ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22 N3481

Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
Secretariat:  U.S.A.  (ANSI)
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22 N3481
Resolutions of the SC 22/WG 5 Las Vegas Meeting, 11-16 August 2002

SC 22/WG 5 Convenor (J. Reid)

Meeting Resolutions

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            ON 11 TO 16 AUGUST 2002 IN LAS VEGAS, NV, USA

The meeting was attended by the convener and 22 members, representing 6
member bodies.  Resolutions LV1 to LV11 were approved by unanimous
consent, LV12 and LV13 by unanimous acclaim.

LV1.  Convener's Report to SC22
That WG5 endorses the Business Plan and Convener's Report to the SC22
2002 Plenary Meeting which is in document WG5-N1493.

LV2.  Abstract of Fortran 2000
That WG5 endorses the Abstract of Fortran 2000 prepared for SC22 which
is in document WG5-N1494.

LV3.  Editorship of Part 3 of the Fortran Standard (Conditional
That WG5 directs its convener to request SC22 to appoint Dan Nagle as
Project Editor for Part 3 of the Fortran standard, succeeding David
Epstein.  Further, WG5 thanks David Epstein for his work as editor
since the initiation of the project.

LV4.  Disposition of Comments Document for Part 3 of the Fortran
      Standard (Conditional Compilation)
That WG5 records its intent to produce a disposition of comments
document for Part 3 of the Fortran standard during 2002.

LV5.  Enhanced Module Facilities Technical Report
That WG5 congratulates Van Snyder on his appointment as Project Editor
by SC22 and thanks him for developing the second draft of this
technical report (WG5-N1482 and WG5-N1483).

LV6.  Maintenance of Fortran 95
That WG5 records its intent to continue to process interpretations for
Fortran 95; however WG5 does not propose to produce further Technical
Corrigenda for Fortran 95.

LV7.  Appreciation of J3
That WG5 warmly congratulates the primary development body for its work
on constructing the draft Fortran 2000 standard and for adhering to the
agreed schedule.  Further it particularly congratulates the Project
Editor, Richard Maine, for the high quality of his work and for
producing the latest draft standard in good time for it to be
considered at this WG5 meeting.

LV8.  Content and processing of Fortran 2000 CD
That WG5 intends to submit a draft revised standard for Fortran for CD
ballot during September 2002, according to the agreed schedule, and
directs the Editor to prepare a document for this purpose.  The content
of this document shall be WG5- N1481 (also known as J3/02-007r2) as
modified by edits in the following J3 papers (all preceded by 02-):
212, 214r1, 215r2, 216r1, 217, 218, 219r2, 220r1, 221r2, 223r1, 224r2,
225r1, 230r3, 234r1, 236, 238r2, 239, 240r1, 241r4, 242r2, 244r2,
245r2, 246r1, 247r1, 248r1, 249r1, 250r1, 252r2, 253r2, 254r1, 255r1,
257r1, 258r1, 259r1, 260, 261r1, 262r1, 263r1, 264, 265, 266, 267, 268,
269r1, 270, 271r1.

Further, WG5 directs its convener to form a subgroup consisting of
himself, Richard Maine, Dan Nagle and Van Snyder to check the draft and
to submit the resulting document to the SC22 Secretariat for processing
by the end of September 2002.

LV9.  Late Technical Changes to Fortran 2000
That WG5 endorses the technical changes made by J3 during this meeting;
these include changes to initialization expressions, identifier length
and number of continuation lines.

LV10.  Future Revision of Fortran 2000
That WG5, having regard to the facts that not all requirements
submitted for Fortran 2000 were incorporated in the revision and that
some common extensions are not incorporated in Fortran 2000, records
its intent that Fortran 2000 should be revised in due course and that
the revision should be a minor one.

Further, that WG5 proposes to archive its Repository of Requirements
(WG5 Standing Document 5, the latest edition of which is WG5-N1189) and
to prepare a new repository.  To be entered in the repository, a
suggested requirement must be submitted by a member body or by formal
action of WG5.  Requirements should be submitted to the convener in the
form specified in WG5-N1496.  The status of an item in the repository
can be changed only as the result of an action of WG5.

LV11.   Future Meetings
That WG5 thanks the US member body for offering to host the WG5 meeting
to be held, jointly with J3, in Las Vegas on March 30 to April 4,
2003.  Further, WG5 thanks the German member body for offering to host
the WG5 meeting to be held in Dresden on July 28 to August 1, 2003.

LV12.  Vote of Thanks for Support
That WG5 thanks J3 for so generously providing financial support for
the meeting.

LV13.  Vote of Thanks
That WG5 wishes to express its appreciation to the convener (John
Reid), the secretaries (Steve Morgan and Stan Whitlock) and the
drafting committee (especially David Muxworthy) for their contributions
to the success of the meeting.  It wishes especially to thank the host
(Mallory North) for the excellent arrangements for both the business
and social parts of the meeting and for his unfailing kindness and
helpfulness throughout the week.