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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 13:30:35 -0500 (EST)
From: William Rinehuls <rinehuls@Radix.Net>
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Subject: REVISED SC22 N2881 - Venue Information and Draft Agenda for WG5 (Fortran) June 1999 Meeting

(NOTE:  The only change in this revision is to the telephone number and
fax number for the host hotel.)

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Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
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Venue Information and Draft Agenda for SC22/WG5 (Fortran) Meeting on June
14-18, 1999 in Cadarache, France


Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22


Venue Information and Draft Agenda








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                  Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5

                          June 14-18, 1999

                        Chateau de Cadarache
                          Cadarache, France

The next meeting of WG5 will be held at the Chateau de Cadarache from
14th to 18th June 1999.  Details of the objectives of the meeting,
together with accommodation and travel arrangements, appear below.

1.  Objectives of the meeting

There are four major items of business for this meeting:

A.  Processing of comments received during the FCD ballot on the revision
of Part 2 of the Fortran Standard (Varying Length Strings).  This
ballot will end on 20th May 1999.  It is intended that this meeting
will make the final decision on all issues arising from the ballot,
and any member body wishing to be involved in this ballot resolution
should ensure that they are represented at the meeting.

B.  Review of the current status of the revision of Part 1 of the Fortran
Standard (Base Language), informally referred to as Fortran 2000, for
which the Working Draft is scheduled to be released to WG5 by the
Primary Development Body (NCITS/J3) in early 2000.  This will,
therefore, be the last WG5 meeting that will be able to provide any
input to J3 before it hands over the draft standard to WG5.  J3 will
be meeting in Oxford the week before the WG5 meeting and so WG5
members will be able to establish the exact status of all aspects of
the revision and provide such advice and/or assistance as J3 would
find helpful.  In particular, if it appears possible that some of the
WG5 approved requirements will be not completed by the Primary
Development Body in time for them to be fully integrated into the
Working Draft by early 2000 then WG5 will have to decide what
remedial action is required.

C.  Since the last WG5 meeting, Part 3 of the Fortran Standard
(Conditional Compilation) has been published, as have the two
Technical Reports on Floating Point Exception Handling and Enhanced
Data Types.  WG5 must now establish suitable procedures for their

D.  JTC1 is placing increased emphasis on Business Plans submitted by
Sub-Committees, and thus also those submitted by Working Groups.
With all four subsidiary projects (Parts 2 and 3 of the Fortran
Standard and the two Technical Reports) now completed, or expected to
be completed during 1999, and the WD for the revision to Part 1 of
the Fortran Standard about to start its formal balloting process
during 2000, this is the ideal time to take stock of the Fortran
world and its Standards, and to determine both short-term and medium-
term objectives, together with the strategic and tactical processes
that will be required to meet these goals.

2.  Meeting Location

The meeting will be held in the south of France, at the Chateau de
Cadarache - a fifteenth century castle situated within the French atomic
energy research establishment.  Cadarache is situated in Provence, close to
the village of Manosque, and is about 45 miles (70 km) north of Marseilles
and 25 miles (40 km) from Aix-en-Provence.

3.  Accommodation

Accommodation for those attending the meeting has been arranged at the Host
Mansion, adjacent to the Chateau.  The price of a single room is either 204
FF (without bathroom) or 235 FF (with bathroom) per day, including
breakfast.  Some double rooms are also available (with bathroom) at 311 FF,
including breakfast.  20 single rooms have been block booked for the
meeting, but no double rooms, so anyone wishing a double room is advised to
make their reservation as soon as possible.

Reservations may be made by telephone (+33 4 42 25 25 69) or by fax (+33
4 42 25 63 63).  In either case you should mention that you are attending
the WG5 meeting.

Note that 100 FF is approximately equal to £11 or $17.50 (or 16 Euros).

Further information will be available shortly from the special web site
that is being established for the meeting;  its URL is
http::// (in English) or
http::// (in French)

4.  Travel Arrangements:

If arriving by air, the nearest airport is at Marseilles, which is about 45
miles (70 km) south of Cadarache.  You will probably need to connect to
Marseilles via Paris.  From Marseilles it is recommended that you hire a
car to drive to Cadarache.

