711(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.shared.obs] Contradiction in empty shared_ptr Yes
712(i) CD1 [rand.util.seedseq] seed_seq::size no longer useful Yes
713(i) CD1 [sort] sort() complexity is too lax Yes
714(i) CD1 27.6.15 [alg.search] search_n complexity is too lax Yes
715(i) CD1 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] minmax_element complexity is too lax Yes
716(i) C++11 32.12 [re.grammar] Production in [re.grammar] not actually modified Yes
717(i) NAD Editorial [valarray.access] Incomplete valarray::operator[] specification in [valarray.access] Yes
718(i) NAD Editorial 23.4.3 [basic.string] basic_string is not a sequence Yes
719(i) Resolved 21 [meta] std::is_literal type traits should be provided Yes 750
720(i) CD1 24.3.7 [array] Omissions in constexpr usages Yes
721(i) NAD D.27.2 [depr.conversions.string] wstring_convert inconsistensies Yes
722(i) CD1 28.7 [c.math] Missing [c.math] functions nanf and nanl Yes
723(i) C++11 32.7 [re.regex] basic_regex should be moveable Yes
724(i) C++11 [utility.arg.requirements] DefaultConstructible is not defined Yes
725(i) NAD Editorial 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Optional sequence container requirements column label Yes
726(i) NAD 32.10.4 [re.alg.replace] Missing regex_replace() overloads Yes
727(i) C++11 32.10.4 [re.alg.replace] regex_replace() doesn't accept basic_strings with custom traits and allocators Yes
728(i) CD1 [rand.eng.mers] Problem in [rand.eng.mers]/6 Yes
729(i) NAD [rand.req.eng] Problem in [rand.req.eng]/3 Yes
730(i) NAD [rand.req.adapt] Comment on [rand.req.adapt]/3 e) Yes
731(i) NAD [rand.util.seedseq] proposal for a customizable seed_seq Yes
732(i) Resolved 99 [rand.dist.samp.genpdf] Defect in [rand.dist.samp.genpdf] Yes 795
733(i) NAD [rand.req.dist] Comment on [rand.req.dist]/9 Yes
734(i) CD1 [rand.dist.norm.chisq] Unnecessary restriction in [rand.dist.norm.chisq] Yes
735(i) NAD [rand.dist.bern.bin] Unfortunate naming Yes
736(i) NAD [rand.dist.samp.discrete] Comment on [rand.dist.samp.discrete] Yes
737(i) NAD [rand.dist.samp.pconst] Comment on [rand.dist.samp.pconst] Yes
738(i) NAD Editorial [rand.adapt.disc] Editorial issue in [rand.adapt.disc]/3 Yes
739(i) NAD [rand.util.canonical] Defect in [rand.util.canonical]/3 Yes
740(i) CD1 20.3.1 [unique.ptr] Please remove *_ptr<T[N]> Yes
741(i) NAD [util.smartptr.getdeleter] Const-incorrect get_deleter function for shared_ptr Yes
742(i) Resolved [utility.arg.requirements] Enabling swap for proxy iterators Yes
743(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared.spec] rvalue swap for shared_ptr Yes
744(i) CD1 17.9.7 [propagation] What is the lifetime of an exception pointed to by an exception_ptr? Yes
745(i) NAD 17.9.7 [propagation] copy_exception API slices. Yes
746(i) CD1 17.9.7 [propagation] current_exception may fail with bad_alloc Yes
747(i) NAD [meta.unary.prop] We have 3 separate type traits to identify classes supporting no-throw operations Yes
748(i) NAD [meta.unary.prop] The is_abstract type trait is defined by reference to 10.4. Yes
749(i) CD1 [meta.unary.prop] Currently has_nothrow_copy_constructor<T>::value is true if T has 'a' nothrow copy constructor. Yes
750(i) Dup 21.3.7 [meta.rel] The current definition for is_convertible requires that the type be implicitly convertible, so explicit constructors are ignored. Yes 719
751(i) NAD 24.3.12 [vector.bool] change pass-by-reference members of vector<bool> to pass-by-value? Yes
752(i) C++11 [allocator.requirements] Allocator complexity requirement Yes
753(i) C++11 [utility.arg.requirements] Move constructor in draft Yes
754(i) NAD Editorial 27.11.5 [uninitialized.copy] Ambiguous return clause for std::uninitialized_copy Yes
755(i) CD1 [vector.capacity] std::vector and std:string lack explicit shrink-to-fit operations Yes
756(i) Resolved 24.6 [container.adaptors] Container adaptors push Yes
757(i) NAD Editorial 24.3.11 [vector] Typo in the synopsis of vector Yes
758(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.shared] shared_ptr and nullptr Yes
759(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] A reference is not an object Yes
760(i) NAD 24.2 [container.requirements] The emplace issue Yes 2
761(i) CD1 [unord.map.elem] unordered_map needs an at() member function Yes
762(i) CD1 20.3.1 [unique.ptr] std::unique_ptr requires complete type? Yes
763(i) NAD 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Renaming emplace() overloads Yes
764(i) NAD 24.2.8 [unord.req] equal_range on unordered containers should return a pair of local_iterators Yes
765(i) C++11 25.3.4 [iterator.concepts] More on iterator validity Yes
766(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] Inconsistent exception guarantees between ordered and unordered associative containers Yes
767(i) Resolved 24 [containers] Forwarding and backward compatibility Yes
768(i) CD1 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] Typos in [atomics]? Yes
769(i) CD1 [func.wrap.func] std::function should use nullptr_t instead of "unspecified-null-pointer-type" Yes
770(i) CD1 22.10.17 [func.wrap] std::function should use rvalue swap Yes
771(i) CD1 23.4.5 [string.conversions] Impossible throws clause in [string.conversions] Yes
772(i) CD1 23.4.5 [string.conversions] Impossible return clause in [string.conversions] Yes
773(i) NAD [rand.dist.uni] issues with random Yes
774(i) C++11 24 [containers] Member swap undefined for most containers Yes
775(i) CD1 22.4.7 [tuple.helper] Tuple indexing should be unsigned? Yes
776(i) CD1 24.3.7 [array] Undescribed assign function of std::array Yes
777(i) CD1 [atomics.types.operations] Atomics Library Issue Yes
778(i) CD1 [bitset.cons] std::bitset does not have any constructor taking a string literal Yes 116
779(i) CD1 27.7.8 [alg.remove] Resolution of #283 incomplete Yes
780(i) C++11 27.8.6 [alg.merge] std::merge() specification incorrect/insufficient Yes
781(i) CD1 28.4.7 [complex.value.ops] std::complex should add missing C99 functions Yes
782(i) CD1 [rand.util.seedseq] Extended seed_seq constructor is useless Yes
783(i) CD1 [thread.thread.id] thread::id reuse Yes
784(i) NAD [thread.lock.unique.mod] unique_lock::release Yes
785(i) NAD [tr1::tr.rand.eng.disc] [tr1] Random Number Requirements in TR1 Yes
786(i) Resolved 29 [time] Thread library timed waits, UTC and monotonic clocks Yes
787(i) CD1 [binary.search] complexity of binary_search Yes
788(i) C++11 25.6.2 [istream.iterator] Ambiguity in [istream.iterator] Yes
789(i) CD1 99 [rand.adapt.xor] xor_combine_engine(result_type) should be explicit Yes
790(i) NAD 99 [rand.adapt.xor] xor_combine::seed not specified Yes
791(i) NAD [rand.dist.samp.pconst] piecewise_constant_distribution::densities has wrong name Yes
792(i) CD1 [rand.dist.samp.pconst] piecewise_constant_distribution is undefined for a range with just one endpoint Yes
793(i) Resolved [rand.dist.samp.discrete] discrete_distribution missing constructor Yes
794(i) Resolved [rand.dist.samp.pconst] piecewise_constant_distribution missing constructor Yes
795(i) Dup 99 [rand.dist.samp.genpdf] general_pdf_distribution should be dropped Yes 732
796(i) NAD 28.5.6 [rand.predef] ranlux48_base returns wrong value Yes
797(i) NAD 28.5.6 [rand.predef] ranlux48 returns wrong value Yes
798(i) CD1 99 [depr.lib.binders] Refactoring of binders lead to interface breakage Yes
799(i) NAD [rand.eng.mers] Mersenne twister equality overspecified Yes
800(i) Resolved [rand.util.seedseq] Issues in [rand.util.seedseq](6) Yes
801(i) Resolved 22.4 [tuple] tuple and pair trivial members Yes
802(i) NAD 28.5.6 [rand.predef] knuth_b returns wrong value Yes
803(i) Resolved [rand.util.seedseq] Simplification of seed_seq::seq_seq Yes
804(i) CD1 19.5 [syserr] Some problems with classes error_code/error_condition Yes
805(i) CD1 19.5 [syserr] posix_error::posix_errno concerns Yes
806(i) CD1 [unique.ptr.single.modifiers] unique_ptr::reset effects incorrect, too permissive Yes
807(i) CD1 [tuple.cnstr] tuple construction should not fail unless its element's construction fails Yes
808(i) CD1 22.2.4 [forward] §[forward] incorrect redundant specification Yes
809(i) CD1 27.7.3 [alg.swap] std::swap should be overloaded for array types Yes
810(i) C++11 31.7.8 [ext.manip] Missing traits dependencies in operational semantics of extended manipulators Yes
811(i) C++11 22.3 [pairs] pair of pointers no longer works with literal 0 Yes
812(i) NAD Editorial 27.8.2 [alg.sort] unsolicited multithreading considered harmful? Yes
813(i) CD1 [util.smartptr.shared] "empty" undefined for shared_ptr Yes
814(i) C++11 24.3.12 [vector.bool] vector<bool>::swap(reference, reference) not defined Yes
815(i) Resolved [func.wrap.func.inv] std::function and reference_closure do not use perfect forwarding Yes
816(i) Resolved [func.bind.bind] Should bind()'s returned functor have a nofail copy ctor when bind() is nofail? Yes
817(i) C++11 [func.bind.bind] bind needs to be moved Yes
818(i) CD1 33.5.4 [atomics.order] wording for memory ordering Yes
819(i) C++11 17.9.8 [except.nested] rethrow_if_nested Yes
820(i) CD1 17.9.7 [propagation] current_exception()'s interaction with throwing copy ctors Yes
821(i) C++11 [unique.ptr.runtime.modifiers] Minor cleanup : unique_ptr Yes
822(i) NAD [utility.arg.requirements] Object with explicit copy constructor no longer CopyConstructible Yes
823(i) Resolved 22.2.4 [forward] identity<void> seems broken Yes
824(i) CD1 [string.io] rvalue ref issue with basic_string inserter Yes
825(i) Resolved [syserr.errcode.overview] Missing rvalues reference stream insert/extract operators? Yes
826(i) NAD [locale.nm.put] Equivalent of %'d, or rather, lack thereof? Yes
827(i) Resolved [util.smartptr.shared.const] constexpr shared_ptr::shared_ptr()? Yes
828(i) Resolved [thread.mutex.class] Static initialization for std::mutex? Yes
829(i) CD1 17.9.7 [propagation] current_exception wording unclear about exception type Yes
830(i) NAD Editorial 23.2 [char.traits] Incomplete list of char_traits specializations Yes
831(i) NAD Editorial 23.2.4 [char.traits.specializations] wrong type for not_eof() Yes
832(i) NAD 19.5 [syserr] Applying constexpr to System error support Yes
833(i) NAD [compliance] Freestanding implementations header list needs review for C++0x Yes
834(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.single] unique_ptr::pointer requirements underspecified Yes
835(i) C++11 [basic.ios.members] Tying two streams together (correction to DR 581) Yes
836(i) C++11 [locale.money.get.virtuals] Effects of money_base::space and money_base::none on money_get Yes 670
837(i) NAD Editorial [basic.ios.members] basic_ios::copyfmt() overly loosely specified Yes
838(i) C++11 25.6.2 [istream.iterator] Can an end-of-stream iterator become a non-end-of-stream one? Yes
839(i) Resolved 24.4 [associative] Maps and sets missing splice operation Yes
840(i) NAD 22.3 [pairs] pair default template argument Yes
841(i) NAD Editorial 17.4.1 [cstdint.syn] cstdint.syn inconsistent with C99 Yes
842(i) CD1 24.2 [container.requirements] ConstructibleAsElement and bit containers Yes
843(i) CD1 99 [func.referenceclosure.cons] Reference Closure Yes
844(i) CD1 28.4.9 [cmplx.over] complex pow return type is ambiguous Yes
845(i) CD1 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] atomics cannot support aggregate initialization Yes
846(i) CD1 [atomics.types.operations] No definition for constructor Yes
847(i) C++11 [string.require] string exception safety guarantees Yes
848(i) CD1 22.10.19 [unord.hash] Missing std::hash specializations for std::bitset/std::vector<bool> Yes
849(i) NAD [meta.trans.other] missing type traits to compute root class and derived class of types in a class hierachy Yes
850(i) CD1 [deque.capacity] Should shrink_to_fit apply to std::deque? Yes
851(i) NAD 24.3.7 [array] simplified array construction Yes
852(i) CD1 24.5 [unord] unordered containers begin(n) mistakenly const Yes
853(i) C++11 22.9.2 [template.bitset] to_string needs updating with zero and one Yes
854(i) C++11 [unique.ptr.dltr.dflt] default_delete converting constructor underspecified Yes
855(i) NAD [deque.capacity] capacity() and reserve() for deque? Yes
856(i) CD1 [meta.trans.other] Removal of aligned_union Yes
857(i) C++11 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] condition_variable::time_wait return bool error prone Yes
858(i) CD1 99 [util.dynamic.safety] Wording for Minimal Support for Garbage Collection Yes
859(i) C++11 33.7 [thread.condition] Monotonic Clock is Conditionally Supported? Yes
860(i) C++11 28 [numerics] Floating-Point State Yes
861(i) C++11 24.2 [container.requirements] Incomplete specification of EqualityComparable for std::forward_list Yes
862(i) NAD Editorial [includes] Impossible complexity for 'includes' Yes
863(i) NAD 31.10 [file.streams] What is the state of a stream after close() succeeds Yes
864(i) NAD Editorial [atomics.types.operations] Defect in atomic wording Yes
865(i) C++11 27.7.6 [alg.fill] More algorithms that throw away information Yes
866(i) C++11 27.11 [specialized.algorithms] Qualification of placement new-expressions Yes
867(i) NAD Editorial [valarray.cons] Valarray and value-initialization Yes
868(i) C++11 24 [containers] Default construction and value-initialization Yes
869(i) C++11 24.2.8 [unord.req] Bucket (local) iterators and iterating past end Yes
870(i) C++11 24.2.8 [unord.req] Do unordered containers not support function pointers for predicate/hasher? Yes
871(i) C++11 27.10.13 [numeric.iota] Iota's requirements on T are too strong Yes
872(i) C++11 [move.iter.elem] move_iterator::operator[] has wrong return type Yes
873(i) NAD Editorial 6.8.2 [basic.fundamental] signed integral type and unsigned integral type are not clearly defined Yes
874(i) Resolved [rand.dist.samp.discrete] Missing initializer_list constructor for discrete_distribution Yes
875(i) Resolved [rand.dist.samp.pconst] Missing initializer_list constructor for piecewise_constant_distribution Yes
876(i) C++11 23.4.3 [basic.string] basic_string access operations should give stronger guarantees Yes
877(i) NAD 16 [library] to throw() or to Throw: Nothing. Yes
878(i) C++11 24.3.9 [forward.list] forward_list preconditions Yes
879(i) NAD Editorial 33.5 [atomics] Atomic load const qualification Yes
880(i) Resolved 33.5 [atomics] Missing atomic exchange parameter Yes 942
881(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.shared.const] shared_ptr conversion issue Yes
882(i) CD1 29.5.6 [time.duration.nonmember] duration non-member arithmetic requirements Yes
883(i) C++11 24 [containers] swap circular definition Yes
884(i) Resolved [util.smartptr.shared.mod] shared_ptr swap Yes
885(i) C++11 22.3 [pairs] pair assignment Yes
886(i) C++11 [tuple.cnstr] tuple construction Yes
887(i) NAD 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] issue with condition::wait_... Yes
888(i) C++11 33.4.5 [thread.thread.this] this_thread::yield too strong Yes
889(i) Resolved [thread.thread.id] thread::id comparisons Yes
890(i) C++11 19.5.3 [syserr.errcat] Improving <system_error> initialization Yes
891(i) C++11 [thread.thread.constr] std::thread, std::call_once issue Yes
892(i) NAD Editorial [forward.list.ops] Forward_list issues... Yes
893(i) C++11 [thread.mutex.class] std::mutex issue Yes 905
894(i) C++11 17.13 [support.runtime] longjmp and destructors Yes
895(i) Dup [structure.specifications] "Requires:" on std::string::at et al Yes 625
896(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.shared] Library thread safety issue Yes
897(i) Resolved [forward.list.modifiers] Forward_list issues... Part 2 Yes
898(i) C++11 [forward.list.ops] Small contradiction in n2723 to forward to committee Yes
899(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.shared.dest] Adjusting shared_ptr for nullptr_t Yes
900(i) C++11 31.10.3 [ifstream] Stream move-assignment Yes
901(i) NAD [insert.iterator] insert iterators can move from lvalues Yes
902(i) NAD Concepts 17.3.5 [numeric.limits] Regular is the wrong concept to constrain numeric_limits Yes
903(i) NAD [back.insert.iterator] back_insert_iterator issue Yes
904(i) C++11 99 [func.ret] result_of argument types Yes
905(i) Dup [thread.mutex.class] Mutex specification questions Yes 893
906(i) NAD Concepts 17.10 [support.initlist] ObjectType is the wrong concept to constrain initializer_list Yes
907(i) C++11 [bitset.members] Bitset's immutable element retrieval is inconsistently defined Yes
908(i) Resolved 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] Deleted assignment operators for atomic types must be volatile Yes
909(i) C++11 32.11.2 [re.tokiter] regex_token_iterator should use initializer_list Yes
910(i) NAD Concepts [utility.arg.requirements] Effects of MoveAssignable Yes
911(i) C++11 31.7.5 [input.streams] I/O streams and move/swap semantic Yes
912(i) NAD Concepts 27.7.3 [alg.swap] Array swap needs to be conceptualized Yes
913(i) NAD Concepts 27.7.5 [alg.replace] Superfluous requirements for replace algorithms Yes
914(i) NAD Concepts 27.7.9 [alg.unique] Superfluous requirement for unique Yes
915(i) NAD Editorial 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] minmax with initializer_list should return pair of T, not pair of const T& Yes
916(i) NAD 22.3 [pairs] Redundant move-assignment operator of pair should be removed Yes
917(i) NAD [tuple.cnstr] Redundant move-assignment operator of tuple should be removed Yes
918(i) NAD Concepts [tuple.swap] Swap for tuple needs to be conceptualized Yes
919(i) NAD [forward.list.ops] (forward_)list specialized remove algorithms are over constrained Yes
920(i) C++11 22.10.16 [func.memfn] Ref-qualification support in the library Yes 1230
921(i) C++11 21.4.3 [ratio.ratio] Rational Arithmetic should use template aliases Yes
922(i) C++11 B [implimits] §[func.bind.place] Number of placeholders Yes
923(i) Resolved 33.5 [atomics] atomics with floating-point Yes
924(i) Resolved 33.5 [atomics] structs with internal padding Yes
925(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.shared.const] shared_ptr's explicit conversion from unique_ptr Yes
926(i) NAD Editorial 33.5.4 [atomics.order] Sequentially consistent fences, relaxed operations and modification order Yes
927(i) NAD Concepts 99 [allocator.concepts] Dereferenceable should be HasDereference Yes
928(i) NAD Concepts 22.4.9 [tuple.rel] Wrong concepts used for tuple's comparison operators Yes
929(i) C++11 [thread.thread.constr] Thread constructor Yes
930(i) NAD 24.3.7 [array] Access to std::array data as built-in array type Yes
931(i) C++11 [meta.unary.prop] type trait extent<T, I> Yes
932(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.single.ctor] unique_ptr(pointer p) for pointer deleter types Yes
933(i) NAD [unique.ptr.single.modifiers] Unique_ptr defect Yes
934(i) C++11 29.5 [time.duration] duration is missing operator% Yes
