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Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces 
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TITLE: Minutes of the SC 22/WG5 Meeting , 14-18 August 2000 in Finland


J. Reid, WG 5 Convener

Meeting Report

This document is forwarded to SC 22 members for information. 
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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5 N1418 


                  Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5

                          August 14-18, 2000

                 Technical Research Center of Finland
                      University of Oulu, Finland

                   Monday, August 14   0900 - 1745

1. Opening of the Meeting:  9:00 am, August 14, 2000

   The meeting was called to order by the Convenor, John Reid, at 9:00 AM
   on 14 August 2000.

2. Opening business

2.1 Introductory remarks from the Convenor

    The aims for the meeting are:
      - to produce the first draft of Corrigendum 1 for Fortran 95
      - to review the current Fortran 2000 draft (Thanks to the editor for
        producing it in a timely fashion)
      - work on other interpretations
      - maintenance of Part 3 of the standard (Based on defect reports
        from Japan and Russia)

2.2 Welcome from the Host

Delegates were welcomed by the host, Petri Mahonen.  Those present were:

  Convenor    John Reid

  Finland     Petri Mahonen
              Ossi Rairio
              Janne Riihijärvi
              Mikko Saarnivala

  Japan       Masayuki Takata

  Netherlands Matthijs Van Waveren

  Sweden      Lars Mossberg

  UK          Malcolm Cohen
              Steve Morgan
              David Muxworthy
              Niki Reid

  US          Keith Bierman
              Jeanne Martin
              Larry Meadows
              Van Snyder

  Regrets were received from Tony Warnock, J3 Chair; Wolfgang Walter,
  and last year's hosts (France).
2.3 Local arrangements
      Local arrangements were outlined by Petri Mahonen.

2.4 Appointments for this meeting

    Drafting Committee:  David Muxworthy, Chair; Keith Bierman; Makki
       Takata; Matthijs Van Waveren; Petri Mahonen; Lars Mossberg
    Librarian:  Larry Meadows
    Secretary:  Jeanne Martin

2.5 Adoption of the Agenda 

   The agenda, N1380 with the addition of item 6.4 (Process defect report on
   1539-3), was adopted unanimously.

2.6 Approval of the Minutes of the Cadarache Meeting [N1344a]

   The Minutes of the Cadarache meeting (N1344) with the deletion of papers
   N1359 and N1360 from the list in section 7.2.8, were adopted unanimously.

3. Matters arising from the minutes

   It will be necessary to determine a location for the 2002 meeting.

4. Status of Cadarache Resolutions [N1343]

   C1:  Done except for half of item a and item b.  Malcolm Cohen will give
        presentation on 3 possible directions WG5 could recommend for item
   C2:  Done
   C3:  No action required at this meeting
   C4:  Corrigendum 1 is slightly behind schedule, but can be circulated for

        ballot after this meeting.
   C5:  No warning of delay was forwarded from the primary development body.
   C6:  WG5 will extract the necessary information from N1393 (J3/00-006r1)
        prepare a draft corrigendum
   C7:  Done
   C8:  Scheduled for this meeting
   C9 & C10:  Technical Reports TR15580 and TR15881 are in publication.
   C11: No action is required at this meeting with regard to the Strategic
   C12: No papers appeared among the premeeting documents regarding the 
        revision process.  This will be deferred to the future.

5. Reports

5.1 SC22 Matters (Convenor)

    - John Reid will attend the SC22 meeting in Nara, Japan next month.
- The SC22 Secretariat has had considerable turnover in personnel since the 
  last SC22 meeting, but is functioning despite the lack of continuity.
- John will present a paper (see N1384) requesting that SC22 documents in 
  Word format be avoided.
- Japan discovered a line missing from the published version of Part 3 of
  the Fortran standard and ISO has agreed to reprint it.
- The WG5 web site has been moved to NAG.  Gratitude was expressed to NAG
  for making the facility available and to Ian Hounam for his assistance.
- John will discuss with SC22 the need for filtering unwanted email from the
  SC22 email reflector system.
5.2 National Activity Reports (Heads of Delegations)

    US            Keith Bierman (N1388)
    Sweden            Lars Mossberg
    UK            David Muxworthy (N1398)
    Finland            Petri Mahonen
    Netherlands      Matthijs Van Waveren (N1394)
    Japan            Makki Takata (N1386)

    From countries not present:

    Russia            N1396 
    France            N1385

    The Convenor will send replies to Russia and France.

5.3 Report from Primary Development Body (NCITS/J3 Chair)

    N1389 was presented by Larry Meadows.  The major problems are R7 -
    Generalized Constructors/Destructors and R9 - Interoperability with C.
    is believed J3 can get the work done.  WG5 will establish subgroups to 
    investigate how WG5 can help in these areas.  The Convenor would like a 
    document from this meeting detailing the final WG5 requirements for
    2000 - a revision of N1382.

5.4 Reports from other Development Bodies (Editors/Heads)

      TR15881 - Malcolm Cohen:  No activity at this time
      TR15880 - John Reid:  There are some unresolved issues in Section 15
                of the draft standard.  A WG5 Subgroup can look into these.
      Part 2  - John Reid: No activity at this time

5.5 Liaison Reports


5.6 SubGroup Organization:

    Interpretations:            Reid, J., Muxworthy, Reid, N., Meadows,
    Review of F2000 draft:  Snyder, Mossberg, Takata, Martin
    Interoperability:            Van Waveren, Meadows, Morgan, Bierman
    Data Issues:            Cohen, Morgan, Snyder
    Coco Corrigendum        Takata, Reid, J.

