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Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
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ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22 N3282
Minutes from the SC 22/WG 5 London Meeting, 30 July to 3 August 2001

SC 22/WG 5 Convenor (J. Reid)

Meeting Report

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                          Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5

                                July 30-August 3, 2001

                             British Standards Institution

                         389 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4AL

                              Monday, July 30   0900 - 1745

1. Opening of the Meeting:  9:00 am, July 30, 2001

   The meeting was called to order by the Convener, John Reid, at 9:00 AM
   on 30 July 2001.

2. Opening business

2.1 Introductory remarks from the Convener

    The main aims for the meeting are:
      -  to review the Working Draft standard J3/01-007R2
      -  to process outstanding Fortran 95 interpretations as defined in

2.2 Welcome from the Host

Delegates were welcomed by the host, Keith Seyde from the British
Standards Institute.  Those present were:

  Convener    John Reid

  Germany     Wolfgang Walter

  Japan       Masayuki Takata

  Netherlands Matthijs Van Waveren

  Sweden      Lars Mossberg

  UK          Malcolm Cohen
              Lawrie Schoenfelder
              David Muxworthy
              Niki Reid
              Miles Ellis (Monday only)
              Chris Lazou (Monday only)

  US          Dan Nagle
              Van Snyder

2.3 Local arrangements
      Local arrangements were outlined by David Muxworthy.

2.4 Appointments for this meeting

    Drafting Committee:  
    Librarian:           Malcolm Cohen
    Secretary:           Lars Mossberg
    Drafting committee:  David Muxworthy
                         Wolfgang Walter
                         Matthijs Van Waveren
                         Van Snyder
                         Masayuki Takata

2.5 Adoption of the Agenda 

   The agenda, N1424, was adopted with the following changes:
   A presentation on a new proposed TR on submodules by Van Snyder was
   added and a change in the Agenda text was made:
     In item 6.2 the reference should be N1432.
   Item 6.3 was removed and postponed until next year.

2.6 Approval of the Minutes of the Oulu Meeting [N1418]

   The Minutes of the Oulu meeting (N1418) were adopted unanimously.

3. Matters arising from the minutes

   Future meetings: The next WG5 meeting will be in Las Vegas. It will be a
   5 1/2 day meeting together with J3 in August 11-16, 2002.
   Wolfgang volunteered to host a meeting in Dresden in 2003.
   The convener pointed out that a joint WG5/R3 meeting is needed in April
   Dates March 30 through April 4 seemed preferable for most delegates.

4. Status of Oulu Resolutions [N1412]

   O2: The question on unauthorized and irrelevant use of the SC22 e-mail 
       lists was noted by SC22 and work is now going on to solve the

5. Reports

   The convener reported from the SC22 meeting in Nara, Japan in 2000:
   Input from WG5 was essentially the e-mail complaint.
   The big issue at the meeting was Internationalisation.
   The SC22 secretariat is now distributing almost all Word documents 
   as PDF files.

5.1 SC22 Matters (Convener)

5.2 National Activity Reports (Heads of Delegations)

    US                Van Snyder (N1437)
    Germany           Wolfgang Walter (N1448)
    Sweden            Lars Mossberg 
    UK                David Muxworthy (N1440)
    Netherlands       Matthijs Van Waveren (N1449)
    Japan             Makki Takata (N1447)

5.3 Report from Primary Development Body (NCITS/J3 Chair)

    J3 activities were presented by Dan Nagle. Summary: "We are on

5.4 Reports from other Development Bodies (Editors/Heads)

      TR15881 - Malcolm Cohen: Published.
      TR15880 - John Reid: Published.

5.5 Liaison Reports

      Matthijs: OpenMP: Fortran extended with Fortran 95 syntax, like the
                        whole array handling and array sections.

                HPF:    More directives to compiler. "HPF is not alive and
      See also N1449 (Dutch National Activity Report).

5.6 SubGroup Organization:

       Fortran 2000:               Van Lars Miles Lawrie Wolfgang
       Interpretation, subgroup 1: Malcolm Makki Dan
       Interpretation, subgroup 2: David Niki Mathijs John

5.7 Presentation of "Enhanced Module Facilities in Fortran" by Van Snyder.
       Van made a presentation comprising of motivation for a submodule
       facility in Fortran in the form of a TR. The presentation was well

                  Tuesday, July 31   0900 - 1745

6. Subgroup Recommendations

   6.1 Fortran 2000 (N1453)
         This paper contains seven comments on Section 7.
         Document N1455 draft ready tomorrow.

   6.2 Interpretation (2) N1450 draft ready.

   6.3 Interpretation (1) N1452 draft ready.

   6.4 New subgroup organisation.

   It was decided that we have two Fortran 2000 subgroups and one for 
   interpretation for the rest of the week.

   Fortran 2000 (1)   As before.
   Fortran 2000 (2)   Malcolm Makki Dan
   Interpretation     David Niki Mathijs John

   The convener instructed the members to study Technical Corrigendum 2
   (N1445) for correctness.

   The convener instructed the members to study WG5 Business Plan and
   convener's Report to the SC22 Plenary (N1448).


                Wednesday, August 1   0900 - 1745

7. WG5 Business Plan (N1438)

   The business plan was reviewed with some additions and modifications, for
   example a work item of Van Snyder's TR on submodules and updated dates
   future meetings. A new version of N1438 will be written by the Convener.