935(i) NAD 29.7 [time.clock] clock error handling needs to be specified Yes
936(i) LEWG 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Mutex type overspecified No 961
937(i) NAD Editorial 33.5 [atomics] Atomics for standard typedef types Yes
938(i) C++11 [unique.ptr.dltr.dflt1] default_delete<T[]>::operator() should only accept T* Yes
939(i) C++11 22.2.4 [forward] Problem with std::identity and reference-to-temporaries Yes
940(i) Resolved 25.4.3 [iterator.operations] std::distance Yes
941(i) NAD 16 [library] Ref-qualifiers for assignment operators Yes
942(i) Dup 33.5 [atomics] Atomics synopsis typo Yes 880
943(i) C++11 99 [atomics.types.address] ssize_t undefined Yes
944(i) Resolved 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] atomic<bool> derive from atomic_bool? Yes
945(i) NAD Editorial 29.7.2 [time.clock.system] system_clock::rep not specified Yes
946(i) NAD 29.5.8 [time.duration.cast] duration_cast improperly specified Yes
947(i) Resolved 29.5.6 [time.duration.nonmember] duration arithmetic: contradictory requirements Yes
948(i) C++11 21.4.4 [ratio.arithmetic] ratio arithmetic tweak Yes
949(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.ownerless] owner_less Yes
950(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.single.ctor] unique_ptr converting ctor shouldn't accept array form Yes
951(i) C++11 29.4.1 [time.traits.is.fp] Various threading bugs #1 Yes
952(i) NAD Editorial 29.5.8 [time.duration.cast] Various threading bugs #2 Yes
953(i) Resolved 29.3 [time.clock.req] Various threading bugs #3 Yes
954(i) C++11 29.3 [time.clock.req] Various threading bugs #4 Yes
955(i) NAD 29.3 [time.clock.req] Various threading bugs #5 Yes
956(i) C++11 29.3 [time.clock.req] Various threading bugs #6 Yes
957(i) C++11 29.7.2 [time.clock.system] Various threading bugs #7 Yes
958(i) Resolved 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] Various threading bugs #8 Yes
959(i) NAD 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] Various threading bugs #9 Yes
960(i) C++11 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Various threading bugs #10 Yes
961(i) LEWG 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Various threading bugs #11 No 936
962(i) C++11 [thread.lock.unique.locking] Various threading bugs #12 Yes
963(i) C++11 [thread.thread.member] Various threading bugs #13 Yes
964(i) Resolved 33.7.5 [thread.condition.condvarany] Various threading bugs #14 Yes
965(i) C++11 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] Various threading bugs #15 Yes
966(i) Resolved 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] Various threading bugs #16 Yes
967(i) C++11 [thread.thread.constr] Various threading bugs #17 Yes
968(i) C++11 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Various threading bugs #18 Yes
969(i) NAD Editorial 27.6.5 [alg.foreach] What happened to Library Issue 475? Yes
970(i) C++11 20.2.11 [specialized.addressof] addressof overload unneeded Yes
971(i) NAD [syserr.errcode.nonmembers] Spurious diagnostic conversion function Yes
972(i) NAD Editorial 16 [library] The term "Assignable" undefined but still in use Yes
973(i) NAD Editorial 99 [auto.ptr] auto_ptr characteristics Yes
974(i) C++11 29.5.2 [time.duration.cons] duration<double> should not implicitly convert to duration<int> Yes
975(i) C++11 21.3.7 [meta.rel] is_convertible cannot be instantiated for non-convertible types Yes
976(i) Resolved [stack.defn] Class template std::stack should be movable Yes
977(i) NAD 25.5.2 [insert.iterators] insert iterators inefficient for expensive to move types Yes
978(i) C++11 22.10.19 [unord.hash] Hashing smart pointers Yes
979(i) NAD Editorial 25.5.4 [move.iterators] Bad example Yes
980(i) NAD 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] mutex lock() missing error conditions Yes
981(i) C++11 24.2.8 [unord.req] Unordered container requirements should add initializer_list support Yes
982(i) C++11 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Wrong complexity for initializer_list assignment in Table 85 Yes
983(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.single] unique_ptr reference deleters should not be moved from Yes
984(i) C++11 31.13 [c.files] Does <cinttypes> have macro guards? Yes
985(i) Resolved [container.requirements.general] Allowing throwing move Yes
986(i) C++11 33.6.6 [thread.lock.algorithm] Generic try_lock contradiction Yes
987(i) C++11 22.10.6 [refwrap] reference_wrapper and function types Yes
988(i) NAD 99 [concept.comparison] Reflexivity meaningless? Yes
989(i) NAD Concepts 16 [library] late_check and library Yes
990(i) C++11 99 [time.clock.monotonic] monotonic_clock::is_monotonic must be true Yes
991(i) C++11 D.27.2 [depr.conversions.string] Provide allocator for wstring_convert Yes
992(i) NAD [contents] Allow implementations to implement C library in the global namespace Yes
993(i) C++11 17.5 [support.start.term] _Exit needs better specification Yes
994(i) C++11 [new.handler] quick_exit should terminate well-defined Yes
995(i) NAD [structure.requirements] Operational Semantics Unclear Yes
996(i) NAD 16 [library] Move operation not well specified Yes
997(i) C++11 [structure.specifications] "Effects: Equivalent to" is underspecified Yes
998(i) C++11 [unique.ptr.single.modifiers] Smart pointer referencing its owner Yes
999(i) C++11 27.11 [specialized.algorithms] Taking the address of a function Yes
1000(i) NAD Concepts 27.6.10 [alg.adjacent.find] adjacent_find is over-constrained Yes
1001(i) NAD Concepts 16 [library] Pointers, concepts and headers Yes
1002(i) NAD [headers] Provide bulk include headers Yes
1003(i) NAD [compliance] Require more useful headers for freestanding implementations Yes
1004(i) C++11 [res.on.functions] Clarify "throws an exception" Yes
1005(i) NAD Concepts 17.3.5 [numeric.limits] numeric_limits partial specializations not concept enabled Yes
1006(i) C++11 17.6.3 [new.delete] operator delete in garbage collected implementation Yes
1007(i) NAD Concepts 17.9.8 [except.nested] throw_with_nested not concept enabled Yes
1008(i) NAD 17.9.8 [except.nested] nested_exception wording unclear Yes
1009(i) NAD [iterator.iterators] InputIterator post-increment dangerous Yes
1010(i) NAD Concepts [random.access.iterators] operator-= should use default in concept Yes
1011(i) C++11 25.4.3 [iterator.operations] next/prev wrong iterator type Yes
1012(i) C++11 [reverse.iter.cons] reverse_iterator default ctor should value initialize Yes
1013(i) NAD Editorial 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] Remove IsSameType hold-over constraints Yes
1014(i) C++11 32.7.2 [re.regex.construct] basic_regex should be created/assigned from initializer lists Yes
1015(i) NAD Concepts 99 [concept.transform] C++ programs - but not users - need to provide support concept_maps Yes
1016(i) NAD Concepts 99 [concept.comparison] Provide LessThanComparable and EqualityComparable for FloatingPointType Yes
1017(i) NAD Concepts 99 [concept.regular] Floating-point types should not satisfy Regular Yes
1018(i) NAD Concepts 21 [meta] Trait specifications should be expressed in terms of concepts Yes
1019(i) C++11 21.3.4 [meta.help] Make integral_constant objects useable in integral-constant-expressions Yes
1020(i) NAD [meta.trans.other] Restore aligned_union Yes
1021(i) C++11 [unique.ptr.single.asgn] Allow nullptr_t assignments to unique_ptr Yes
1022(i) NAD Editorial 99 [util.dynamic.safety] Pointer-safety API has nothing to do with smart pointers Yes
1023(i) NAD Editorial [func.wrap.func] Unclear inheritance relation for std::function Yes
1024(i) NAD Concepts [func.wrap.func] std::function constructors overly generous Yes
1025(i) NAD Future 22.10.19 [unord.hash] The library should provide more specializations for std::hash Yes
1026(i) NAD Concepts 20.2 [memory] Smart pointers need to be concept-constrained templates Yes
1027(i) NAD Concepts 20.2.10 [default.allocator] std::allocator needs to be a concept-constrained template Yes
1028(i) NAD Concepts 99 [depr.storage.iterator] raw_storage_iterator needs to be a concept-constrained template Yes
1029(i) NAD Concepts 27.11 [specialized.algorithms] Specialized algorithms for memory management need to be concept-constrained templates Yes
1030(i) C++11 D.24 [depr.util.smartptr.shared.atomic] Missing requirements for smart-pointer safety API Yes
1031(i) NAD [util.smartptr.shared] Need shared_ptr conversion to a unique_ptr Yes
1032(i) NAD Concepts 29 [time] Tome utility templates need to be concept-constrained Yes
1033(i) C++11 [thread.thread.member] thread::join() effects? Yes
1034(i) C++11 [container.requirements.general] Clarify generality of Container Requirement tables Yes
1035(i) NAD [container.requirements.general] <array>::swap can invalidate references, pointers, and iterators Yes
1036(i) NAD Concepts 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Remove iterator specification that is redundant due to concept constraints Yes
1037(i) C++11 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Unclear status of match_results as library container Yes
1038(i) C++11 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Sequence requirement table needs to reference several new containers Yes
1039(i) C++11 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Sequence container back function should also support const_iterator Yes
1040(i) C++11 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Clarify possible sameness of associative container's iterator and const_iterator Yes
1041(i) Resolved 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Add associative/unordered container functions that allow to extract elements Yes
1042(i) NAD 24.3 [sequences] Provide ContiguousStorage concept and apply it to corresponding containers Yes
1043(i) Resolved [atomics.types.operations] Clarify that compare_exchange is not a read-modify-write operation Yes
1044(i) C++11 33.6 [thread.mutex] Empty tag types should be constexpr literals Yes
1045(i) C++11 [thread.lock.unique.cons] Remove unnecessary preconditions from unique_lock constructor Yes
1046(i) Resolved 33.10 [futures] Provide simple facility to start asynchronous operations Yes
1047(i) Resolved 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] Ensure that future's get() blocks when not ready Yes
1048(i) Resolved 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] Provide empty-state inspection for std::unique_future Yes
1049(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Move assignment of promise inverted Yes
1050(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Clarify postconditions for get_future() Yes
1051(i) NAD [reverse.iter.elem] Specify subscript operation return types of reverse_iterator and move_iterator Yes
1052(i) Resolved [reverse.iter.elem] reverse_iterator::operator-> should also support smart pointers Yes 2775
1053(i) NAD 27 [algorithms] Unify algorithms with operator and function object variants Yes
1054(i) Resolved 22.2.4 [forward] forward broken Yes
1055(i) Resolved [meta.trans.other] Provide a trait that returns the underlying type of an enumeration type Yes
1056(i) NAD 28.5 [rand] Must all Engines and Distributions be Streamable? Yes
1057(i) NAD Concepts 28.5 [rand] RandomNumberEngineAdaptor Yes
1058(i) NAD Editorial 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] New container issue Yes
1059(i) NAD Concepts [func.wrap.func] Usage of no longer existing FunctionType concept Yes
1060(i) NAD Editorial [byte.strings] Embedded nulls in NTBS Yes
1061(i) NAD Editorial 22.3.4 [pair.astuple] Bad indexing for tuple access to pair (Editorial?) Yes
1062(i) NAD 25.5.2 [insert.iterators] Missing insert_iterator for stacks/queues Yes
1063(i) NAD Concepts 99 [iterator.backward] 03 iterator compatibilty Yes
1064(i) NAD 99 [defns.obj.state] Term "object state" should not refer to classes Yes
1065(i) C++11 [contents] Allow inline namespaces within namespace std for implementations Yes
1066(i) C++11 17 [support] Use [[noreturn]] attribute in the library Yes
1067(i) NAD Concepts 27.10 [numeric.ops] simplified wording for inner_product Yes
1068(i) NAD 28.5.7 [rand.device] class random_device should be movable Yes
1069(i) NAD [rand.util.seedseq] class seed_seq should support efficient move operations Yes
1070(i) C++11 [func.wrap.func] Ambiguous move overloads in function Yes
1071(i) C++11 [func.bind.isbind] is_bind_expression should derive from integral_constant<bool> Yes
1072(i) NAD Concepts 22.10.19 [unord.hash] Is std::hash a constrained template or not? Yes
1073(i) C++11 20.2 [memory] Declaration of allocator_arg should be constexpr Yes
1074(i) NAD Concepts 99 [allocator.element.concepts] concept map broken by N2840 Yes
1075(i) Resolved 22 [utilities] Scoped allocators are too complex Yes
1076(i) NAD Concepts 99 [depr.negators] unary/binary_negate need constraining and move support Yes
1077(i) NAD Editorial 22.4.4 [tuple.tuple] Nonesense tuple declarations Yes
1078(i) NAD Concepts 22.11 [type.index] DE-17: Remove class type_index Yes
1079(i) C++11 [random.access.iterators] UK-265: RandomAccessIterator's operator- has nonsensical effects clause Yes
1080(i) NAD Concepts 99 [concept.arithmetic] Concept ArithmeticLike should provide explicit boolean conversion Yes
1081(i) NAD Concepts 23 [strings] basic_string needs to be a concept-constrained template Yes
1082(i) NAD Concepts 30 [localization] codecvt needs to be a concept-constrained template Yes
1083(i) NAD Concepts 30 [localization] InputIterator and OutputIterator template parameters need to be concept constraints Yes
1084(i) NAD Concepts [forward.iterators] Concept ForwardIterator should provide default implementation for post-increment Yes
1085(i) NAD Concepts [bidirectional.iterators] BidirectionalIterator concept should provide default implementation for post-decrement Yes
1086(i) NAD Concepts 25.6 [stream.iterators] Stream iterators need to be concept-constrained templates Yes
1087(i) NAD Concepts 27.7.5 [alg.replace] Incorrect OutputIterator concept requirements for replace algorithms Yes
1088(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] std::promise should provide non-member swap overload Yes
1089(i) C++11 33 [thread] Unify "Throws: Nothing." specifications Yes
1090(i) Resolved 33.10.10 [futures.task] Missing description of packaged_task member swap, missing non-member swap Yes
1091(i) NAD [multimap.modifiers] Multimap description confusing Yes
1092(i) NAD Concepts 21.3.4 [meta.help] Class template integral_constant should be a constrained template Yes
1093(i) Resolved 27.7.13 [alg.random.shuffle] Multiple definitions for random_shuffle algorithm Yes
1094(i) C++11 [iostate.flags] Replace "unspecified-bool-type" by "explicit operator bool() const" in I/O library Yes
1095(i) C++11 [res.on.objects] Shared objects and the library wording unclear Yes
1096(i) NAD Concepts 16 [library] unconstrained rvalue ref parameters Yes
1097(i) C++11 17.2 [support.types] #define __STDCPP_THREADS Yes
1098(i) C++11 99 [util.dynamic.safety] definition of get_pointer_safety() Yes
1099(i) NAD 16 [library] Various issues Yes
1100(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.single.ctor] auto_ptr to unique_ptr conversion Yes
1101(i) NAD Editorial 27.7.9 [alg.unique] unique requirements Yes
1102(i) Open [vector.capacity] std::vector's reallocation policy still unclear Yes 3
1103(i) C++11 [syserr.syserr.members] system_error constructor postcondition overly strict Yes
1104(i) C++11 [basic.ios.members] basic_ios::move should accept lvalues Yes
1105(i) NAD Concepts 99 [iterator.concepts.range] Shouldn't Range be an auto concept Yes
1106(i) Resolved 33.10.8 [futures.shared.future] Multiple exceptions from connected shared_future::get()? Yes
1107(i) NAD Editorial 33.10.8 [futures.shared.future] constructor shared_future(unique_future) by value? Yes
1108(i) C++11 33.2.2 [thread.req.exception] thread.req.exception overly constrains implementations Yes
1109(i) NAD Concepts [includes] std::includes should require CopyConstructible predicate Yes
1110(i) C++11 27.6.5 [alg.foreach] Is for_each overconstrained? Yes
1111(i) NAD Concepts 24.4 [associative] associative containers underconstrained Yes
1112(i) NAD 22.9.2 [template.bitset] bitsets and new style for loop Yes
1113(i) C++11 22.9.2 [template.bitset] bitset::to_string could be simplified Yes
1114(i) C++11 21 [meta] Type traits underspecified Yes
1115(i) NAD Editorial C.7 [diff.library] va_copy missing from Standard macros table Yes
1116(i) Resolved 22.4.4 [tuple.tuple] Literal constructors for tuple Yes
1117(i) Resolved [tuple.cnstr] tuple copy constructor Yes
1118(i) C++11 22.4.7 [tuple.helper] tuple query APIs do not support cv-qualification Yes
1119(i) NAD 22.4.7 [tuple.helper] tuple query APIs do not support references Yes
1120(i) NAD 21 [meta] New type trait - remove_all Yes
1121(i) NAD 21.4.4 [ratio.arithmetic] Support for multiple arguments Yes
1122(i) Resolved 21.4.3 [ratio.ratio] Ratio values should be constexpr Yes
1123(i) C++11 [ios.init] No requirement that standard streams be flushed Yes
1124(i) NAD Concepts 99 [concept.transform] Invalid definition of concept RvalueOf Yes
1125(i) NAD [ostream.iterator.ops] ostream_iterator does not work with movable types Yes
1126(i) C++11 [istreambuf.iterator.ops] istreambuff_iterator::equal needs a const & parameter Yes
1127(i) NAD Concepts [iterator.traits] rvalue references and iterator traits Yes
1128(i) NAD Concepts 25.2 [iterator.synopsis] Missing definition of iterator_traits<T*> Yes
1129(i) Resolved [istream.iterator.cons] istream(buf)_iterator should support literal sentinel value Yes
1130(i) C++11 17.9.7 [propagation] copy_exception name misleading Yes
1131(i) C++11 [meta.unary.prop] C++0x does not need alignment_of Yes
1132(i) NAD 17.9.8 [except.nested] JP-30: nested exceptions Yes
1133(i) C++11 [forward.list.ops] Does N2844 break current specification of list::splice? Yes
1134(i) C++11 28.7 [c.math] Redundant specification of <stdint.h>, <fenv.h>, <tgmath.h>, and maybe <complex.h> Yes
1135(i) Resolved 17.9.7 [propagation] exception_ptr should support contextual conversion to bool Yes
1136(i) C++11 17.9.8 [except.nested] Incomplete specification of nested_exception::rethrow_nested() Yes
1137(i) C++11 28.4.9 [cmplx.over] Return type of conj and proj Yes
1138(i) C++11 [string.op.plus] Unusual return value for operator+ Yes
1139(i) NAD Concepts 33 [thread] Thread support library not concept enabled Yes
1140(i) NAD Concepts 28 [numerics] Numerics library not concept enabled Yes
1141(i) NAD Concepts 31 [input.output] Input/Output library not concept enabled Yes
1142(i) NAD Concepts 32 [re] Regular expressions library not concept enabled Yes
1143(i) Resolved 33.5 [atomics] Atomic operations library not concept enabled Yes
1144(i) C++11 17.5 [support.start.term] "thread safe" is undefined Yes