5.7 Presentation on N1355 and three possibilities of action (Cohen)

    The three possibilities are 1) the simple solution, 2) a complex
    (proposed by K. Hirchert at J3 meeting 153), and 3) drop the
    Concensus was to proceed with the simple solution proposed at the

                  Tuesday, August 15   0900 - 1745

6. Subgroup Recommendations

  6.1 Interpretations (N1404)

The Interpretations Subgroup recommended that three interpretations from WG5

ballots be returned to J3.  They are 067: Writing zeros; 068: Asterisks as
units; and 071: Character Array Constructors.  Edits were recommended for
Asymmetry between constant specification and initialization expression; 077:

INTENT (IN) Dummy arguments and NULLIFY. The other interpretations balloted
accepted without modifications.

Interpretation 021: Restrictions on <generic-spec> on END INTERFACE was 
discussed. A straw vote was taken:  Should Example 1 be standard conforming?
7-4) No recommendation was made.

  6.2   Interoperability (N1402)

The Subgroup reviewed 3 unresolved issues. 
A straw vote was taken on restoring the rounding mode across C function
The vote was 4 to keep the current restriction; 7 to relax the restriction;
undecided.  A question arose on whether EXTERNAL procedures defined by means

other than Fortran should be treated differently from procedures with the 
BIND(C) attribute.

Two straw votes were taken regarding pointer inquiry: Should C pointers be 
tested against NULL only (1), tested for pointer equality as well (13), or 
undecided (1)?  Should the mechanism for testing be an intrinsic procedure
overloading of .EQ. (0), or undecided (1)?

The third issue involved adding special kind type parameters.  Should many
added (0), only one - C_SIZE_T corresponding to type size_t in C (11), none
or undecided (4)?

                Wednesday, August 16   0900 - 1745

7. Subgroup Recommendations

    7.1   Interpretations (N1410)

          These suggestions will be offered to J3 as input to their Fortran
          maintenance activity.

    7.2   Data Issues (N1407)
          N1407 provides suggested edits to fulfill the generalized
          part of requirement R7.  Additional lines will be added to the
          example in Item 4 to show the use of the constructors.

    7.3   Interoperability (N1406)

          N1406 addressed the question raised regarding a distinction
          procedures with the EXTERNAL attribute and procedures with the
          attribute.  It was argued that the recommended approach would nail

          down an existing portability problem rather than introduce a
change to 
          the language.  This approach was approved unanimously by straw

    7.4   Coco Corrigendum (N1409)
          A draft corrigendum will be balloted after this meeting.  All of
          Japanese concerns in N1387 and the Russian comments in N1397 were

                 Thursday, August 17   0900 - 1745

8. Subgroup Recommendations 

8.1 Review of Fortran 2000 draft (N1405, N1408)
The results of the Review Subgroup were discussed.  A few items were deleted

from the cited papers.  The Convenor will concatenate the remaining items
forward the suggestions to J3 in a single document.

8.2 Interpretations (N1411, N1414)

The cited documents were discussed.  Some changes were accepted.  The
will concatenate all reviewed interpretations in a consistent format to
as input to the primary development body's Fortran 95 maintenance activity.

8.3 Data Issues (N1417)

Malcolm Cohen presented suggested specifications and syntax for destructors 
(requirement R7).  A question was asked about the possibility of allowing a 
final procedure to have the BIND(C) attribute.  Offhand it would appear to 
present too many difficulties and lead to more unresolved issues for 
interoperability with C.

9. Administrative Items

9.1 Draft Resolutions (N1412)

The first draft of the Oulu Resolutions was presented by David
Muxworthy.  There was some question about the agreed informal name of
the next standard and a straw vote was taken.  Should the name be:

           Fortran 2000      9
           Fortran 200x      2
           Undecided         4

We will stay with Fortran 2000.

9.2 Content of Fortran 2000 (N1413)

Requirements from the Cadarache meeting will be added to the final version

9.3 WG5 Business Plan and Convenor's Report (N1415)

Comments will be added about the email problem.  A few other minor changes
accepted by the convenor.

                   Friday, August 18   0900 - 1300

10. Document Review

    The resolutions and other documents (N1403, N1411, N1413, N1415, N1416)
    reviewed for accuracy and completeness.

11. Additional Interpretations (N1404)

    No objections were raised.

12. Summary of the changes from Fortran 95

    This is deferred to the future.

13. Closing Business

    13.1  Future meetings

          2001     BSI Headquarters, London         30 July - 3 August
          2002     somewhere in The Netherlands     ?-? August

    13.2  Any other business

          Thanks were expressed to the hosts for the meeting arrangements.

          The Convenor is requested to convey WG5's wishes for a speedy
          to Lawrie Schonfelder.

14. Adoption of Resolutions

    The resolutions were approved by all six countries in attendance and the
    unanimous consent of individual members.

15. Adjournment

    The meeting was adjourned at 10:10 AM, August 18, 2000.