8. Dan Nagle on the future Fortran standard.

   My suggested strategy is to put together a number of small work items.
   This is also in conformance with the strategy that the next standard be a

   minor revision. The small work items should preferable be orthogonal so 
   that they will be finished independently and in a short time period.
   Examples: take good ideas that have been cancelled by J3 due to lack of
   time. Implement "industry standard" features. Use common parts.
   Build on Fortran's clarity, ease of use, portability.
   It was pointed out that we have to go through the process that
   be collected from the countries but there is nothing to stop us "hinting
   where we want to go".
   Dan's proposal on the next standard was well received and a paper (N1460)
   outlining it will be written.
   It was also pointed out that promotion of Fortran is important.

9. New features of Fortran 2000.

   It was decided that a summary on the new features on Fortran 2000 will
   also be made by Dan in paper N1459.

   An article on the new features in Fortran 2000 by Dan will shortly
   appear in "Dr. Dobb's Journal".

10. Subgroup Recommendations

  10.1 Fortran 2000: N1453
     A straw vote on the items was taken. The question was: Do we keep this
     item and transfer it to J3?

     Straw vote: Item 1: 7Y 0N 4U (Y = Yes, N = No, U = Undecided)
                 Item 2: 1Y 4N 6U
                 Item 3: 7Y 0N 4U
                 Item 4: 4Y 1N 6U
                 Item 5: 3Y 4N 4U
                 Item 6: 0Y 2N 9U

      Result: Keep items 1,3,4. Make a new paper with these 3 items and
              item 5 in with a lower priority.

  10.2 Interpretations

        Papers N1451, N1452, N1456, N1457, N1463 were presented and will be 
        discussed Thursday morning.

        It was recommended that N1458 be studied. It concerns an MTE on the
        PROTECTED attribute.

        Straw vote derived from interpretation 17.
        Is the wording in 12.2.2, third sentence, ambiguous?
        Result: 6Y 4N 1U.

  10.3 Fortran 2000

        N1461 concerning IEEE was presented. It will be discussed Thursday 
        N1462: Interoperability with C. Needs to be more elaborate. Ready 

                 Thursday, August 2   0900 - 1745

11. Subgroup Recommendations 

    11.1 Interpretations (N1451)
         All five interpretations 21, 81, 87, 90, 92 were passed by WG5.

         Straw vote:
         Should we reject interpretation 91? 
         6Y 0N 3U

    11.2 Interpretations (N1456)
         Delete 00000e.
	 Van suggested three small edits that were accepted by WG5.
	 They will be included in the final version.

         Straw vote: Accept Interpretation 8 as is (with Van's additions)?
         1Y 4N 4U

	 Strike interpretation 206 from document. If time to work on
	 it, bring it back.
         Delete 208, 210 from document.

         Small change in JP-04 suggested by Malcolm and accepted by WG5.
         Strike JP-24. Bring back later if possible.

    11.3 Interpretations (N1463)
           Interpretation 9 was deleted since it had already been covered.
           Interpretation 17 was deleted due to highly diverse opinions in

	   Re JP-05: No, the requirement should be a constraint in
		     Fortran 2000, but remain a simple requirement in
		     Fortran 95.

           Re JP-17: Deleted.
           Re JP-31: Put back.

    11.4 Interpretations (N1457)

           WG5 passes all interpretations in the document.

    11.5 Interpretations (N1452)

           Malcolm makes a new document on JP-17. 

    11.6 Fortran 2000 (N1453)

           A new version of N1453 was discussed. Typo needs to be corrected.
           Otherwise passed.
   11.7 Fortran 2000 (N1454)

          Item 1: To be reworded by Van.
          Item 2: Deleted.
          Item 3 (Named Scratch files):
          Straw vote: Are named scratch files desirable?
          0 De  10 UDe  0 Un (De = Desirable, UDe = Undesirable, Ud =

            Van changes wording on scratch files accordingly.

          Item 4:  Strike.
          Item 5A: Perhaps delete sentence.
          Item 6:  Deleted

   11.8 Fortran 2000 (N1455)

          Item 1: ok (small typo to be fixed).
          Item 2: Phrase more generally (relating ASCII and ISO 10646).
          Item 3: Straw vote: Delete item 3 from document?
                  5Y 3N 2U

   11.9 Fortran 2000 (N1461)

          Small changes suggested and accepted, for example, move 14.10 to
          Annex C.
   11.10 Fortran 2000. A Minor Technical Enhancement:
         The PROTECED attribute. Paper N1458.

           Presented by Malcolm.
           The idea was very favorably received and the advised action was
           it in the standard as long as it does not has any impact on the

12. Administrative Items

    12.1 Draft Resolutions (N1443a)

      The first draft of the London Resolutions was presented by David

      Minor changes were suggested and will be adhered to.

                   Friday, August 3   0900 - 1300

13. Document Review

    The resolutions and other documents (N1459,N1462,N1464,N1465) were 
    reviewed for accuracy and completeness.

14.  WG5 Business and Strategic Plans
     14.1 Goals for 2001-2004
     14.2 Business Plan for 2001 SC22 Plenary
        Paper N1438 covers both issues.

15. Closing Business

    15.1  Future meetings
      2002  Las Vegas, August 11-16, 2002 (with J3)
      2003  Las Vegas, March 30 - April 4 (with J3)
      2003  Dresden, Germany July/August

    15.2  Any other business

      Thanks were expressed to the hosts for the meeting arrangements, 
      especially David Muxworthy, to Dan Nagle for the exposť of the
      new features in Fortran 2000, to John Reid for making an
      efficient meeting and to Lars Mossberg for acting as secretary.

16. Adoption of Resolutions

    The resolutions were approved by all countries in attendance and the
    unanimous consent of individual members.

17. Adjournment

    The meeting was adjourned at 11:20, August 3, 2001.