1145(i) Resolved 33.5 [atomics] Inappropriate headers for atomics Yes
1146(i) Resolved 33.5.5 [atomics.lockfree] "lockfree" does not say enough Yes
1147(i) Resolved [atomics.types.operations] Non-volatile atomic functions Yes
1148(i) NAD 31.7 [iostream.format] Wrong argument type of I/O stream manipulators setprecision() and setw() Yes
1149(i) NAD Concepts 99 [rand.concept.urng] Reformulating NonemptyRange axiom Yes
1150(i) Resolved 31.10.5 [fstream] wchar_t, char16_t and char32_t filenames Yes
1151(i) Resolved 16 [library] Behavior of the library in the presence of threads is incompletely specified Yes
1152(i) C++11 [facet.num.put.virtuals] Expressions parsed differently than intended Yes
1153(i) NAD 16 [library] Standard library needs review for constructors to be explicit to avoid treatment as initializer-list constructor Yes
1154(i) NAD 28.4 [complex.numbers] complex should accept integral types Yes
1155(i) NAD Editorial C.7 [diff.library] Reference should be to C99 Yes
1156(i) NAD [enumerated.types] Constraints on bitmask and enumeration types to be tightened Yes
1157(i) C++11 [namespace.std] Local types can now instantiate templates Yes
1158(i) C++11 33.2.4 [thread.req.timing] Encouragement to use monotonic clock Yes
1159(i) C++11 [thread.lock.unique.locking] Unclear spec for resource_deadlock_would_occur Yes 1219
1160(i) Resolved 33.10.4 [futures.future.error] future_error public constructor is 'exposition only' Yes
1161(i) Resolved 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] Unnecessary unique_future limitations Yes
1162(i) Resolved 33.10.8 [futures.shared.future] shared_future should support an efficient move constructor Yes
1163(i) Resolved 33.10.8 [futures.shared.future] shared_future is inconsistent with shared_ptr Yes
1164(i) NAD 33.10.6 [futures.promise] promise::swap should pass by rvalue reference Yes
1165(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Unneeded promise move constructor Yes
1166(i) Resolved 99 [allocator.propagation] Allocator-specific move/copy break model of move-constructor and move-assignment Yes
1167(i) NAD Concepts 22.3 [pairs] pair<T,U> doesn't model LessThanComparable in unconstrained code even if T and U do. Yes
1168(i) NAD Editorial [bitset.members] Odd wording for bitset equality operators Yes
1169(i) C++17 [facet.num.get.virtuals] num_get not fully compatible with strto* Yes 3
1170(i) C++11 23.1 [strings.general] String char-like types no longer PODs Yes
1171(i) C++11 29.5 [time.duration] duration types should be literal Yes
1172(i) Resolved 99 [allocator.concepts.members] select_on_container_(copy|move)_construction over-constrained Yes
1173(i) NAD 16 [library] "Equivalence" wishy-washiness Yes 3
1174(i) Resolved [meta.unary.prop] Type property predicates Yes
1175(i) Open 24.2.8 [unord.req] unordered complexity Yes 3
1176(i) NAD [thread.thread.constr] Make thread constructor non-variadic Yes
1177(i) C++11 29.5 [time.duration] Improve "diagnostic required" wording Yes
1178(i) C++11 [res.on.headers] Header dependencies Yes
1179(i) NAD Editorial [structure.specifications] Probably editorial in [structure.specifications] Yes
1180(i) C++11 32.8.2 [re.submatch.members] Missing string_type member typedef in class sub_match Yes
1181(i) C++11 32.8.3 [re.submatch.op] Invalid sub_match comparison operators Yes
1182(i) C++11 22.10.19 [unord.hash] Unfortunate hash dependencies Yes
1183(i) C++11 [basic.ios.members] basic_ios::set_rdbuf may break class invariants Yes
1184(i) NAD 24.3.11 [vector] Feature request: dynamic bitset Yes
1185(i) Resolved 25.3 [iterator.requirements] Iterator categories and output iterators Yes
1186(i) NAD Concepts 24.6.8 [stack] Forward list could model a stack Yes
1187(i) C++11 [meta.trans.other] std::decay Yes
1188(i) NAD 24.2.8 [unord.req] Unordered containers should have a minimum load factor as well as a maximum Yes
1189(i) C++11 24.2.8 [unord.req] Awkward interface for changing the number of buckets in an unordered associative container Yes
1190(i) NAD 24.2.8 [unord.req] Setting the maximum load factor should return the previous value Yes
1191(i) C++11 22.4.8 [tuple.elem] tuple get API should respect rvalues Yes
1192(i) C++11 [string.iterators] basic_string missing definitions for cbegin / cend / crbegin / crend Yes
1193(i) C++11 [unique.ptr.dltr] default_delete cannot be instantiated with incomplete types Yes
1194(i) C++11 24.6 [container.adaptors] Unintended queue constructor Yes
1195(i) C++11 16 [library] "Diagnostic required" wording is insufficient to prevent UB Yes
1196(i) Resolved [priqueue.cons] move semantics undefined for priority_queue Yes
1197(i) C++11 24.2.8 [unord.req] Can unordered containers have bucket_count() == 0? Yes
1198(i) C++11 24.6 [container.adaptors] Container adaptor swap: member or non-member? Yes
1199(i) C++11 24.6 [container.adaptors] Missing extended copy constructor in container adaptors Yes
1200(i) NAD 23.2.3 [char.traits.typedefs] "surprising" char_traits<T>::int_type requirements Yes
1201(i) Resolved 22.4.5 [tuple.creation] Do we always want to unwrap ref-wrappers in make_tuple Yes
1202(i) NAD 21.3.4 [meta.help] integral_constant needs a spring clean Yes
1203(i) C++20 [ostream.rvalue] More useful rvalue stream insertion Yes 2
1204(i) C++11 [res.on.arguments] Global permission to move Yes
1205(i) C++11 27 [algorithms] Some algorithms could more clearly document their handling of empty ranges Yes
1206(i) C++11 27.7.2 [alg.move] Incorrect requires for move_backward and copy_backward Yes
1207(i) C++11 [list.ops] Underspecified std::list operations? Yes
1208(i) C++11 [valarray.cons] valarray initializer_list constructor has incorrect effects Yes
1209(i) C++11 32.9.2 [re.results.const] match_results should be moveable Yes
1210(i) Resolved 25.3 [iterator.requirements] Iterator reachability should not require a container Yes
1211(i) Resolved [move.iterator] Move iterators should be restricted as input iterators Yes
1212(i) Resolved 25.3 [iterator.requirements] result of post-increment/decrement operator Yes
1213(i) Open 25.3 [iterator.requirements] Meaning of valid and singular iterator underspecified No 4
1214(i) C++14 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Insufficient/inconsistent key immutability requirements for associative containers Yes
1215(i) C++11 [list.ops] list::merge with unequal allocators Yes
1216(i) C++11 17.9.8 [except.nested] LWG 1066 Incomplete? Yes
1217(i) NAD 28.4 [complex.numbers] Quaternion support Yes
1218(i) C++11 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] mutex destructor synchronization Yes
1219(i) Dup [thread.lock.unique.locking] unique_lock::lock and resource_deadlock_would_occur Yes 1159
1220(i) C++11 33.7 [thread.condition] What does condition_variable wait on? Yes
1221(i) C++11 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] condition_variable wording Yes
1222(i) C++11 33.7 [thread.condition] condition_variable incorrect effects for exception safety Yes
1223(i) NAD 33.7.5 [thread.condition.condvarany] condition_variable_any lock matching? Yes
1224(i) NAD 33.7.5 [thread.condition.condvarany] condition_variable_any support for recursive mutexes? Yes
1225(i) Resolved 99 [func.ret] C++0x result_of issue Yes
1226(i) Resolved 33.10.3 [futures.errors] Incomplete changes of #890 Yes
1227(i) C++11 22.9.2 [template.bitset] <bitset> synopsis overspecified Yes
1228(i) NAD [meta.unary.prop] User-specialized nothrow type traits Yes
1229(i) Resolved [syserr.errcode.modifiers] error_code operator= typo Yes
1230(i) Dup 22.10.16 [func.memfn] mem_fn and variadic templates Yes 920
1231(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.weak.obs] weak_ptr comparisons incompletely resolved Yes
1232(i) NAD Editorial 16 [library] Still swap's with rvalue-references Yes
1233(i) NAD Editorial 20.2 [memory] Missing unique_ptr signatures in synopsis Yes
1234(i) C++11 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] "Do the right thing" and NULL Yes
1235(i) NAD [rand.req.dist] Issue with C++0x random number proposal Yes
1236(i) NAD 16 [library] reserved identifiers in programs not using the library Yes
1237(i) C++11 19.5 [syserr] Constrained error_code/error_condition members Yes
1238(i) Open 27 [algorithms] Defining algorithms taking iterator for range No 3
1239(i) NAD Editorial [meta.unary.prop] Defect report Yes
1240(i) C++11 [func.wrap.func] Deleted comparison functions of std::function not needed Yes
1241(i) C++11 27.7.9 [alg.unique] unique_copy needs to require EquivalenceRelation Yes
1242(i) NAD 24 [containers] Enable SCARY iterators Yes
1243(i) NAD [valarray.cassign] Missing operator+= (initializer_list<T>) for valarray Yes
1244(i) Resolved 33.10 [futures] wait_*() in *future for synchronous functions Yes
1245(i) C++11 22.10.19 [unord.hash] std::hash<string> & co Yes
1246(i) NAD [vector.capacity] vector::resize() missing efficiency guarantee Yes
1247(i) C++11 99 [auto.ptr] auto_ptr is overspecified Yes
1248(i) Resolved 24.5 [unord] Equality comparison for unordered containers Yes
1249(i) C++11 [basic.ios.cons] basic_ios default ctor Yes
1250(i) C++11 22.9.2 [template.bitset] <bitset> still overspecified Yes
1251(i) NAD [stringbuf.cons] move constructing basic_stringbuf Yes
1252(i) C++11 D.27.3 [depr.conversions.buffer] wbuffer_convert::state_type inconsistency Yes
1253(i) C++11 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] invalidation of iterators and emplace vs. insert inconsistence in assoc. containers Yes
1254(i) C++11 24.3.12 [vector.bool] Misleading sentence in vector<bool>::flip Yes
1255(i) C++11 22.2 [utility] declval should be added to the library Yes
1256(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.weak] weak_ptr comparison functions should be removed Yes
1257(i) C++11 31.5 [iostreams.base] Header <ios> still contains a concept_map Yes
1258(i) Resolved [func.wrap.func.mod] std::function Effects clause impossible to satisfy Yes
1259(i) NAD 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Should initializer-list constructors move elements? Yes
1260(i) Resolved [meta.unary.prop] is_constructible<int*,void*> reports true Yes
1261(i) C++11 23.4.5 [string.conversions] Insufficent overloads for to_string / to_wstring Yes
1262(i) C++11 [util.smartptr.shared.cmp] std::less<std::shared_ptr<T>> is underspecified Yes
1263(i) NAD 32.3 [re.syn] missing swap overloads for regex Yes
1264(i) C++11 [compliance] quick_exit support for freestanding implementations Yes
1265(i) NAD 17.13 [support.runtime] longjmp and destructors Yes
1266(i) Resolved 33.10.8 [futures.shared.future] shared_future::get and deferred async functions Yes
1267(i) C++11 33.7.5 [thread.condition.condvarany] Incorrect wording for condition_variable_any::wait_for Yes
1268(i) Resolved 33.6 [thread.mutex] The Mutex requirements in 30.4.1 and 30.4.2 are wrong Yes
1269(i) Resolved 33.10.5 [futures.state] Associated state doesn't account for async Yes
1270(i) C++11 99 [func.ret] result_of should be moved to <type_traits> Yes
1271(i) C++11 29.5.6 [time.duration.nonmember] CR undefined in duration operators Yes
1272(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] confusing declarations of promise::set_value Yes
1273(i) Resolved 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] future::valid should be callable on an invalid future Yes
1274(i) Resolved 99 [futures.atomic_future] atomic_future constructor Yes
1275(i) Resolved 33.10 [futures] Creating and setting futures Yes
1276(i) C++11 24.3.9 [forward.list] forwardlist missing allocator constructors Yes
1277(i) C++11 [thread.thread.id] std::thread::id should be trivially copyable Yes
1278(i) C++11 [forward.list.modifiers] Inconsistent return values for forward_list::insert_after Yes
1279(i) C++11 99 [depr.base] forbid [u|bi]nary_function specialization Yes
1280(i) C++11 [istream.iterator.cons] Initialization of stream iterators Yes
1281(i) Resolved 21.4.3 [ratio.ratio] CopyConstruction and Assignment between ratios having the same normalized form Yes
1282(i) NAD 27 [algorithms] A proposal to add std::split algorithm Yes
1283(i) Resolved [utility.arg.requirements] MoveConstructible and MoveAssignable need clarification of moved-from state Yes
1284(i) C++11 24.3.12 [vector.bool] vector<bool> initializer_list constructor missing an allocator argument Yes
1285(i) C++11 [allocator.traits.members] allocator_traits call to new Yes
1286(i) C++11 [allocator.traits.members] allocator_traits::select_on_container_copy_construction type-o Yes
1287(i) C++11 [func.wrap.func.con] std::function requires CopyConstructible target object Yes
1288(i) C++11 [func.wrap.func.con] std::function assignment from rvalues Yes
1289(i) NAD 22.2 [utility] Generic casting requirements for smart pointers Yes
1290(i) Resolved 22.10 [function.objects] Don't require [u|bi]nary_function inheritance Yes
1291(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Exceptions thrown during promise::set_value Yes
1292(i) C++11 [func.wrap.func.con] std::function should support all callable types Yes
1293(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.runtime] unique_ptr<T[], D> needs to get rid of unspecified-pointer-type Yes
1294(i) C++11 22.10.4 [func.require] Difference between callable wrapper and forwarding call wrapper unclear Yes
1295(i) C++11 22.10.4 [func.require] Contradictory call wrapper requirements Yes
1296(i) NAD 24.4.4 [map] map and multimap value_compare overspecified Yes
1297(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.special] unique_ptr's relational operator functions should induce a total order Yes
1298(i) C++11 30.2 [locale.syn] Missing specialization of ctype_byname<char> Yes
1299(i) C++11 31.7.8 [ext.manip] Confusing typo in specification for get_time Yes
1300(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Circular definition of promise::swap Yes
1301(i) NAD Editorial 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] clear() and assignment Yes
1302(i) NAD 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] different emplace semantics for sequence and associated containers Yes
1303(i) C++11 [unique.ptr.single] shared_ptr, unique_ptr, and rvalue references v2 Yes
1304(i) Resolved 33.10.8 [futures.shared.future] Missing preconditions for shared_future Yes
1305(i) Resolved 99 [futures.atomic_future] preconditions for atomic_future Yes
1306(i) C++11 24.3.7 [array] pointer and const_pointer for <array> Yes
1307(i) Resolved 17.9.7 [propagation] exception_ptr and allocator pointers don't understand != Yes
1308(i) NAD 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] Concerns about initializer_list overloads of min, max, and minmax Yes
1309(i) C++11 [utility.arg.requirements] Missing expressions for Move/CopyConstructible Yes
1310(i) C++11 [forward.list.ops] forward_list splice_after from lvalues Yes
1311(i) Resolved [forward.iterators] multi-pass property of Forward Iterator underspecified Yes
1312(i) C++11 [vector.data] vector::data no longer returns a raw pointer Yes
1313(i) NAD [rand.util.seedseq] Seed sequence's param function not useful for pure output iterator Yes
1314(i) NAD 17.2 [support.types] NULL and nullptr Yes
1315(i) NAD Editorial 33.10.9 [futures.async] return type of async Yes
1316(i) C++11 20.5 [allocator.adaptor] scoped_allocator_adaptor operator== has no definition Yes
1317(i) NAD 22.10.19 [unord.hash] make_hash Yes
1318(i) NAD [allocator.traits.types] N2982 removes previous allocator capabilities Yes 1375
1319(i) C++11 [container.requirements.general] Containers should require an iterator that is at least a Forward Iterator Yes
1320(i) NAD 25.2 [iterator.synopsis] Header for iter_swap Yes
1321(i) Resolved 20.5.4 [allocator.adaptor.members] scoped_allocator_adaptor construct and destroy don't use allocator_traits Yes
1322(i) Resolved [utility.arg.requirements] Explicit CopyConstructible requirements are insufficient Yes
1323(i) C++11 [string.replace] basic_string::replace should use const_iterator Yes
1324(i) Resolved 22.3.2 [pairs.pair] Still too many implicit conversions for pair and tuple Yes
1325(i) C++11 [bitset.cons] bitset Yes
1326(i) Resolved 22.3.2 [pairs.pair] Missing/wrong preconditions for pair and tuple functions Yes
1327(i) Resolved 28.7 [c.math] templates defined in <cmath> replacing C macros with the same name Yes
1328(i) Resolved [istream.sentry] istream extractors not setting failbit if eofbit is already set Yes
1329(i) Resolved 24.2.3 [container.requirements.dataraces] Data races on vector<bool> Yes
1330(i) NAD 24.2 [container.requirements] Move container requirements into requirements tables Yes
1331(i) NAD 16 [library] incorporate move special member functions into library Yes
1332(i) C++11 [hash.requirements] Let Hash objects throw! Yes
1333(i) C++11 [func.wrap.func.inv] Missing forwarding during std::function invocation Yes
1334(i) C++11 [back.insert.iter.ops] Insert iterators are broken for some proxy containers compared to C++03 Yes
1335(i) C++11 22.4.9 [tuple.rel] Insufficient requirements for tuple::operator<() Yes
1337(i) C++11 32.6 [re.traits] Swapped arguments in regex_traits::isctype Yes
1338(i) C++11 27.6.15 [alg.search] LWG 1205 incorrectly applied Yes
1339(i) C++11 27.11.7 [uninitialized.fill] uninitialized_fill_n should return the end of its range Yes
1340(i) C++11 [forward.list.modifiers] Why does forward_list::resize take the object to be copied by value? Yes
1344(i) Resolved 16 [library] Replace throw() with noexcept Yes 1351
1345(i) Resolved 16 [library] Library classes should have noexcept move operations Yes
1346(i) Resolved 16 [library] Apply noexcept where library specification does not permit exceptions Yes 1352
1347(i) Resolved 16 [library] Apply noexcept judiciously throughout the library Yes
1348(i) NAD 16 [library] Exception safety of unspecified types Yes
1349(i) C++11 16 [library] swap should not throw Yes
1350(i) Dup 16 [library] Implicit contructors accidentally made some library types move-only Yes 1421
1351(i) Dup 16 [library] Replace dynamic exception specifications with noexcept Yes 1344
1352(i) Dup 16 [library] Apply noexcept where library specification says "Throws: Nothing" Yes 1346
1353(i) Resolved 16 [library] Clarify the state of a moved-from object Yes
1354(i) C++11 3.15 [defns.deadlock] The definition of deadlock excludes cases involving a single thread Yes
1355(i) Resolved 99 [defns.move.assign.op] The definition of move-assignment operator is redundant Yes
1356(i) Resolved 99 [defns.move.ctor] The definition of move-constructor is redundant Yes
1357(i) Resolved [bitmask.types] Library bitmask types to not satisfy the bimask type requirements Yes
1358(i) NAD [compliance] Add <chrono> and <ratio> to freestanding implementations Yes
1359(i) NAD [compliance] Add <tuple> and <utility> to freestanding implementations Yes