Alternatively, the excellent French trains can be taken to either Aix-en-
Provence (25 miles / 40 km), Marseilles (45 miles / 70 km) or Avignon (65
miles / 100 km);  the latter two stations are serviced by the high speed
TGV trains.  However, the hosts do not recommend this method of travel as
the area around Cadarache is somewhat prone to industrial action on the

More information about travel can be obtained via the special web sites
referred to above.

5.  Local Contact:  This WG5 meeting is hosted by AFNOR, the French
Standards Association, with Patrice Lignalet as the local organizer.  He
can be contacted as follows:

Postal Address: Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers
                Departement d'Informatique
                292, rue Saint Martin
                75141 PARIS Cedex 03

Telephone:      +33 1 40 27 23 83
                +33 1 40 27 22 58 (Secretary)
Fax:            +33 1 40 27 23 77

6.  Registration

Heads of delegations are reminded that the names of those who will be in
their delegations should be communicated to both the Convenor and the host
(via the local contact, Patrice Lignalet - see above) no later than one
month before the start of the meeting.

7.  Further Information

Further information about the meeting is available via the World Wide Web
at either of the special meeting pages:

         http::// (in English)

         http::// (in French)

or via WG5's own web pages (http///, or may be
obtained directly from the Convenor:

    Dr Miles Ellis
    Educational Technology Resources Centre
    University of Oxford
    37 Wellington Square
    Oxford  OX1 2JF


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                          Preliminary Agenda

                  Meeting of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG5

                          June 14-18, 1999

                        Chateau de Cadarache
                          Cadarache, France

                     Monday, June 14   0900 - 1800
                    Tuesday, June 15   0900 - 1800
                  Wednesday, June 16   0900 - 1600
                   Thursday, June 17   0900 - 1800
                     Friday, June 18   0900 - 1300

1.  Opening of the Meeting:  9:00 am, June 14, 1999

2.  Opening business
    2.1   Introductory remarks from the Convenor
    2.2   Welcome from the Hosts
    2.3   Local arrangements
    2.4   Appointments for this meeting
    2.5   Adoption of the Agenda
    2.6   Approval of the Minutes of the Trollhättan Meeting [N1324]

3.  Matters arising from the minutes

4.  Status of Trollhättan Resolutions [N1323]

5.  Reports
    5.1   SC22 Matters (Convenor)
    5.2   National Activity Reports (Heads of Delegations)
    5.3   Report from Primary Development Body (NCITS/J3 Chair)
    5.4   Reports from other Development Bodies (Editors/Heads)
    5.5   Liaison Reports

6.  Resolution of Comments Received during FCD Ballot for Revision of
    Part 2 of the Fortran Standard (Varying Length Strings)

7.  Review of Progress on Fortran 2000
    7.1   Primary Development Body Scheduling/Content Recommendations
    7.2   Detailed Progress on Individual Requirements
          7.2.1   Floating Point Exception Handling (as in TR 15580)
          7.2.2   Allocatable Components (as in TR 15581)
          7.2.3   Derived type I/O (R1)
          7.2.4   Asynchronous I/O (R2)
          7.2.5   Procedure pointers (R3)
          7.2.6   Interval arithmetic enabling technologies (R4)
          7.2.7   Parameterized derived types (R5)
          7.2.8   Object Oriented technologies (R6)
          7.2.9   Constructors/Destructors (R7)
          7.2.10  Internationalization (R8)
          7.2.11  Interoperability with C (R9)
          7.2.12  Minor Technical Enhancements
    7.3	Remedial Action Required (if any)

8.  Other Technical Issues
    8.1   Maintenance of IS 1539-3:1998, TR 15580:1998 and TR 15581:1998
    8.2   CEA presentation on object technologies
    8.3   Any other Technical Items

9.  WG5 Business and Strategic Plans
    9.1   Goals for 1999-2000
    9.2   Goals for 2000-2003
    9.3   Future development procedures for Part 1, post Fortran 2000
    9.4   Future development procedures for supplementary parts and
          technical reports
    9.5   Business Plan for 1999 SC22 Plenary
    9.6   Revised WG5 Strategic Plan
    9.7   Promotion of Fortran 95 and Fortran 2000

10. Closing Business
    10.1  Future meetings
    10.2  Any other business

11. Adoption of Cadarache Resolutions

12. Adjournment:  1 pm, June 18, 1999

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