1360(i) C++11 [compliance] Add <atomic> to free-standing implementations Yes
1361(i) NAD 16.4.3 [using] Does use of std::size_t in a header imply that typedef name is available to users? Yes
1362(i) C++11 [res.on.arguments] Description of binding to rvalue-references should use the new 'xvalue' vocabulary Yes
1363(i) C++11 17.2 [support.types] offsetof should be marked noexcept Yes
1364(i) Resolved 17.9.7 [propagation] It is not clear how exception_ptr is synchronized Yes
1365(i) Resolved 17.6.4 [alloc.errors] Thread-safety of handler functions Yes
1366(i) Resolved [new.delete.dataraces] New-handler and data races Yes
1367(i) C++11 99 [exception.unexpected] Deprecate library support for checking dynamic exception specifications Yes
1368(i) C++11 99 [depr.uncaught] Thread safety of std::uncaught_exception() Yes
1369(i) NAD 17.9.7 [propagation] rethrow_exception may introduce data races Yes
1370(i) C++11 17.9.8 [except.nested] throw_with_nested should not use perfect forwarding Yes
1371(i) NAD 19 [diagnostics] Standard exceptions require stronger no-throw guarantees Yes
1372(i) C++11 [syserr.errcat.objects] Adopt recommended practice for standard error categories Yes
1373(i) NAD 22.2 [utility] Customizable traits should have their own headers Yes
1374(i) NAD [utility.arg.requirements] Clarify moved-from objects are "toxic" Yes
1375(i) Dup [allocator.requirements] reference_type should not have been removed from the allocator requirements Yes 1318
1376(i) NAD [allocator.requirements] Allocator interface is not backward compatible Yes
1377(i) Resolved 22.2 [utility] The revised forward is not compatible with access-control Yes
1378(i) Resolved 22.3 [pairs] pair and tuple have too many conversions Yes
1379(i) Resolved 22.3.2 [pairs.pair] pair copy-assignment not consistent for references Yes
1380(i) Resolved 22.3 [pairs] pair and tuple of references need to better specify move-semantics Yes
1381(i) C++11 99 [pair.range] Replace pair's range support by proper range facility Yes
1382(i) Resolved 22.3 [pairs] pair and tuple constructors should forward arguments Yes
1383(i) Resolved 22.3 [pairs] Inconsistent defaulted move/copy members in pair and tuple Yes
1384(i) C++11 22.4.5 [tuple.creation] Function pack_arguments is poorly named Yes
1385(i) C++11 22.4.5 [tuple.creation] tuple_cat should be a single variadic signature Yes
1386(i) C++11 22.4.5 [tuple.creation] pack_arguments overly complex Yes
1387(i) C++11 99 [tuple.range] Range support by tuple should be removed Yes
1388(i) C++11 21.4.3 [ratio.ratio] LWG 1281 incorrectly accepted Yes
1389(i) Resolved 21.4.4 [ratio.arithmetic] Compile-time rational arithmetic and overflow Yes
1390(i) Resolved 21 [meta] Limit speculative compilation for constructible/convertible traits Yes
1391(i) Resolved 21 [meta] constructible/convertible traits and access control Yes
1392(i) Resolved 21.3.5 [meta.unary] result_of should support pointer-to-data-member Yes
1393(i) Resolved [meta.unary.prop] Trivial traits imply noexcept Yes
1394(i) Resolved [meta.unary.prop] is_constructible reports false positives Yes
1395(i) NAD Editorial 21.3.7 [meta.rel] Inconsistent reference links should be unified Yes
1396(i) NAD 32.7 [re.regex] regex should support allocators Yes 1451
1397(i) Resolved 22.10 [function.objects] Deprecate '98 binders Yes
1398(i) NAD 22.10 [function.objects] Users should be able to specialize functors without depending on whole <functional> header Yes
1399(i) C++11 [func.wrap.func] function does not need an explicit default constructor Yes
1400(i) C++11 [func.wrap.func.con] FCD function does not need an explicit default constructor Yes
1401(i) C++11 20.2 [memory] Provide support for unique_ptr<T> == nullptr Yes
1402(i) C++11 20.2 [memory] nullptr constructors for smart pointers should be constexpr Yes
1403(i) C++11 20.2.7 [allocator.tag] Inconsistent definitions for allocator_arg Yes
1404(i) C++11 20.2.3 [pointer.traits] pointer_traits should have a size_type member Yes
1405(i) Resolved 20.5 [allocator.adaptor] Move scoped_allocator_adaptor into separate header Yes
1406(i) NAD [util.smartptr.shared] Support hashing smart-pointers based on owner Yes
1407(i) Resolved [util.smartptr.shared.const] Synch shared_ptr constructors taking movable types Yes
1408(i) C++11 99 [util.dynamic.safety] Allow recycling of pointers after undeclare_no_pointers Yes
1409(i) Resolved 99 [time.clock.monotonic] Specify whether monotonic_clock is a distinct type or a typedef Yes
1410(i) Resolved 99 [time.clock.monotonic] Add a feature-detect macro for monotonic_clock Yes 1411
1411(i) Dup 99 [time.clock.monotonic] Add a compile-time flag to detect monotonic_clock Yes 1410
1412(i) Resolved 99 [time.clock.monotonic] Make monotonic clocks mandatory Yes
1413(i) NAD 29.7.8 [time.clock.hires] Specify whether high_resolution_clock is a distinct type or a typedef Yes
1414(i) C++11 [char.traits.specializations.char16.t] Fixing remaining dead links to POS_T and OFF_T Yes 1444
1415(i) NAD Editorial [container.requirements.general] Iterator stability bans the short-string optimization Yes
1416(i) C++11 24.2 [container.requirements] forward_list::erase_after should not be allowed to throw Yes
1417(i) C++11 [array.zero] front/back on a zero-sized array should be undefined Yes
1418(i) C++11 [deque.capacity] Effects of resize(size()) on a deque Yes
1419(i) NAD Editorial 24.3.9 [forward.list] forward_list::erase_after should return an iterator Yes
1420(i) C++11 [list.capacity] Effects of resize(size()) on a list Yes
1421(i) Resolved 24.6 [container.adaptors] Accidental move-only library types due to new core language rules Yes 1350
1422(i) Open 24.3.12 [vector.bool] vector<bool> iterators are not random access No 3
1423(i) C++11 24.4.4 [map] map constructor accepting an allocator as single parameter should be explicit Yes
1424(i) C++11 24.4.5 [multimap] multimap constructor accepting an allocator as a single parameter should be explicit Yes
1425(i) C++11 24.4.6 [set] set constructor accepting an allocator as a single parameter should be explicit Yes
1426(i) C++11 24.4.7 [multiset] multiset constructor accepting an allocator as a single parameter should be explicit Yes
1427(i) C++11 24.5.4 [unord.map] unordered_map constructor accepting an allocator as a single parameter should be explicit Yes
1428(i) C++11 24.5.5 [unord.multimap] unordered_multimap constructor accepting an allocator as a single parameter should be explicit Yes
1429(i) C++11 24.5.6 [unord.set] unordered_set constructor accepting an allocator as a single parameter should be explicit Yes
1430(i) C++11 24.5.7 [unord.multiset] unordered_multiset constructor accepting an allocator as a single parameter should be explicit Yes
1431(i) C++11 27.6.14 [alg.is.permutation] is_permutation must be more restrictive Yes
1432(i) C++11 27.7.13 [alg.random.shuffle] random_shuffle signatures are inconsistent Yes 1433
1433(i) Dup 27.7.13 [alg.random.shuffle] random_shuffle and shuffle should have consistent signatures Yes 1432
1434(i) NAD Editorial 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] For min/max functions replace variadic arguments by initializer_list argument Yes
1435(i) C++11 28.4.7 [complex.value.ops] Unclear returns specifications for C99 complex number functions Yes
1436(i) C++11 28.5.4 [rand.eng] Random number engine constructor concerns Yes
1437(i) C++11 [rand.eng.mers] Mersenne twister meaningless for word sizes less than two Yes
1438(i) C++11 [rand.adapt.disc] No definition for base() Yes
1439(i) C++11 [rand.dist.samp.pconst] Return from densities() functions? Yes
1440(i) C++11 [rand.dist.samp.plinear] Incorrect specification for piecewise_linear_distribution Yes
1441(i) C++11 28.7 [c.math] Floating-point test functions are incorrectly specified Yes
1442(i) NAD Editorial 33 [thread] "happens-before" should be "synchronizes-with" Yes 1443
1443(i) Dup 33 [thread] Imposed happens-before edges are not made transitive Yes 1442
1444(i) Dup [fpos.operations] OFF_T is not defined Yes 1414
1445(i) Resolved 31.7 [iostream.format] Several iostreams member functions incorrectly specified Yes
1446(i) NAD 31.7 [iostream.format] Move and swap for I/O streams Yes
1447(i) Resolved 31.7 [iostream.format] Request to resolve issue LWG 1328 Yes
1448(i) C++11 [stringbuf.members] Concerns about basic_stringbuf::str(basic_string) postconditions Yes
1449(i) C++11 31.8.3 [istringstream] Incomplete specification of header <cinttypes> Yes
1450(i) C++14 32.4.3 [re.matchflag] Contradiction in regex_constants Yes 3
1451(i) Dup 32.7 [re.regex] regex should support allocators Yes 1396
1452(i) NAD 32.9.5 [re.results.acc] "target sequence" is not defined Yes
1453(i) Resolved 32.9.5 [re.results.acc] Default constructed match_results behavior for certain operations Yes
1454(i) Dup 33.5 [atomics] Ensure C compatibility for atomics Yes 1455
1455(i) Resolved 33.5 [atomics] C language compatibility for atomics Yes 1454
1456(i) NAD 33.5 [atomics] Missing fixed-size atomic_ typedefs Yes
1457(i) Resolved 33.5.2 [atomics.syn] Splitting lock-free properties Yes
1458(i) Dup 33.5.4 [atomics.order] Overlapping evaluations are allowed Yes 1459
1459(i) LEWG 33.5.4 [atomics.order] Overlapping evaluations are allowed No 1458
1460(i) Resolved 33.5.5 [atomics.lockfree] Missing lock-free property for type bool should be added Yes
1461(i) NAD 33.5 [atomics] Rename all ATOMIC_* macros as STD_ATOMIC_* Yes
1462(i) Resolved 99 [atomics.types.integral] Ambiguous value assignment to atomic_bool Yes 1463
1463(i) Dup 99 [atomics.types.integral] Inconsistent value assignment for atomic_bool Yes 1462
1464(i) Resolved 99 [atomics.types.integral] Underspecified typedefs for atomic integral types Yes
1465(i) Resolved 99 [atomics.types.address] Missing arithmetic operators for atomic_address Yes
1466(i) Resolved 99 [atomics.types.address] Silent const breakage by compare_exchange_* member functions Yes
1467(i) Resolved 99 [atomics.types.address] Deriving atomic<T*> from atomic_address breaks type safety Yes
1468(i) Resolved 99 [atomics.types.address] atomic_address::compare_exchange_* member functions should match atomic_compare_exchange_* free functions Yes
1469(i) Resolved 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] atomic<T*> inheritance from atomic_address breaks type safety Yes
1470(i) Dup [atomics.types.operations] "Same-ness" curiosities Yes 1474
1471(i) NAD Editorial [atomics.types.operations] Default constructor of atomics needs specification Yes
1472(i) NAD Editorial [atomics.types.operations] Incorrect semantics of atomic_init Yes
1473(i) NAD [atomics.types.operations] Incomplete memory order specifications Yes
1474(i) C++11 [atomics.types.operations] weak compare-and-exchange confusion Yes 1470, 1475, 1476, 1477
1475(i) Dup [atomics.types.operations] weak compare-and-exchange confusion II Yes 1474
1476(i) Dup [atomics.types.operations] Meaningless specification of spurious failure Yes 1474
1477(i) Dup [atomics.types.operations] weak compare-and-exchange confusion III Yes 1474
1478(i) C++11 [atomics.types.operations] Clarify race conditions in atomics initialization Yes
1479(i) C++11 33.5.11 [atomics.fences] Fence functions should be extern "C" Yes
1480(i) C++11 33.5.11 [atomics.fences] Atomic fences don't have synchronizes with relation Yes
1481(i) Resolved 33.2 [thread.req] Missing Lockable requirements Yes
1482(i) Resolved 33.2.4 [thread.req.timing] Timeout operations are under-specified Yes
1483(i) NAD Editorial 33.4 [thread.threads] __STDCPP_THREADS spelling Yes
1484(i) LEWG 33.4.3 [thread.thread.class] Need a way to join a thread with a timeout No
1485(i) NAD [thread.thread.id] Unclear thread::id specification Yes
1486(i) NAD 33.4.5 [thread.thread.this] Value of this_thread::get_id() underspecified for detached thread Yes
1487(i) C++11 33.4.5 [thread.thread.this] Clock related operations exception specifications conflict Yes
1488(i) LEWG 33.6 [thread.mutex] Improve interoperability between the C++0x and C1x threads APIs No
1489(i) NAD Editorial 33.6 [thread.mutex] unlock functions and unlock mutex requirements are inconsistent Yes
1490(i) Resolved 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Mutex requirements too stringent Yes
1491(i) Resolved 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] try_lock does not guarantee forward progress Yes
1492(i) Resolved 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Mutex requirements should not be bound to threads Yes
1493(i) LEWG 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Add mutex, recursive_mutex, is_locked function No
1494(i) C++11 [thread.once.callonce] Term "are serialized" not defined Yes
1495(i) NAD Editorial 33.7 [thread.condition] Condition variable wait_for return value insufficient Yes
1496(i) NAD Editorial 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] condition_variable not implementable Yes
1497(i) C++11 33.7 [thread.condition] lock() postcondition can not be generally achieved Yes
1498(i) Resolved 33.7 [thread.condition] Unclear specification for [thread.condition] Yes
1499(i) NAD 33.7 [thread.condition] Condition variables preclude wakeup optimization Yes
1500(i) NAD Editorial 33.7.5 [thread.condition.condvarany] Consider removal of native_handle() Yes
1501(i) Resolved 33.10 [futures] Specification for managing associated asynchronous state has problems Yes
1502(i) Resolved 33.10.5 [futures.state] Specification of [futures.state] unclear Yes
1503(i) NAD Editorial 33.10.5 [futures.state] "associated asynchronous state" must go Yes
1504(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Term "are serialized" is not defined Yes
1505(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Synchronization between promise::set_value and future::get Yes
1506(i) NAD Editorial 33.10.6 [futures.promise] set_exception with a null pointer Yes
1507(i) Resolved 33.10.6 [futures.promise] promise::XXX_at_thread_exit functions have no synchronization requirements Yes
1508(i) Resolved 33.10.10 [futures.task] Rename packaged_task::operator bool() Yes
1509(i) NAD Editorial 99 [futures.atomic_future] No restriction on calling future::get more than once Yes
1510(i) NAD Editorial 99 [futures.atomic_future] Should be undefined behaviour to call atomic_future operations unless valid() Yes
1511(i) NAD Editorial 99 [futures.atomic_future] Synchronize the move-constructor for atomic_future Yes
1512(i) NAD Editorial 33.10.9 [futures.async] Conflict in specification: block or join? Yes
1513(i) Resolved 33.10 [futures] 'launch' enum too restrictive Yes
1514(i) C++11 [futures.task.members] packaged_task constructors need review Yes
1515(i) Resolved [futures.task.members] packaged_task::make_ready_at_thread_exit has no synchronization requirements Yes
1516(i) C++11 99 [depr.auto.ptr] No specification for which header contains auto_ptr Yes
1517(i) C++11 [unique.ptr.dltr.dflt] default_delete's default constructor should be trivial Yes
1518(i) C++11 33.10 [futures] Waiting for deferred functions Yes
1519(i) C++11 24.5.4 [unord.map] bucketsize() const only for unordered set Yes
1520(i) C++11 22.10.4 [func.require] INVOKE on member data pointer with too many arguments Yes
1521(i) Open [container.requirements.general] Requirements on internal pointer representations in containers Yes 3
1522(i) C++11 28.4.9 [cmplx.over] conj specification is now nonsense Yes
1523(i) Resolved 33.5 [atomics] noexcept for Clause 29 Yes
1524(i) C++11 [new.delete.dataraces] Allocation functions are missing happens-before requirements and guarantees Yes
1525(i) C++11 [vector.capacity] Effects of resize(size()) on a vector Yes
1526(i) Resolved [res.on.data.races] C++ should not impose thread safety requirements on C99 library implementations Yes 3
2000(i) C++11 [futures.task.nonmembers] Missing definition of packaged_task specialization of uses_allocator Yes
2001(i) C++11 32.7.3 [re.regex.assign] Class template basic_regex uses non existent string_type Yes
2002(i) Resolved 32.9.9 [re.results.nonmember] Class template match_results does not specify the semantics of operator== Yes
2003(i) C++14 [string.require] String exception inconsistency in erase. Yes 0
2004(i) C++11 29.5.6 [time.duration.nonmember] duration::operator* has template parameters in funny order Yes
2005(i) C++14 [map.modifiers] unordered_map::insert(T&&) protection should apply to map too Yes
2006(i) NAD 24.2.8 [unord.req] emplace broken for associative containers Yes
2007(i) C++11 [map.access] Incorrect specification of return value for map<>::at() Yes
2008(i) C++11 [futures.task.members] Conflicting Error Conditions for packaged_task::operator() Yes
2009(i) C++14 23.4.5 [string.conversions] Reporting out-of-bound values on numeric string conversions Yes
2010(i) C++14 [func.bind.isbind] is_* traits for binding operations can't be meaningfully specialized Yes
2011(i) C++14 [string.io] Unexpected output required of strings Yes
2012(i) Resolved 24.4 [associative] Associative maps should insert pair, not tuple Yes
2013(i) C++14 [constexpr.functions] Do library implementers have the freedom to add constexpr? Yes
2014(i) C++11 [macro.names] More restrictions on macro names Yes
2015(i) C++14 21.3.5 [meta.unary] Incorrect pre-conditions for some type traits Yes
2016(i) C++17 [allocator.requirements] Allocators must be no-throw swappable Yes 2
2017(i) C++11 22.10.6 [refwrap] std::reference_wrapper makes incorrect usage of std::result_of Yes
2018(i) C++14 32.6 [re.traits] [CD] regex_traits::isctype Returns clause is wrong Yes
2019(i) C++11 [classification] isblank not supported by std::locale Yes
2020(i) C++11 29.5.6 [time.duration.nonmember] Time utility arithmetic constexpr functions have invalid effects Yes
2021(i) C++14 [func.bind.bind] Further incorrect usages of result_of Yes
2022(i) C++11 22.10.6 [refwrap] reference_wrapper<T>::result_type is underspecified Yes
2023(i) Resolved [thread.lock.guard] Incorrect requirements for lock_guard and unique_lock Yes
2024(i) Resolved 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] Inconsistent implementation requirements for atomic<integral> and atomic<T*> Yes
2025(i) Resolved [futures.task.members] Incorrect semantics of move assignment operator of packaged_task Yes
2026(i) NAD 24.5 [unord] hash should be std qualified for unordered container Yes
2027(i) C++11 [futures.task.members] Initialization of the stored task of a packaged_task Yes
2028(i) C++14 [locale.messages] messages_base::catalog overspecified Yes
2029(i) C++11 32.7 [re.regex] Missing 'noexcept' on basic_regex move-assignment operator Yes
2030(i) C++11 33.10.10 [futures.task] packaged_task::result_type should be removed Yes
2031(i) C++11 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] std::future<>::share() only applies to rvalues Yes
2032(i) C++11 33.10.9 [futures.async] Incorrect synchronization clause of async function Yes
2033(i) C++14 [vector.capacity] Preconditions of reserve, shrink_to_fit, and resize functions Yes
2034(i) Resolved 33.5.4 [atomics.order] Initialization of atomics is misspecified so that it doesn't preserve sequential consistency Yes
2035(i) Open [output.iterators] Output iterator requirements are broken Yes 3
2036(i) NAD [istream] istream >> char and eofbit Yes
2037(i) Resolved 33.5.2 [atomics.syn] atomic free functions incorrectly specified Yes
2038(i) Open [output.iterators] Missing definition for incrementable iterator No 3
2039(i) C++14 27.7.1 [alg.copy] Issues with std::reverse and std::copy_if Yes
2040(i) Resolved 21 [meta] Missing type traits related to is_convertible Yes
2041(i) C++11 [facet.num.get.virtuals] Stage 2 accumulate incompatibilty Yes
2042(i) C++11 [forward.list.iter] Comparing forward_list::before_begin() to forward_list::end() Yes
2043(i) NAD 31.13 [c.files] std{in,out,err} should be usable as field names Yes
2044(i) C++14 [algorithm.stable] No definition of "Stable" for copy algorithms Yes
2045(i) C++14 [forward.list.ops] forward_list::merge and forward_list::splice_after with unequal allocators Yes
2046(i) NAD 33.10.8 [futures.shared.future] shared_future(future<R>&&) should be allowed to throw Yes
2047(i) C++14 [unique.ptr.single.asgn] Incorrect "mixed" move-assignment semantics of unique_ptr Yes
2048(i) C++14 22.10 [function.objects] Unnecessary mem_fn overloads Yes
2049(i) C++14 [meta.unary.prop] is_destructible is underspecified Yes
2050(i) C++14 24.5 [unord] Unordered associative containers do not use allocator_traits to define member types Yes
2051(i) Resolved 22.4.4 [tuple.tuple] Explicit tuple constructors for more than one parameter Yes 2
2052(i) Resolved 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Mixup between mapped_type and value_type for associative containers Yes 2
2053(i) C++14 32.4 [re.const] Errors in regex bitmask types Yes
2054(i) Resolved 29.6 [time.point] time_point constructors need to be constexpr Yes
2055(i) Resolved 27.10 [numeric.ops] std::move in std::accumulate and other algorithms Yes 3
2056(i) C++14 33.10.1 [futures.overview] future_errc enums start with value 0 (invalid value for broken_promise) Yes
2057(i) Resolved 29.6.6 [time.point.nonmember] time_point + duration semantics should be made constexpr conforming Yes
2058(i) C++14 28.6 [numarray] valarray and begin/end Yes
2059(i) C++17 24.4.4 [map] C++0x ambiguity problem with map::erase Yes 3
2060(i) NAD Editorial [unique.ptr.runtime] unique_ptr<T[]>(nullptr_t) missing noexcept Yes
2061(i) C++14 25.2 [iterator.synopsis] make_move_iterator and arrays Yes
2062(i) C++17 [func.wrap.func] Effect contradictions w/o no-throw guarantee of std::function swaps Yes 2
2063(i) C++17 23.4.3 [basic.string] Contradictory requirements for string move assignment Yes 3
2064(i) C++14 23.4.3 [basic.string] More noexcept issues in basic_string Yes
2065(i) C++14 [allocator.requirements] Minimal allocator interface Yes
2066(i) Resolved [vector.capacity] Missing specification of vector::resize(size_type) Yes
2067(i) C++14 33.10.10 [futures.task] packaged_task should have deleted copy c'tor with const parameter Yes
2068(i) NAD 22.3.2 [pairs.pair] std::pair not C++03-compatible with defaulted copy c'tor Yes
2069(i) C++14 [string.cons] Inconsistent exception spec for basic_string move constructor Yes
2070(i) Resolved [util.smartptr.shared.create] allocate_shared should use allocator_traits<A>::construct Yes 2
2071(i) C++14 [valarray.assign] std::valarray move-assignment Yes
2072(i) C++17 99 [depr.temporary.buffer] Unclear wording about capacity of temporary buffers Yes 3
2073(i) NAD 19.2 [std.exceptions] Library exceptions that take string arguments Yes
2074(i) C++14 27.7.10 [alg.reverse] Off by one error in std::reverse_copy Yes
2075(i) Resolved 6.9.2 [intro.multithread] Progress guarantees, lock-free property, and scheduling assumptions Yes
2076(i) C++17 [set.cons] Bad CopyConstructible requirement in set constructors Yes 3
2077(i) Open [meta.unary.prop] Further incomplete constraints for type traits No 3
2078(i) C++14 33.10.9 [futures.async] Throw specification of async() incomplete Yes
2079(i) NAD 28.7 [c.math] Required pow() overloads Yes 3
2080(i) C++14 33.6.7 [thread.once] Specify when once_flag becomes invalid Yes
2081(i) C++14 [allocator.requirements] Allocator requirements should include CopyConstructible Yes
2082(i) NAD 27 [algorithms] Misleading complexity requirements in <algorithm> Yes
2083(i) C++14 [util.smartptr.weak] const-qualification on weak_ptr::owner_before Yes
2084(i) NAD 23.4.3 [basic.string] basic_string use of charT* Yes
2085(i) C++14 [istream.unformatted] Wrong description of effect 1 of basic_istream::ignore Yes
2086(i) C++14 28.7 [c.math] Overly generic type support for math functions Yes
2087(i) C++14 31.5 [iostreams.base] iostream_category() and noexcept Yes
2088(i) Open 17.9.5 [exception.terminate] std::terminate problem No 3
2089(i) Resolved [allocator.members] std::allocator::construct should use uniform initialization Yes 2
2090(i) NAD [thread.mutex.requirements.mutex] Minor Overconstraint in Mutex Types Yes
2091(i) C++14 [thread.timedmutex.requirements] Misplaced effect in m.try_lock_for() Yes
2092(i) C++14 33.7.5 [thread.condition.condvarany] Vague Wording for condition_variable_any Yes
2093(i) C++14 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] Throws clause of condition_variable::wait with predicate Yes
2094(i) C++14 29.5.2 [time.duration.cons] duration conversion overflow shouldn't participate in overload resolution Yes
2095(i) LEWG 33.10.6 [futures.promise] promise and packaged_task missing constructors needed for uses-allocator construction Yes 4
2096(i) C++14 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] Incorrect constraints of future::get in regard to MoveAssignable Yes
2097(i) C++14 [futures.task.members] packaged_task constructors should be constrained Yes
2098(i) C++14 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Minor Inconsistency between promise::set_value and promise::set_value_at_thread_exit Yes
2099(i) C++14 17.13 [support.runtime] Unnecessary constraints of va_start() usage Yes
2100(i) C++14 33.10.9 [futures.async] timed waiting functions cannot timeout if launch::async policy used Yes
2101(i) C++17 21.3.8 [meta.trans] Some transformation types can produce impossible types Yes 3
2102(i) C++14 33.10.1 [futures.overview] Why is std::launch an implementation-defined type? Yes
2103(i) C++14 20.2.10 [default.allocator] std::allocator_traits<std::allocator<T>>::propagate_on_container_move_assignment Yes
2104(i) C++14 [thread.lock.unique] unique_lock move-assignment should not be noexcept Yes
2105(i) C++14 [container.requirements.general] Inconsistent requirements on const_iterator's value_type Yes
2106(i) C++17 25.5.4 [move.iterators] move_iterator wrapping iterators returning prvalues Yes 3
2107(i) NAD 25.3 [iterator.requirements] Some iterator category should guarantee the lifetime of references Yes
2108(i) Resolved [allocator.requirements] No way to identify allocator types that always compare equal Yes 3
2109(i) C++14 19.5.7 [syserr.hash] Incorrect requirements for hash specializations Yes
2110(i) C++14 27.7.8 [alg.remove] remove can't swap but note says it might Yes
2111(i) C++17 [terminate] Which unexpected/terminate handler is called from the exception handling runtime? Yes 3
2112(i) C++14 16.4.6 [conforming] User-defined classes that cannot be derived from Yes 1
2113(i) NAD 16.4.6 [conforming] Do library implementers have the freedom to add final to non-polymorphic components? Yes
2114(i) Resolved [nullablepointer.requirements] Incorrect "contextually convertible to bool" requirements Yes 3
2115(i) Open 28.6.8 [template.mask.array] Undefined behaviour for valarray assignments with mask_array index? No 4
2116(i) Open [meta.unary.prop] is_nothrow_constructible and destructors No 3
2117(i) Open [facet.num.put.virtuals] ios_base manipulators should have showgrouping/noshowgrouping No 3
2118(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.runtime] [CD] unique_ptr for array does not support cv qualification conversion of actual argument Yes 1
2119(i) C++17 22.10.19 [unord.hash] Missing hash specializations for extended integer types Yes 3
2120(i) C++14 33.10.9 [futures.async] What should async do if neither 'async' nor 'deferred' is set in policy? Yes
2121(i) NAD [stringstream.cons] app for string streams Yes 3
2122(i) C++14 [list.ops] merge() stability for lists versus forward lists Yes
2123(i) C++14 [forward.list.ops] merge() allocator requirements for lists versus forward lists Yes
2124(i) NAD [rand.req.seedseq] Seed sequence over-specified Yes
2125(i) Pending NAD Editorial [thread.timedmutex.requirements] TimedMutex specification problem Yes
2126(i) Pending NAD Editorial 33.6.4 [thread.mutex.requirements] Several specification problems in regard to mutex requirements Yes
2127(i) C++17 99 [depr.storage.iterator] Move-construction with raw_storage_iterator Yes 3
2128(i) C++14 25.2 [iterator.synopsis] Absence of global functions cbegin/cend Yes
2129(i) C++17 [namespace.std] User specializations of std::initializer_list Yes 3
2130(i) C++14 33.5.4 [atomics.order] Missing ordering constraints Yes
2131(i) NAD [istream.unformatted] Member function getline taking a string as parameter Yes
2132(i) C++14 [func.wrap.func.con] std::function ambiguity Yes 2
2133(i) C++17 [global.functions] Attitude to overloaded comma for iterators Yes 3
2134(i) Pending NAD Editorial [thread.mutex.requirements.mutex] Redundant Mutex requirement? Yes
2135(i) C++14 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] Unclear requirement for exceptions thrown in condition_variable::wait() Yes
2136(i) Open 16.3.2 [structure] Postconditions vs. exceptions No 3
2137(i) Open 32.7.3 [re.regex.assign] Misleadingly constrained post-condition in the presence of exceptions Yes 3
2138(i) C++14 33.5.10 [atomics.flag] atomic_flag::clear should not accept memory_order_consume Yes
2139(i) C++20 [namespace.std] What is a user-defined type? Yes 4
2140(i) C++14 33.7 [thread.condition] Meaning of notify_all_at_thread_exit synchronization requirement? Yes
2141(i) C++14 [meta.trans.other] common_type trait produces reference types Yes
2142(i) C++14 [futures.task.members] packaged_task::operator() synchronization too broad? Yes
2143(i) C++14 31.5.2 [ios.base] ios_base::xalloc should be thread-safe Yes
2144(i) C++14 22.11 [type.index] Missing noexcept specification in type_index Yes
2145(i) C++14 19.5.3 [syserr.errcat] error_category default constructor Yes
2146(i) Open [utility.arg.requirements] Are reference types Copy/Move-Constructible/Assignable or Destructible? No 3
2147(i) C++14 [allocator.requirements] Unclear hint type in Allocator's allocate function Yes
2148(i) C++14 22.10.19 [unord.hash] Hashing enums should be supported directly by std::hash Yes
2149(i) C++14 22.10 [function.objects] Concerns about 20.8/5 Yes
2150(i) C++14 27.6.8 [alg.find.end] Unclear specification of find_end Yes
2151(i) Resolved [string.require] basic_string<>::swap semantics ignore allocators Yes 3
2152(i) LEWG [swappable.requirements] Instances of standard container types are not swappable Yes 3
2153(i) LEWG 22.2.2 [utility.swap] Narrowing of the non-member swap contract No 2
2154(i) Resolved [rand.req.urng] What exactly does compile-time complexity imply? Yes 4
2155(i) Resolved 17.13 [support.runtime] Macro __bool_true_false_are_defined should be removed Yes 4
2156(i) C++17 24.2.8 [unord.req] Unordered containers' reserve(n) reserves for n-1 elements Yes 3
2157(i) Open [array.zero] How does std::array<T,0> initialization work when T is not default-constructible? Yes 3
2158(i) Open [vector.capacity] Conditional copy/move in std::vector Yes 3
2159(i) C++14 33.5.10 [atomics.flag] atomic_flag initialization Yes
2160(i) C++17 [vector.capacity] Unintended destruction ordering-specification of resize Yes 1
2161(i) NAD 24.4 [associative] const equivalence of std::map Yes 2
2162(i) C++14 [allocator.requirements] allocator_traits::max_size missing noexcept Yes
2163(i) C++14 27.8.3 [alg.nth.element] nth_element requires inconsistent post-conditions Yes
2164(i) C++20 [vector.modifiers] What are the semantics of vector.emplace(vector.begin(), vector.back())? Yes 2
2165(i) Resolved 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] std::atomic<X> requires X to be nothrow default constructible Yes 4
2166(i) C++17 27.8.8 [alg.heap.operations] Heap property underspecified? Yes 3
2167(i) NAD [container.requirements.general] Copy assignment requirements of Containers Yes
2168(i) C++17 [rand.dist.uni.real] Inconsistent specification of uniform_real_distribution constructor Yes 3
2169(i) C++14 [unique.ptr.runtime.modifiers] Missing reset() requirements in unique_ptr specialization Yes
2170(i) C++17 [utility.arg.requirements] Aggregates cannot be DefaultConstructible Yes 2
2171(i) NAD [swappable.requirements] "swappable" undefined for swapping lvalue and rvalue Yes
2172(i) C++14 D.24 [depr.util.smartptr.shared.atomic] Does atomic_compare_exchange_* accept v == nullptr arguments? Yes
2173(i) Open 27 [algorithms] The meaning of operator + in the description of the algorithms Yes 4
2174(i) C++14 D.27.2 [depr.conversions.string] wstring_convert::converted() should be noexcept Yes
2175(i) C++14 D.27.2 [depr.conversions.string] wstring_convert and wbuffer_convert validity Yes
2176(i) C++14 D.27.2 [depr.conversions.string] Special members for wstring_convert and wbuffer_convert Yes
2177(i) C++14 [container.requirements.general] Requirements on Copy/MoveInsertable Yes
2178(i) Pending NAD Editorial [allocator.requirements] Allocator requirement changes not mentioned Annex C Yes 3
2179(i) Resolved [util.smartptr.enab] enable_shared_from_this and construction from raw pointers Yes 3
2180(i) C++14 [rand.util.seedseq] Exceptions from std::seed_seq operations Yes
2181(i) C++17 [rand.req.seedseq] Exceptions from seed sequence operations Yes 3
2182(i) C++14 [container.requirements.general] Container::[const_]reference types are misleadingly specified Yes 0
2183(i) C++20 32.9.2 [re.results.const] Muddled allocator requirements for match_results constructors Yes 3
2184(i) C++20 32.9.2 [re.results.const] Muddled allocator requirements for match_results assignments Yes 3
2185(i) C++14 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] Missing throws clause for future/shared_future::wait_for/wait_until Yes
2186(i) C++14 33.10.9 [futures.async] Incomplete action on async/launch::deferred Yes
2187(i) C++14 24.3.12 [vector.bool] vector<bool> is missing emplace and emplace_back member functions Yes
2188(i) C++14 [reverse.iter.elem] Reverse iterator does not fully support targets that overload operator& Yes 1
2189(i) Open [unord.req.except] Throwing swap breaks unordered containers' state No 3
2190(i) C++14 33.7 [thread.condition] Condition variable specification Yes
2191(i) WP 32.9.2 [re.results.const] Incorrect specification of match_results(match_results&&) Yes 4
2192(i) C++17 28.7 [c.math] Validity and return type of std::abs(0u) is unclear Yes 2
2193(i) C++14 24 [containers] Default constructors for standard library containers are explicit Yes 1
2194(i) C++14 24.6 [container.adaptors] Impossible container requirements for adaptor types Yes
2195(i) WP 32.9 [re.results] Missing constructors for match_results Yes 3
2196(i) C++14 [meta.unary.prop] Specification of is_*[copy/move]_[constructible/assignable] unclear for non-referencable types Yes
2197(i) C++14 [meta.unary.prop] Specification of is_[un]signed unclear for non-arithmetic types Yes
2198(i) Open 24.2.8 [unord.req] max_load_factor(z) makes no strong guarantees, but bans useful behavior Yes 3
2199(i) NAD 24.2.8 [unord.req] unordered containers are required to have an initial max load factor of 1.0 Yes 3
2200(i) C++14 24.2.3 [container.requirements.dataraces] Data race avoidance for all containers, not only for sequences Yes
2201(i) NAD Editorial C.7 [diff.library] Missing macro entries from C standard library Yes 2
2202(i) Deferred 33.10.9 [futures.async] Missing allocator support by async No 4
2203(i) C++14 20.5.4 [allocator.adaptor.members] scoped_allocator_adaptor uses wrong argument types for piecewise construction Yes
2204(i) NAD [reverse.iter.elem] reverse_iterator should not require a second copy of the base iterator Yes
2205(i) C++14 32.10.2 [re.alg.match] Problematic postconditions of regex_match and regex_search Yes 0
2206(i) Open 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Inaccuracy in initializer_list constructor requirements Yes 3
2207(i) C++14 [string.access] basic_string::at should not have a Requires clause Yes
2208(i) Resolved 25.5.1 [reverse.iterators] std::reverse_iterator should be a literal type Yes 3
2209(i) C++14 24.3 [sequences] assign() overspecified for sequence containers Yes
2210(i) C++14 24.3 [sequences] Missing allocator-extended constructor for allocator-aware containers Yes
2211(i) C++14 [container.requirements.general] Replace ambiguous use of "Allocator" in container requirements Yes
2212(i) C++17 22.2 [utility] tuple_size for const pair request <tuple> header Yes 3
2213(i) C++14 32.10.4 [re.alg.replace] Return value of std::regex_replace Yes 0
2214(i) Open [basic.ios.cons] Clarify basic_ios::init call restrictions Yes 4
2215(i) Open 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] (unordered) associative container functors should be CopyConstructible Yes 3
2216(i) New 32.10.4 [re.alg.replace] regex_replace(basic_string) allocator handling No 3
2217(i) C++17 32.8.3 [re.submatch.op] operator==(sub_match, string) slices on embedded '\0's Yes 2
2218(i) C++17 [container.requirements.general] Unclear how containers use allocator_traits::construct() Yes 3
2219(i) C++17 22.10.4 [func.require] INVOKE-ing a pointer to member with a reference_wrapper as the object expression Yes 2
2220(i) Open [re.tokiter.comp] Under-specification of operator== for regex_token_iterator Yes 3
2221(i) C++17 31.7.6 [output.streams] No formatted output operator for nullptr Yes 3
2222(i) C++14 [forward.list.ops] Inconsistency in description of forward_list::splice_after single-element overload Yes
2223(i) C++17 [vector.capacity] shrink_to_fit effect on iterator validity Yes 2
2224(i) C++17 [res.on.objects] Ambiguous status of access to non-live objects Yes 2
2225(i) C++14 [using.headers] Unrealistic header inclusion checks required Yes
2226(i) NAD D.27.2 [depr.conversions.string] wstring_convert methods do not take allocator instance Yes
2227(i) Open 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Stateful comparison objects in associative containers No 3
2228(i) Resolved [unique.ptr.single.asgn] Missing SFINAE rule in unique_ptr templated assignment Yes 3
2229(i) C++14 D.26 [depr.locale.stdcvt] Standard code conversion facets underspecified Yes
2230(i) C++17 24.5 [unord] "see below" for initializer-list constructors of unordered containers Yes 4
2231(i) C++14 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] DR 704 removes complexity guarantee for clear() Yes
2232(i) Resolved 23.2.4 [char.traits.specializations] [CD] The char_traits specializations should declare their length(), compare(), and find() members constexpr Yes
2233(i) C++17 [func.wrap.badcall] bad_function_call::what() unhelpful Yes 3
2234(i) C++17 19.3 [assertions] assert() should allow usage in constant expressions Yes 2
2235(i) C++14 [string.cons] Undefined behavior without proper requirements on basic_string constructors Yes
2236(i) SG1 33.5.2 [atomics.syn] kill_dependency unconditionally noexcept No
2237(i) New 23.5 [c.strings] <cuchar> macros No 4
2238(i) Open 23.5 [c.strings] Problematic iterator-pair constructor of containers No 3
2239(i) C++17 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] min/max/minmax requirements Yes 3
2240(i) Resolved 33.7.4 [thread.condition.condvar] Probable misuse of term "function scope" in [thread.condition] Yes
2241(i) Resolved 17.13 [support.runtime] <cstdalign> and #define of alignof Yes 2
2242(i) NAD 27.7.1 [alg.copy] [uninitialized_]copy_n() defect Yes 2
2243(i) C++20 [istream.unformatted] istream::putback problem Yes 3
2244(i) C++17 [istream.unformatted] Issue on basic_istream::seekg Yes 3
2245(i) Resolved [futures.task.members] packaged_task::reset() memory allocation Yes 3
2246(i) C++14 [unique.ptr.single.asgn] unique_ptr assignment effects w.r.t. deleter Yes
2247(i) C++14 [meta.unary.cat] Type traits and std::nullptr_t Yes
2248(i) New 17.3.5 [numeric.limits] numeric_limits::is_iec559 misnamed No 4
2249(i) Resolved 31.13 [c.files] [CD] Remove gets from <cstdio> Yes
2250(i) C++17 [bitset.cons] Follow-up On Library Issue 2207 Yes 3
2251(i) NAD 17.2 [support.types] C++ library should define ssize_t Yes 3
2252(i) C++14 [vector.modifiers] Strong guarantee on vector::push_back() still broken with C++11? Yes
2253(i) NAD Arrays 99 [arrays.ts::dynarray.overview] [arrays.ts] dynarray should state which container requirements aren't met Yes 0
2254(i) NAD Arrays 99 [arrays.ts::container.requirements.general] [arrays.ts] Is dynarray an allocator-aware container? Yes 3
2255(i) NAD Arrays 99 [arrays.ts::dynarray.cons] [arrays.ts] dynarray constructor ambiguity Yes 0
2256(i) NAD [vector.modifiers] On vector iterator invalidation Yes 3
2257(i) C++14 [container.requirements.general] Simplify container requirements with the new algorithms Yes
2258(i) C++14 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] a.erase(q1, q2) unable to directly return q2 Yes 0
2259(i) C++17 [member.functions] Issues in rules for member functions Yes 3
2260(i) C++17 [allocator.requirements] Missing requirement for Allocator::pointer Yes 3
2261(i) C++17 24.2 [container.requirements] Are containers required to use their 'pointer' type internally? Yes 2
2262(i) Open [unique.ptr.single] Requirement for unique_ptr<T>::get_deleter()(p) to be able to destroy the unique_ptr Yes 3
2263(i) C++14 [allocator.requirements] Comparing iterators and allocator pointers with different const-character Yes 1
2264(i) NAD Arrays 99 [arrays.ts::dynarray] [arrays.ts] std::dynarray defines its initializer-list constructor in terms of a non-existent constructor Yes 1
2265(i) Open 33.5.4 [atomics.order] 29.3p9 appears to rule out some acceptable executions No 4
2266(i) C++17 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] vector and deque have incorrect insert requirements Yes 2
2267(i) New [partial.sort.copy] partial_sort_copy underspecified for ranges of two different types No 3
2268(i) C++14 23.4.3 [basic.string] Setting a default argument in the declaration of a member function assign of std::basic_string Yes
2269(i) New [container.requirements.general] Container iterators and argument-dependent lookup No 4
2270(i) NAD 23.4.5 [string.conversions] Inconsistent to_string overloads Yes
2271(i) C++14 32.6 [re.traits] regex_traits::lookup_classname specification unclear Yes
2272(i) C++14 31.7.9 [quoted.manip] quoted should use char_traits::eq for character comparison Yes
2273(i) C++17 32.10.2 [re.alg.match] regex_match ambiguity Yes 2
2274(i) Resolved [map.access] Does map::operator[] value-initialize or default-insert a missing element? Yes 3
2275(i) C++14 22.4.5 [tuple.creation] [CD] Why is forward_as_tuple not constexpr? Yes
2276(i) C++17 33.10 [futures] Missing requirement on std::promise::set_exception Yes
2277(i) NAD Arrays 99 [arrays.ts::iterator.range] [arrays.ts] <dynarray> is missing in 24.7/1 Yes 3
2278(i) C++14 29.2 [time.syn] User-defined literals for Standard Library types Yes
2279(i) NAD [list.ops] Carefully state effects of list::splice function Yes
2280(i) C++14 25.7 [iterator.range] begin/end for arrays should be constexpr and noexcept Yes
2281(i) NAD Editorial [using.linkage] C99 cross-reference typo in [using.linkage] Yes
2282(i) Resolved 5.3.3 [fund.ts::optional.object.assign] [fund.ts] Incorrect is_assignable constraint in optional::op=(U&&) Yes
2283(i) Resolved 5.9 [fund.ts::optional.comp_with_t] [fund.ts] optional declares and then does not define an operator<() Yes
2284(i) C++14 20.2.9 [allocator.traits] Inconsistency in allocator_traits::max_size Yes
2285(i) C++14 25.5.1 [reverse.iterators] make_reverse_iterator Yes
2286(i) Open [stringbuf.virtuals] stringbuf::underflow() underspecified Yes 4
2287(i) Resolved 5.3.3 [fund.ts::optional.object.assign] [fund.ts] Incorrect exception safety for optional copy assignment operator Yes
2288(i) C++14 [thread.sharedmutex.requirements] Inconsistent requirements for shared mutexes Yes
2289(i) Open 22.3.2 [pairs.pair] constexpr guarantees of defaulted functions still insufficient No 3
2290(i) Open 21 [meta] Top-level "SFINAE"-based constraints should get a separate definition in Clause 17 Yes 3
2291(i) C++14 [hash.requirements] std::hash is vulnerable to collision DoS attack Yes
2292(i) Resolved [structure.specifications] Find a better phrasing for "shall not participate in overload resolution" Yes 3
2293(i) C++14 [facet.num.put.virtuals] Wrong facet used by num_put::do_put Yes 0
2294(i) Resolved 28.7 [c.math] <cstdlib> should declare abs(double) Yes 2
2295(i) WP [locale.cons] Locale name when the provided Facet is a nullptr Yes 3
2296(i) C++17 20.2.11 [specialized.addressof] std::addressof should be constexpr Yes 3
2297(i) NAD 22.2.3 [utility.exchange] [CD] Missing type requirements for std::exchange Yes
2298(i) C++14 [meta.unary.prop] [CD] is_nothrow_constructible is always false because of create<> Yes
2299(i) C++14 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] [CD] Effects of inaccessible key_compare::is_transparent type are not clear Yes 1
2300(i) C++14 24.4.4 [map] [CD] Redundant sections for map and multimap members should be removed Yes
2301(i) C++14 22.4.5 [tuple.creation] Why is std::tie not constexpr? Yes 2
2302(i) Pending NAD [new.delete.placement] Passing null pointer to placement new Yes 2
2303(i) New [new.delete.placement] Explicit instantiation of std::vector<UserType> broken? No 3
2304(i) C++14 24.2.8 [unord.req] Complexity of count in unordered associative containers Yes 0
2305(i) NAD 5.3.1 [fund.ts::optional.object.ctor] [fund.ts] optional forwarding construction/assignment Yes 4
2306(i) C++14 32.9 [re.results] match_results::reference should be value_type&, not const value_type& Yes 4
2307(i) LEWG 24 [containers] Should the Standard Library use explicit only when necessary? No 2
2308(i) C++14 [container.requirements.general] Clarify container destructor requirements w.r.t. std::array Yes 0
2309(i) C++17 [thread.mutex.requirements.mutex] mutex::lock() should not throw device_or_resource_busy Yes 0
2310(i) C++17 [array.overview] Public exposition only member in std::array Yes 4
2311(i) NAD [allocator.requirements] Allocator requirements should be further minimized Yes 2
2312(i) C++17 [tuple.cnstr] tuple's constructor constraints need to be phrased more precisely Yes 2
2313(i) C++14 22.4.7 [tuple.helper] tuple_size should always derive from integral_constant<size_t, N> Yes 2
2314(i) C++14 21.2.1 [intseq.general] apply() should return decltype(auto) and use decay_t before tuple_size Yes 0
2315(i) C++14 [util.smartptr.weak] weak_ptr should be movable Yes 2
2316(i) C++14 [util.smartptr.weak.obs] weak_ptr::lock() should be atomic Yes 0
2317(i) C++14 21.3.6 [meta.unary.prop.query] The type property queries should be UnaryTypeTraits returning size_t Yes 0
2318(i) Resolved 23.4.3 [basic.string] basic_string's wording has confusing relics from the copy-on-write era Yes 4
2319(i) NAD [string.cons] basic_string's move constructor should not be noexcept Yes 1
2320(i) C++14 [container.requirements.general] select_on_container_copy_construction() takes allocators, not containers Yes 0
2321(i) Open [container.requirements.general] Moving containers should (usually) be required to preserve iterators Yes 3
2322(i) C++14 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Associative(initializer_list, stuff) constructors are underspecified Yes 0
2323(i) C++14 [vector.capacity] vector::resize(n, t)'s specification should be simplified Yes 0
2324(i) C++14 [back.insert.iter.ops] Insert iterator constructors should use addressof() Yes 0
2325(i) C++17 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] minmax_element()'s behavior differing from max_element()'s should be noted Yes 3
2326(i) NAD [rand.req.genl] uniform_int_distribution<unsigned char> should be permitted Yes 2
2327(i) NAD [rand.req.urng] Non-power-of-two URNGs should be forbidden Yes
2328(i) C++17 [istream.rvalue] Rvalue stream extraction should use perfect forwarding Yes 3
2329(i) C++14 32.3 [re.syn] regex_match()/regex_search() with match_results should forbid temporary strings Yes 2
2330(i) C++14 32.4.2 [re.synopt] regex("meow", regex::icase) is technically forbidden but should be permitted Yes 0
2331(i) Open 32.4.2 [re.synopt] regex_constants::collate's effects are inaccurately summarized Yes 3
2332(i) C++14 32.11 [re.iter] regex_iterator/regex_token_iterator should forbid temporary regexes Yes 2
2333(i) Resolved 5.11 [fund.ts::optional.hash] [fund.ts] Hashing disengaged optional<T> objects Yes
2334(i) Resolved [atomics.types.operations] atomic's default constructor requires "uninitialized" state even for types with non-trivial default-constructor Yes
2335(i) NAD 24.3.7 [array] array<array<int, 3>, 4> should be layout-compatible with int[4][3] Yes 3
2336(i) C++17 [meta.unary.prop] is_trivially_constructible/is_trivially_assignable traits are always false Yes 3
2337(i) NAD [util.smartptr.shared.obs] shared_ptr operator*() should not be noexcept Yes 2
2338(i) Open 32.6 [re.traits] §[re.traits]/7 expects of locale facets something not guaranteed by [locale.facet]/4 Yes 3
2339(i) C++14 27.8.3 [alg.nth.element] Wording issue in nth_element Yes 0
2340(i) C++17 [replacement.functions] Replacement allocation functions declared as inline Yes 2
2341(i) C++14 [ostream.seeks] Inconsistency between basic_ostream::seekp(pos) and basic_ostream::seekp(off, dir) Yes 0
2342(i) New [ostream] User conversion to wchar_t const* or to wchar_t not invoked for operator<< Yes 4
2343(i) Resolved 32.12 [re.grammar] Is the value of the ECMA-262 RegExp object's multiline property really false? Yes 2
2344(i) C++14 31.7.9 [quoted.manip] quoted()'s interaction with padding is unclear Yes 1
2345(i) NAD 21.2.2 [intseq.intseq] integer_sequence should have a self-typedef ::type Yes 2
2346(i) C++14 21.3.4 [meta.help] integral_constant's member functions should be marked noexcept Yes 0
2347(i) NAD [reverse.iter.elem] reverse_iterator::operator[] calls const version of current[] Yes 2
2348(i) Open 22.9.2 [template.bitset] charT('1') is not the wide equivalent of '1' Yes 3
2349(i) Resolved [istream.formatted.reqmts] Clarify input/output function rethrow behavior Yes 3
2350(i) C++14 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] min, max, and minmax should be constexpr Yes 1
2351(i) NAD 28.5.4 [rand.eng] Does .seed() completely reset state of engine? Yes 2
2352(i) NAD [rand.util.seedseq] Is a default-constructed std::seed_seq intended to produce a predictable .generate()? Yes 2
2353(i) C++17 25.4.3 [iterator.operations] std::next is over-constrained Yes 4
2354(i) C++17 [map.overview] Unnecessary copying when inserting into maps with braced-init syntax Yes 2
2355(i) NAD 23.4.7 [basic.string.literals] "s" UDL suffix should be reserved for a compile-time string library type Yes 1
2356(i) C++14 24.2.8 [unord.req] Stability of erasure in unordered associative containers Yes 2
2357(i) C++14 27.8.5 [alg.partitions] Remaining "Assignable" requirement Yes 0
2358(i) Open [meta.unary.prop] Apparently-bogus definition of is_empty type trait Yes 3
2359(i) C++14 32.4.2 [re.synopt] How does regex_constants::nosubs affect basic_regex::mark_count()? Yes 0
2360(i) C++14 [reverse.iterator] reverse_iterator::operator*() is unimplementable Yes 1
2361(i) C++17 [unique.ptr.single] Apply 2299 resolution throughout library Yes
2362(i) New 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] unique, associative emplace() should not move/copy the mapped_type constructor arguments when no insertion happens No 3
2363(i) Resolved [thread.sharedtimedmutex.class] Defect in [thread.sharedtimedmutex.class] Yes 2
2364(i) C++17 [deque.modifiers] deque and vector pop_back don't specify iterator invalidation requirements Yes 0
2365(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared] Missing noexcept in shared_ptr::shared_ptr(nullptr_t) Yes
2366(i) New 25.6.4 [istreambuf.iterator] istreambuf_iterator end-of-stream equality Yes 3
2367(i) C++17 [meta.unary.prop] pair and tuple are not correctly implemented for is_constructible with no args Yes 3
2368(i) Resolved 17.6.3 [new.delete] Replacing global operator new Yes 2
2369(i) C++17 27.8.9 [alg.min.max] constexpr max(initializer_list) vs max_element Yes 3
2370(i) Resolved [func.wrap.func] Operations involving type-erased allocators should not be noexcept in std::function Yes 3
2371(i) TS 3.3.1 [fund.ts::meta.type.synop] [fund.ts] No template aliases defined for new type traits Yes 0
2372(i) NAD 23.4.3 [basic.string] Assignment from int to std::string Yes 4
2373(i) NAD 16.4.6 [conforming] Make new entities and names in namespace std conforming extensions Yes 3
2374(i) TS 5.3.5 [fund.ts::optional.object.observe] [fund.ts] Remarks for optional::to_value are too restrictive Yes 0
2375(i) Resolved 25.3.1 [iterator.requirements.general] Is [iterator.requirements.general]/9 too broadly applied? Yes 3
2376(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.weak.bad] bad_weak_ptr::what() overspecified Yes
2377(i) C++17 20.2.5 [ptr.align] std::align requirements overly strict Yes 0
2378(i) C++17 [bad.alloc] Behaviour of standard exception types Yes 0
2379(i) NAD 33.2.3 [thread.req.native] Obtaining native handle of the current thread Yes
2380(i) C++17 [headers] May <cstdlib> provide long ::abs(long) and long long ::abs(long long)? Yes 2
2381(i) WP [facet.num.get.virtuals] Inconsistency in parsing floating point numbers Yes 2
2382(i) Pending NAD [reentrancy] Unclear order of container update versus object destruction on removing an object Yes 2
2383(i) Open 29.5.9 [time.duration.literals] Overflow cannot be ill-formed for chrono::duration integer literals No 3
2384(i) C++17 [allocator.requirements] Allocator's deallocate function needs better specification Yes 3
2385(i) C++17 [func.wrap.func] function::assign allocator argument doesn't make sense Yes 2
2386(i) NAD [func.wrap.func.con] function::operator= handles allocators incorrectly Yes 1
2387(i) C++17 22.10.4 [func.require] More nested types that must be accessible and unambiguous Yes
2388(i) NAD 22.2.3 [utility.exchange] Handling self-assignment in the proposed library function std::exchange Yes 2
2389(i) TS 4.2.1 [fund.ts::func.wrap.func.con] [fund.ts] function::operator= is over-specified and handles allocators incorrectly Yes 2
2390(i) TS 3.3.2 [fund.ts::meta.trans.other] [fund.ts] Invocation types and rvalues Yes
2391(i) Resolved 23.4.3 [basic.string] basic_string is missing non-const data() Yes 3
2392(i) New 3.36 [defns.ntcts] "character type" is used but not defined No 3
2393(i) C++17 [func.wrap.func] std::function's Callable definition is broken Yes 2
2394(i) C++17 [locale.members] locale::name specification unclear — what is implementation-defined? Yes 3
2395(i) TS 4.2 [fund.ts::func.wrap.func] [fund.ts] Preconditions: is defined nowhere Yes 2
2396(i) C++17 [meta.trans.other] underlying_type doesn't say what to do for an incomplete enumeration type Yes 0
2397(i) Resolved [meta.trans.other] map<K, V>::emplace and explicit V constructors Yes 1
2398(i) Open 17.7.3 [type.info] type_info's destructor shouldn't be required to be virtual Yes 3
2399(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared.const] shared_ptr's constructor from unique_ptr should be constrained Yes 0
2400(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.getdeleter] shared_ptr's get_deleter() should use addressof() Yes 0
2401(i) C++17 [func.wrap.func] std::function needs more noexcept Yes 0
2402(i) NAD [string.cons] basic_string(const basic_string& str, size_type pos, size_type n = npos) shouldn't use Allocator() Yes 3
2403(i) C++17 23.4.5 [string.conversions] stof() should call strtof() and wcstof() Yes 2
2404(i) C++17 27.6.12 [mismatch] mismatch()'s complexity needs to be updated Yes 0
2405(i) NAD 27.7.11 [alg.rotate] rotate()'s return value is incorrect when middle == first Yes
2406(i) C++17 [rand.dist.bern.negbin] negative_binomial_distribution should reject p == 1 Yes 3
2407(i) C++17 [futures.task.members] packaged_task(allocator_arg_t, const Allocator&, F&&) should neither be constrained nor explicit Yes
2408(i) C++17 [meta.trans.other] SFINAE-friendly common_type/iterator_traits is missing in C++14 Yes
2409(i) TS 3.3.2 [fund.ts::meta.trans.other] [fund.ts] SFINAE-friendly common_type/iterator_traits should be removed from the fundamental-ts Yes
2410(i) TS [fund.ts::memory.smartptr.shared.const] [fund.ts] shared_ptr<array>'s constructor from unique_ptr should be constrained Yes 0
2411(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared] shared_ptr is only contextually convertible to bool Yes 0
2412(i) C++20 33.10.6 [futures.promise] promise::set_value() and promise::get_future() should not race Yes 3
2413(i) New 19.3 [assertions] assert macro is overconstrained No 4
2414(i) Open [reentrancy] Member function reentrancy should be implementation-defined Yes 3
2415(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared.const] Inconsistency between unique_ptr and shared_ptr Yes 2
2416(i) Resolved 6.3 [fund.ts::any.class] [fund.ts] std::experimental::any allocator support is unimplementable Yes
2417(i) NAD 5.7 [fund.ts.v2::optional.relops] [fund.ts.v2] std::experimental::optional::operator< and LessThanComparable requirement Yes
2418(i) TS 3.2.2 [fund.ts::tuple.apply] [fund.ts] apply does not work with member pointers Yes 0
2419(i) Resolved [tuple.cnstr] Clang's libc++ extension to std::tuple Yes
2420(i) C++17 [func.wrap.func] function<void(ArgTypes...)> does not discard the return value of the target object Yes 1
2421(i) New 20.2.5 [ptr.align] Non-specification of handling zero size in std::align [ptr.align] No 3
2422(i) C++17 [numeric.limits.members] std::numeric_limits<T>::is_modulo description: "most machines" errata Yes 2
2423(i) New 28.6.5 [template.slice.array] Missing specification slice_array, gslice_array, mask_array, indirect_array copy constructor Yes 4
2424(i) Resolved 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] 29.5 should state that atomic types are not trivially copyable Yes 2
2425(i) C++17 17.6.3 [new.delete] operator delete(void*, size_t) doesn't invalidate pointers sufficiently Yes 0
2426(i) C++17 [atomics.types.operations] Issue about compare_exchange Yes 1
2427(i) C++17 24.3.1 [sequences.general] Container adaptors as sequence containers, redux Yes 0
2428(i) C++17 [using.headers] "External declaration" used without being defined Yes 0
2429(i) NAD 31.8.4 [ostringstream] std::basic_ostringstream is missing an allocator-extended constructor Yes
2430(i) NAD 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Heterogeneous container lookup should be enabled using meta-function instead of nested type Yes
2431(i) New 32.2 [re.req] Missing regular expression traits requirements No 3
2432(i) NAD 17.10 [support.initlist] initializer_list assignability Yes 2
2433(i) C++17 27.11 [specialized.algorithms] uninitialized_copy()/etc. should tolerate overloaded operator& Yes 0
2434(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared.obs] shared_ptr::use_count() is efficient Yes 0
2435(i) C++17 [refwrap.invoke] reference_wrapper::operator()'s Remark should be deleted Yes 4
2436(i) C++17 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Comparators for associative containers should always be CopyConstructible Yes 2
2437(i) C++17 [iterator.iterators] iterator_traits<OutIt>::reference can and can't be void Yes 3
2438(i) C++17 D.22 [depr.iterator] std::iterator inheritance shouldn't be mandated Yes 3
2439(i) C++17 27.7.9 [alg.unique] unique_copy() sometimes can't fall back to reading its output Yes 3
2440(i) C++17 [rand.util.seedseq] seed_seq::size() should be noexcept Yes 0
2441(i) C++17 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] Exact-width atomic typedefs should be provided Yes 0
2442(i) C++17 [thread.once.callonce] call_once() shouldn't DECAY_COPY() Yes
2443(i) Resolved 24.3.7 [array] std::array member functions should be constexpr Yes
2444(i) C++20 [sort.heap] Inconsistent complexity for std::sort_heap Yes 3
2445(i) Resolved D.24 [depr.util.smartptr.shared.atomic] "Stronger" memory ordering Yes
2446(i) NAD 22.4.1 [tuple.general] Unspecialized std::tuple_size should be defined Yes
2447(i) C++17 [allocator.requirements] Allocators and volatile-qualified value types Yes 4
2448(i) C++17 [container.requirements.general] Non-normative Container destructor specification Yes 0
2449(i) NAD [vector.modifiers] vector::insert invalidates end()? Yes 3
2450(i) C++17 22.10.8 [comparisons] (greater|less|greater_equal|less_equal)<void> do not yield a total order for pointers Yes 2
2451(i) TS 5.3 [fund.ts.v2::optional.object] [fund.ts.v2] optional<T> should 'forward' T's implicit conversions Yes
2452(i) Core 21 [meta] is_constructible, etc. and default arguments No 3
2453(i) New 17.10 [support.initlist] §[iterator.range] and now [iterator.container] aren't available via <initializer_list> No 3
2454(i) C++17 99 [depr.storage.iterator] Add raw_storage_iterator::base() member Yes 0
2455(i) C++17 [allocator.requirements] Allocator default construction should be allowed to throw Yes
2456(i) Resolved 22.2 [utility] Incorrect exception specifications for 'swap' throughout library Yes 1
2457(i) Tentatively NAD 25.7 [iterator.range] std::begin() and std::end() do not support multi-dimensional arrays correctly No 3
2458(i) C++17 17.6 [support.dynamic] N3778 and new library deallocation signatures Yes 2
2459(i) C++17 28.4.7 [complex.value.ops] std::polar should require a non-negative rho Yes 0
2460(i) C++17 [meta.trans.other] LWG issue 2408 and value categories Yes 2
2461(i) New [allocator.requirements] Interaction between allocators and container exception safety guarantees No 3
2462(i) C++17 31.5.2 [ios.base] std::ios_base::failure is overspecified Yes 3
2463(i) TS 10.3 [fund.ts::alg.random.sample] [fund.ts] Incorrect complexity for sample() algorithm Yes 0
2464(i) C++17 [map.modifiers] try_emplace and insert_or_assign misspecified Yes 2
2465(i) Resolved [meta.trans.other] SFINAE-friendly common_type is nearly impossible to specialize correctly and regresses key functionality Yes 2
2466(i) C++17 [allocator.requirements] allocator_traits::max_size() default behavior is incorrect Yes 3
2467(i) C++17 [allocator.requirements] is_always_equal has slightly inconsistent default Yes 0
2468(i) C++17 [res.on.arguments] Self-move-assignment of library types Yes 2
2469(i) C++17 [map.access] Wrong specification of Requires clause of operator[] for map and unordered_map Yes 3
2470(i) C++17 [allocator.requirements] Allocator's destroy function should be allowed to fail to instantiate Yes
2471(i) Open 27.7.1 [alg.copy] copy_n's number of InputIterator increments unspecified No 3
2472(i) New 22.4.9 [tuple.rel] Heterogeneous comparisons in the standard library can result in ambiguities No 3
2473(i) C++17 [filebuf.virtuals] basic_filebuf's relation to C FILE semantics Yes 2
2474(i) NAD 28.7 [c.math] <cmath> functions unfriendly to integral_constant arguments Yes 4
2475(i) C++17 [string.access] Allow overwriting of std::basic_string terminator with charT() to allow cleaner interoperation with legacy APIs Yes 3
2476(i) C++17 20.5.1 [allocator.adaptor.syn] scoped_allocator_adaptor is not assignable Yes 0
2477(i) C++17 [deque.modifiers] Inconsistency of wordings in std::vector::erase() and std::deque::erase() Yes 0
2478(i) New D.27.2 [depr.conversions.string] Unclear how wstring_convert uses cvtstate No 4
2479(i) New D.27.3 [depr.conversions.buffer] Unclear how wbuffer_convert uses cvtstate No 4
2480(i) New D.27.3 [depr.conversions.buffer] Error handling of wbuffer_convert unclear No 4
2481(i) New D.27.2 [depr.conversions.string] wstring_convert should be more precise regarding "byte-error string" etc. No 4
2482(i) C++17 23.5 [c.strings] §[c.strings] Table 73 mentions nonexistent functions Yes
2483(i) C++17 17.9.8 [except.nested] throw_with_nested() should use is_final Yes 2
2484(i) C++17 17.9.8 [except.nested] rethrow_if_nested() is doubly unimplementable Yes 2
2485(i) C++17 22.4.8 [tuple.elem] get() should be overloaded for const tuple&& Yes 1
2486(i) C++17 22.10.4 [func.require] mem_fn() should be required to use perfect forwarding Yes 0
2487(i) C++17 [func.bind.bind] bind() should be const-overloaded, not cv-overloaded Yes 2
2488(i) C++17 [func.bind.place] Placeholders should be allowed and encouraged to be constexpr Yes 2
2489(i) C++17 22.10.16 [func.memfn] mem_fn() should be noexcept Yes 0
2490(i) New 32 [re] <regex> needs lots of noexcept No 3
2491(i) New 22.10.8 [comparisons] std::less<T*> in constant expression Yes 3
2492(i) C++17 27.8 [alg.sorting] Clarify requirements for comp Yes 0
2493(i) New 17.10 [support.initlist] initializer_list supports incomplete classes No 4
2494(i) TS 10.2 [fund.ts.v2::iterator.ostream.joiner] [fund.ts.v2] ostream_joiner needs noexcept Yes 0
2495(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared.const] There is no such thing as an Exception Safety element Yes 0
2496(i) New [meta.unary.prop] Certain hard-to-avoid errors not in the immediate context are not allowed to be triggered by the evaluation of type traits No 3
2497(i) New [ostream.sentry] Use of uncaught_exception() Yes 3
2498(i) Resolved [istream.rvalue] operator>>(basic_istream&&, T&&) returns basic_istream&, but should probably return basic_istream&& Yes 3
2499(i) Resolved [istream.extractors] operator>>(basic_istream&, CharT*) makes it hard to avoid buffer overflows Yes 2
2500(i) TS [fund.ts.v2::memory.smartptr.shared.obs] [fund.ts.v2] fundts.memory.smartptr.shared.obs/6 should apply to cv-unqualified void Yes 0
2501(i) Resolved [func.wrap.func] std::function requires POCMA/POCCA Yes 3
2502(i) Resolved [func.wrap.func] std::function does not use allocator::construct Yes 3
2503(i) C++17 32.4.2 [re.synopt] multiline option should be added to syntax_option_type Yes 2
2504(i) New 31.6.3 [streambuf] basic_streambuf is not an abstract class No 3
2505(i) Resolved 99 [auto.ptr.conv] auto_ptr_ref creation requirements underspecified Yes 4
2506(i) SG1 6.9.2 [intro.multithread] Underspecification of atomics No 3
2507(i) New D.26 [depr.locale.stdcvt] codecvt_mode should be a bitmask type No 3
2508(i) New [new.delete.dataraces] §[new.delete.dataraces] wording needs to be updated No 3
2509(i) TS 6.4 [fund.ts.v2::any.nonmembers] [fund.ts.v2] any_cast doesn't work with rvalue reference targets and cannot move with a value target Yes 2
2510(i) C++17 17.6 [support.dynamic] Tag types should not be DefaultConstructible Yes 2
2511(i) Resolved 20.5.4 [allocator.adaptor.members] scoped_allocator_adaptor piecewise construction does not require CopyConstructible Yes 3
2512(i) Open [locale.time.get.virtuals] Y2K bites; what is an "unambiguous year identifier"? No 4
2513(i) New 23.1 [strings.general] Missing requirements for basic_string::value_type No 4
2514(i) C++17 21.3.2 [meta.rqmts] Type traits must not be final Yes 3
2515(i) TS 8.12.6 [fund.ts.v2::memory.observer.ptr.special] [fund.ts.v2] Certain comparison operators of observer_ptr do not match synopsis Yes 0
2516(i) TS 8.12.1 [fund.ts.v2::memory.observer.ptr.overview] [fund.ts.v2] Public "exposition only" members in observer_ptr Yes 2
2517(i) TS 3.7.5 [fund.ts.v2::propagate_const.assignment] [fund.ts.v2] Two propagate_const assignment operators have incorrect return type Yes 0
2518(i) TS 3.7.10 [fund.ts.v2::propagate_const.algorithms] [fund.ts.v2] Non-member swap for propagate_const should call member swap Yes 3
2519(i) C++17 [random.access.iterators] Iterator operator-= has gratuitous undefined behaviour Yes 2
2520(i) C++17 [unique.ptr.runtime.ctor] N4089 broke initializing unique_ptr<T[]> from a nullptr Yes 2
2521(i) TS [fund.ts.v2::memory.smartptr.weak.const] [fund.ts.v2] weak_ptr's converting move constructor should be modified as well for array support Yes 2
2522(i) TS 8.8 [fund.ts.v2::memory.resource.global] [fund.ts.v2] Contradiction in set_default_resource specification Yes 2
2523(i) C++17 33.10.6 [futures.promise] std::promise synopsis shows two set_value_at_thread_exit()'s for no apparent reason Yes 0
2524(i) Open [rand.dist.pois.exp] generate_canonical can occasionally return 1.0 No 2
2525(i) TS 4.2 [fund.ts.v2::func.wrap.func] [fund.ts.v2] get_memory_resource should be const and noexcept Yes 3
2526(i) TS 4.2.2 [fund.ts.v2::func.wrap.func.mod] [fund.ts.v2] Incorrect precondition for experimental::function::swap Yes 0
2527(i) TS 4.2.1 [fund.ts.v2::func.wrap.func.con] [fund.ts.v2] ALLOCATOR_OF for function::operator= has incorrect default Yes 3
2528(i) New [tuple.cnstr] Order of std::tuple construction unspecified No 3
2529(i) Resolved [util.smartptr.enab] Assigning to enable_shared_from_this::__weak_this twice Yes 3
2530(i) Open 33.10.5 [futures.state] Clarify observable side effects of releasing a shared state No 3
2531(i) C++17 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] future::get should explicitly state that the shared state is released Yes 3
2532(i) Open 33.10.6 [futures.promise] Satisfying a promise at thread exit Yes 3
2533(i) SG1 99 [concurr.ts::futures.unique.future] [concurr.ts] Constrain threads where future::then can run a continuation No
2534(i) C++17 [ostream.rvalue] Constrain rvalue stream operators Yes 3
2535(i) NAD [string.io] Inconsistency between ostream::write and ostream::operator<< Yes 2
2536(i) C++17 17.14 [support.c.headers] What should <complex.h> do? Yes 2
2537(i) C++17 [priqueue.cons.alloc] Constructors for priority_queue taking allocators should call make_heap Yes 0
2538(i) NAD 99 [parallel.ts::parallel.alg.general.exec] [parallel.ts] Requirements on data race behavior of iterators and swap should be clarified Yes
2539(i) TS 3.3.2 [fund.ts.v2::meta.trans.other] [fund.ts.v2] invocation_trait definition definition doesn't work for surrogate call functions Yes
2540(i) C++17 24.2.8 [unord.req] unordered_multimap::insert hint iterator Yes 3
2541(i) Resolved 99 [parallel.ts::parallel.alg.overloads] [parallel.ts] Headers for ExecutionPolicy algorithm overloads Yes 1
2542(i) C++17 24.2.7 [associative.reqmts] Missing const requirements for associative containers Yes 1
2543(i) Resolved 22.10.19 [unord.hash] LWG 2148 (hash support for enum types) seems under-specified Yes 2
2544(i) C++17 [istreambuf.iterator.cons] istreambuf_iterator(basic_streambuf<charT, traits>* s) effects unclear when s is 0 Yes 3
2545(i) C++17 [func.bind.bind] Simplify wording for bind without explicitly specified return type Yes 3
2546(i) New 32.12 [re.grammar] Implementability of locale-sensitive UnicodeEscapeSequence matching No 4
2547(i) New 22.10.8 [comparisons] Container requirements (and other library text) should say "strict total order", not just "total order" No 3
2548(i) Resolved 31.13 [c.files] Missing vfscanf from <cstdio> Yes 3
2549(i) C++17 [tuple.cnstr] Tuple EXPLICIT constructor templates that take tuple parameters end up taking references to temporaries and will create dangling references Yes 2
2550(i) C++17 24.2.8 [unord.req] Wording of unordered container's clear() method complexity Yes 2
2551(i) TS [fund.ts.v2::memory.smartptr.shared.const] [fund.ts.v2] "Exception safety" cleanup in library fundamentals required Yes 0
2552(i) NAD 24.6.7 [priority.queue] priority_queue doesn't work with move-only types Yes 3
2553(i) NAD 7.3 [fund.ts.v2::string.view.cons] [fund.ts.v2] basic_string_view substring constructor Yes
2554(i) Resolved 22.2.2 [utility.swap] Swapping multidimensional arrays is never noexcept Yes 2
2555(i) TS 5.3 [fund.ts.v2::optional.object] [fund.ts.v2] No handling for over-aligned types in optional Yes 0
2556(i) C++17 33.10.7 [futures.unique.future] Wide contract for future::share() Yes 3
2557(i) C++17 21.3.9 [meta.logical] Logical operator traits are broken in the zero-argument case Yes 0
2558(i) TS 3.3.3 [fund.ts.v2::meta.logical] [fund.ts.v2] Logical operator traits are broken in the zero-argument case Yes 0
2559(i) C++17 19.3 [assertions] Error in LWG 2234's resolution Yes 0
2560(i) C++17 [meta.unary.prop] is_constructible underspecified when applied to a function type Yes 0
2561(i) Resolved 5.3.4 [fund.ts.v2::optional.object.swap] [fund.ts.v2] Incorrect exception specifications for 'swap' in C++ Extensions for Library Fundamentals Yes 3
2562(i) C++17 22.10.8 [comparisons] Consistent total ordering of pointers by comparison functors Yes 3
2563(i) NAD [member.functions] LWG 2259 relaxes requirements, perhaps unintentionally Yes 2
2564(i) Resolved 4.2 [fund.ts.v2::func.wrap.func] [fund.ts.v2] std::experimental::function constructors taking allocator arguments may throw exceptions Yes 3
2565(i) C++17 [func.wrap.func.con] std::function's move constructor should guarantee nothrow for reference_wrappers and function pointers Yes 0
2566(i) C++17 24.6 [container.adaptors] Requirements on the first template parameter of container adaptors Yes 0
2567(i) C++17 21.3.9 [meta.logical] Specification of logical operator traits uses BaseCharacteristic, which is defined only for UnaryTypeTraits and BinaryTypeTraits Yes 2
2568(i) TS 3.3.3 [fund.ts.v2::meta.logical] [fund.ts.v2] Specification of logical operator traits uses BaseCharacteristic, which is defined only for UnaryTypeTraits and BinaryTypeTraits Yes 2
2569(i) C++17 21.3.9 [meta.logical] conjunction and disjunction requirements are too strict Yes 2
2570(i) TS 3.3.3 [fund.ts.v2::meta.logical] [fund.ts.v2] conjunction and disjunction requirements are too strict Yes 2
2571(i) C++17 [map.modifiers] §[map.modifiers]/2 imposes nonsensical requirement on insert(InputIterator, InputIterator) Yes 0
2572(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared.obs] The remarks for shared_ptr::operator* should apply to cv-qualified void as well Yes 0
2573(i) TS 8.2.1 [fund.ts.v2::memory.smartptr.shared] [fund.ts.v2] std::hash<std::experimental::shared_ptr<T>> does not work for arrays Yes 0
2574(i) TS 4.2.1 [fund.ts.v2::func.wrap.func.con] [fund.ts.v2] std::experimental::function::operator=(F&&) should be constrained Yes 0
2575(i) TS 4.2 [fund.ts.v2::func.wrap.func] [fund.ts.v2] experimental::function::assign should be removed Yes 0
2576(i) C++17 25.6 [stream.iterators] istream_iterator and ostream_iterator should use std::addressof Yes 0
2577(i) C++17 [thread.lock.unique.cons] {shared,unique}_lock should use std::addressof Yes 0
2578(i) C++17 25.3 [iterator.requirements] Iterator requirements should reference iterator traits Yes 3
2579(i) C++17 [string.assign] Inconsistency wrt Allocators in basic_string assignment vs. basic_string::assign Yes 0
2580(i) NAD [string.cons] Who is definitive: operator= or assign? Yes 4
2581(i) C++17 21.3.3 [meta.type.synop] Specialization of <type_traits> variable templates should be prohibited Yes 0
2582(i) C++17 21 [meta] §[res.on.functions]/2's prohibition against incomplete types shouldn't apply to type traits Yes 0
2583(i) C++17 [string.cons] There is no way to supply an allocator for basic_string(str, pos) Yes 0
2584(i) C++17 32.12 [re.grammar] <regex> ECMAScript IdentityEscape is ambiguous Yes 2
2585(i) C++17 [forward.list.modifiers] forward_list::resize(size_type, const value_type&) effects incorrect Yes 0
2586(i) C++17 20.5.4 [allocator.adaptor.members] Wrong value category used in scoped_allocator_adaptor::construct() Yes 0
2587(i) C++17 21.3.9 [meta.logical] "Convertible to bool" requirement in conjunction and disjunction Yes 3
2588(i) TS 3.3.3 [fund.ts.v2::meta.logical] [fund.ts.v2] "Convertible to bool" requirement in conjunction and disjunction Yes 3
2589(i) C++17 32.9 [re.results] match_results can't satisfy the requirements of a container Yes 3
2590(i) C++17 [array.overview] Aggregate initialization for std::array Yes 0
2591(i) C++17 [func.wrap.func.targ] std::function's member template target() should not lead to undefined behaviour Yes 3
2592(i) New 29.2 [time.syn] Require that chrono::duration_casts from smaller durations to larger durations do not overflow Yes 4
2593(i) C++20 [allocator.requirements] Moved-from state of Allocators Yes 4
2594(i) New [util.smartptr.shared] Contradicting definition of empty shared_ptr on shared_ptr(nullptr, d) Yes 3
2595(i) New [reverse.iterator] reverse_iterator::operator[]'s return type revisited Yes 3
2596(i) C++17 [vector.data] vector::data() should use addressof Yes 0
2597(i) C++20 28.4.8 [complex.transcendentals] std::log misspecified for complex numbers Yes 3
2598(i) C++17 20.2.11 [specialized.addressof] addressof works on temporaries Yes 3
2599(i) New 22.2.6 [declval] Library incomplete type permission phrase is unclear No 3
2600(i) NAD [ios.base.storage] ios_base must store inaccessible iostate flags Yes
2601(i) TS 1 [filesys.ts::fs.scope] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Make namespaces consistent with Library TS policy Yes
2602(i) TS 2.1 [filesys.ts::fs.conform.9945] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Tighten specification when there is no reasonable behavior Yes
2603(i) TS 4.7 [filesys.ts::fs.def.filename] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Filename length needs bullet item Yes
2604(i) NAD 4.14 [filesys.ts::fs.def.parent] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Need definition of dot and dot-dot Yes
2605(i) TS 8.1 [filesys.ts::path.generic] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Parent of root directory unspecified Yes
2606(i) TS 4.15 [filesys.ts::fs.def.path] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Path depth is underspecified Yes
2607(i) TS 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Unhelpful comment for struct space_info Yes
2608(i) TS 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] file_time_type underspecified Yes
2609(i) TS 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Unclear why range-based-for functions return different types Yes
2610(i) NAD 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Apparently inconsistent return types from several functions Yes
2611(i) NAD Future 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Lack of relative() operation function Yes
2612(i) NAD Future 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] uintmax_t too small for large file sizes Yes
2613(i) NAD 7 [filesys.ts::fs.err.report] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Missing actual error conditions thrown Yes
2614(i) TS 8.4.1 [filesys.ts::path.construct] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Incorrect postconditions for path copy/move constructor Yes
2615(i) TS 8.2.2 [filesys.ts::path.type.cvt] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Missing behavior for characters with no representation Yes
2616(i) TS 8.4.3 [filesys.ts::path.append] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Append behavior underspecified if target is empty Yes
2617(i) NAD 8.4.5 [filesys.ts::path.modifiers] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] path member swap() unnecessary Yes
2618(i) TS 8.4.10 [filesys.ts::path.query] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] is_absolute() return clause confusing Yes
2619(i) TS 8.6.1 [filesys.ts::path.io] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Consider using quoted manipulators Yes
2621(i) TS 12.3 [filesys.ts::directory_entry.obs] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] directory_entry operator== needs clarification Yes
2622(i) TS 13.1 [filesys.ts::directory_iterator.members] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] directory_iterator underspecified Yes
2623(i) NAD 15 [filesys.ts::fs.op.funcs] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Request for create_regular_file() and/or touch() Yes
2624(i) TS 15.3 [filesys.ts::fs.op.copy] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Incorrect effects clause for path copy Yes
2625(i) TS 15.4 [filesys.ts::fs.op.copy_file] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Copying equivalent paths effects not specified Yes
2626(i) NAD 15.13 [filesys.ts::fs.op.equivalent] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Equivalence is a volatile property Yes
2627(i) TS 15.14 [filesys.ts::fs.op.file_size] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Return value of uintmax_t on error? Yes
2628(i) NAD 15.25 [filesys.ts::fs.op.last_write_time] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Possible last_write_time() postcondition? Yes
2629(i) TS 15.27 [filesys.ts::fs.op.read_symlink] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Unclear semantics of read_symlink on error Yes
2630(i) NAD 15.28 [filesys.ts::fs.op.remove] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] remove() must avoid race Yes
2631(i) NAD 15.30 [filesys.ts::fs.op.rename] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] POSIX guarantees atomicity for rename() Yes
2632(i) TS 15.36 [filesys.ts::fs.op.system_complete] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] system_complete() example needs clarification Yes
2633(i) TS 15 [filesys.ts::fs.op.funcs] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] unique_path() is a security vulnerability Yes
2634(i) TS 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] enum class directory_options has no summary Yes
2635(i) TS 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] directory_options::skip_permission_denied is not used Yes
2636(i) TS 10.2 [filesys.ts::enum.copy_options] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] copy_options::copy_symlinks is not used Yes
2637(i) TS 15.2 [filesys.ts::fs.op.canonical] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] All functions with error_code arguments should be noexcept Yes
2638(i) NAD 12.3 [filesys.ts::directory_entry.obs] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Make certain functions noexcept and drop error_code version Yes
2639(i) NAD Editorial 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] permissions() is missing from synopsis Yes
2640(i) TS 12 [filesys.ts::class.directory_entry] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] class directory_entry should retain operator const path&() from V2 Yes
2641(i) TS 13 [filesys.ts::class.directory_iterator] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] directory_iterator, recursive_directory_iterator, move construct/assign should be noexcept Yes
2642(i) NAD 8 [filesys.ts::class.path] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] class path should have defaulted constructors/destructor/assignments. Yes
2643(i) Dup 8 [filesys.ts::class.path] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] path::compare(const string&) should be path::compare(const string_type&) Yes
2644(i) TS 10.2 [filesys.ts::enum.copy_options] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] enum classes copy_options and perms should be bitmask types Yes
2645(i) TS 15.7 [filesys.ts::fs.op.create_directory] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] create_directory should refer to perms::all instead of Posix S_IRWXU|S_IRWXG|S_IRWXO Yes
2646(i) NAD 8.4.7 [filesys.ts::path.generic.obs] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Do we really need generic*? Yes
2647(i) TS 15.25 [filesys.ts::fs.op.last_write_time] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] last_write_time() uses ill-formed cast Yes
2648(i) TS 8.4.6 [filesys.ts::path.native.obs] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] path::template<class charT>string() conversion rules Yes
2649(i) TS 8.4.1 [filesys.ts::path.construct] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] path and directory_entry move ctors should not be noexcept Yes
2650(i) TS 8 [filesys.ts::class.path] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] path::compare(const string& s) wrong argument type Yes
2651(i) Dup 13 [filesys.ts::class.directory_iterator] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] directory_iterator, recursive_directory_iterator, pointer/reference typedefs wrong Yes
2652(i) TS 13 [filesys.ts::class.directory_iterator] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Better to avoid deriving from std::iterator Yes
2653(i) TS 12 [filesys.ts::class.directory_entry] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] directory_entry multithreading concerns Yes
2654(i) NAD Future 1 [filesys.ts::fs.scope] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Concerns with security and testability Yes
2655(i) TS 7 [filesys.ts::fs.err.report] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Clarify Error reporting Yes
2656(i) TS 5 [filesys.ts::fs.req] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Feature test macro for TS version Yes
2657(i) TS 2.1 [filesys.ts::fs.conform.9945] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Inappropriate use of "No diagnostic is required" Yes
2658(i) TS 15.25 [filesys.ts::fs.op.last_write_time] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] POSIX utime() is obsolescent Yes
2659(i) NAD Editorial 10 [filesys.ts::fs.enum] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Invalid expressions for bitmask types Yes
2660(i) TS 15.1 [filesys.ts::fs.op.absolute] [filesys.ts] [PDTS] Incorrect Throws specification for absolute() Yes
2661(i) NAD 6 [filesys.ts::fs.filesystem.synopsis] [filesys.ts] Surprising equivalent() behavior if neither file exists Yes
2662(i) TS 5 [filesys.ts::fs.req] [filesys.ts] Allocator requirements unspecified Yes
2663(i) Resolved [fs.op.file.size] Enable efficient retrieval of file size from directory_entry Yes 2
2664(i) C++17 [fs.path.append] operator/ (and other append) semantics not useful if argument has root Yes 2
2665(i) Resolved [fs.path.modifiers] remove_filename() post condition is incorrect Yes 1
2666(i) NAD Editorial 31.12 [filesystems] Bitmask operations should use bitmask terms Yes 3
2667(i) C++17 [fs.path.decompose] path::root_directory() description is confusing Yes 0
2668(i) NAD 31.12.6 [fs.class.path] path::operator+= is defined, but not operator+ Yes 3
2669(i) C++17 [fs.rec.dir.itr.members] recursive_directory_iterator effects refers to non-existent functions Yes 0
2670(i) C++17 99 [fs.op.system_complete] system_complete refers to undefined variable 'base' Yes 0
2671(i) C++17 [fs.op.copy] Errors in Copy Yes 0
2672(i) C++17 [fs.op.is.empty] Should is_empty use error_code in its specification? Yes 3
2673(i) C++17 [fs.op.status] status() effects cannot be implemented as specified Yes 0
2674(i) C++17 [fs.path.itr] Bidirectional iterator requirement on path::iterator is very expensive Yes 2
2675(i) New [ios.base.callback] register_callback can fail No 3
2676(i) C++17 31.10 [file.streams] Provide filesystem::path overloads for File-based streams Yes 2
2677(i) Resolved [fs.dir.entry.obs] directory_entry::status is not allowed to be cached as a quality-of-implementation issue Yes 2
2678(i) C++17 [fs.enum.file.type] std::filesystem enum classes overspecified Yes 3
2679(i) C++17 [structure.specifications] Inconsistent Use of Effects and Equivalent To Yes 3
2680(i) C++17 31.12 [filesystems] Add "Equivalent to" to filesystem Yes 2
2681(i) C++17 [fs.op.copy] filesystem::copy() cannot copy symlinks Yes 2
2682(i) C++20 [fs.op.copy] filesystem::copy() won't create a symlink to a directory Yes 2
2683(i) C++17 [fs.op.copy] filesystem::copy() says "no effects" Yes 3
2684(i) C++17 24.6.7 [priority.queue] priority_queue lacking comparator typedef Yes 0
2685(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared.const] shared_ptr deleters must not not throw on move construction Yes 0
2686(i) C++17 19.5.2 [system.error.syn] Why is std::hash specialized for error_code, but not error_condition? Yes 3
2687(i) C++17 27.10.8 [exclusive.scan] {inclusive,exclusive}_scan misspecified Yes 1
2688(i) C++17 27.8.10 [alg.clamp] clamp misses preconditions and has extraneous condition on result Yes 0
2689(i) C++17 27.7.1 [alg.copy] Parallel versions of std::copy and std::move shouldn't be in order Yes 0
2690(i) Resolved 22.10.5 [func.invoke] invoke<R> Yes
2691(i) New [locale.moneypunct] money_base::space and do_put: U+0020 versus fill Yes 3
2692(i) NAD [bitmask.types] Overspecification of lvalueness of bitmask elements Yes 3
2693(i) Resolved 28.4 [complex.numbers] constexpr for various std::complex arithmetic and value operators Yes 3
2694(i) C++17 [locale.facet] Application of LWG 436 accidentally deleted definition of "facet" Yes 3
2695(i) New [member.functions] "As if" unclear in [member.functions] No 3
2696(i) C++17 [util.smartptr.shared.create] Interaction between make_shared and enable_shared_from_this is underspecified Yes 2
2697(i) WP 99 [concurr.ts::futures.unique_future] [concurr.ts] Behavior of future/shared_future unwrapping constructor when given an invalid future Yes 2
2698(i) C++17 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Effect of assign() on iterators/pointers/references Yes 0
2699(i) C++17 28.2 [numeric.requirements] Missing restriction in [numeric.requirements] Yes 3
2700(i) NAD 20.4 [mem.res] resource_adaptor went missing Yes 1
2701(i) NAD Editorial [mem.res.private] Unclear requirement in [memory.resource.private] Yes 3
2702(i) New [facet.num.put.virtuals] num_put::do_put(..., bool) performs ill-formed do_put call No 3
2703(i) New [facet.num.put.virtuals] No provision for fill-padding when boolalpha is set No 3
2704(i) C++17 [fs.rec.dir.itr.members] recursive_directory_iterator's members should require '*this is dereferenceable' Yes 1
2705(i) New 24.2.4 [sequence.reqmts] Questionable precondition on Sequence containers a.assign(n, t) Yes 3
2706(i) C++17 31.12.12 [fs.class.rec.dir.itr] Error reporting for recursive_directory_iterator::pop() is under-specified Yes 0
2707(i) C++17 31.12.6 [fs.class.path] path construction and assignment should have "string_type&&" overloads Yes 0
2708(i) Open [fs.rec.dir.itr.members] recursive_directory_iterator::recursion_pending() is incorrectly specified Yes 2
2709(i) C++17 17.2 [support.types] offsetof is unnecessarily imprecise Yes 2
2710(i) C++17 [structure.specifications] "Effects: Equivalent to ..." doesn't count "Synchronization:" as determined semantics Yes 0
2711(i) C++17 [fs.path.construct] path is convertible from approximately everything under the sun Yes 1
2712(i) C++17 [fs.op.copy.file] copy_file(from, to, ...) has a number of unspecified error conditions Yes 2
2713(i) New 24.5 [unord] More missing allocator-extended constructors for unordered containers Yes 3
2714(i) New 28.4.6 [complex.ops] complex stream extraction underspecified Yes 3
2715(i) Resolved 33.5.8 [atomics.types.generic] What is 'aggregate initialization syntax'? Yes 3
2716(i) C++17 27.7.12 [alg.random.sample] Specification of shuffle and sample disallows lvalue URNGs Yes 0
2717(i) NAD 20.5.4 [allocator.adaptor.members] scoped_allocator_adaptor uses forward to do move's job Yes
2718(i) C++17 27.3.3 [algorithms.parallel.exec] Parallelism bug in [algorithms.parallel.exec] p2 Yes
2719(i) C++17 [fs.op.permissions] permissions function should not be noexcept due to narrow contract Yes 0
2720(i) C++17 [fs.op.permissions] permissions function incorrectly specified for symlinks Yes 2
2721(i) C++17 [fs.op.remove.all] remove_all has incorrect post conditions Yes 3
2722(i) C++17 [fs.op.equivalent] equivalent incorrectly specifies throws clause Yes 3
2723(i) C++17 31.12.11 [fs.class.directory.iterator] Do directory_iterator and recursive_directory_iterator become the end iterator upon error? Yes 0
2724(i) C++17 20.4.2 [mem.res.class] The protected virtual member functions of memory_resource should be private Yes 4
2725(i) C++17 [fs.op.exists] filesystem::exists(const path&, error_code&) error reporting Yes 1
2726(i) C++17 [fs.dir.itr.members] [recursive_]directory_iterator::increment(error_code&) is underspecified Yes 0
2727(i) C++17 27.1 [algorithms.general] Parallel algorithms with constexpr specifier Yes 0
2728(i) C++17 [fs.op.status] status(p).permissions() and symlink_status(p).permissions() are not specified Yes 0
2729(i) C++17 22.3.2 [pairs.pair] Missing SFINAE on std::pair::operator= Yes 2
2730(i) Open 17.3.5 [numeric.limits] numeric_limits primary template definition No 3
2731(i) WP [thread.lock.guard] Existence of lock_guard<MutexTypes...>::mutex_type typedef unclear Yes 3
2732(i) C++17 [fs.path.append] Questionable specification of path::operator/= and path::append Yes 2
2733(i) TS 13.1.2 [fund.ts.v2::numeric.ops.gcd] [fund.ts.v2] gcd / lcm and bool Yes 4
2734(i) Resolved [fs.path.concat] Questionable specification in [fs.path.concat] Yes 2
2735(i) C++17 28.7 [c.math] std::abs(short), std::abs(signed char) and others should return int instead of double in order to be compatible with C++98 and C Yes 3
2736(i) C++17 22.5.4 [optional.nullopt] nullopt_t insufficiently constrained Yes 2
2737(i) New [new.delete.single] Consider relaxing object size restrictions for single-object allocation functions No 3
2738(i) C++17 [meta.unary.prop] is_constructible with void types Yes
2739(i) C++17 29.6.6 [time.point.nonmember] Issue with time_point non-member subtraction with an unsigned duration Yes 0
2740(i) C++17 [optional.observe] constexpr optional<T>::operator-> Yes 0
2741(i) Resolved 27.8.5 [alg.partitions] is_partitioned requirements need updating Yes 3
2742(i) C++17 [string.cons] Inconsistent string interface taking string_view Yes 1
2743(i) WP [container.node.overview] p0083r3 node_handle private members missing "exposition only" comment Yes 3
2744(i) C++17 [any.cons] any's in_place constructors Yes 0
2745(i) TS 5.3 [fund.ts.v2::optional.object] [fund.ts.v2] Implementability of LWG 2451 Yes 0
2746(i) New [optional.assign] Inconsistency between requirements for emplace between optional and variant Yes 3
2747(i) C++17 27.6.5 [alg.foreach] Possibly redundant std::move in [alg.foreach] Yes 0
2748(i) C++17 [optional.swap] swappable traits for optionals Yes 0
2749(i) C++17 [variant.swap] swappable traits for variants Yes 1
2750(i) TS 5.3.1 [fund.ts.v2::optional.object.ctor] [fund.ts.v2] LWG 2451 conversion constructor constraint Yes 0
2751(i) New [util.smartptr.shared.dest] shared_ptr deleter not specified to observe expired weak_ptr instances No 4
2752(i) C++17 33.10.9 [futures.async] "Throws:" clauses of async and packaged_task are unimplementable Yes 3
2753(i) Resolved [optional.ctor] Optional's constructors and assignments need constraints Yes 0
2754(i) Resolved [any.cons] The in_place constructors and emplace functions added by P0032R3 don't require CopyConstructible Yes 1
2755(i) C++17 23.3.5 [string.view.io] §[string.view.io] uses non-existent basic_string_view::to_string function Yes 0
2756(i) C++17 22.5.3 [optional.optional] C++ WP optional<T> should 'forward' T's implicit conversions Yes 1
2757(i) Resolved [