ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22 N2409

Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 17:21:00 -0500 (EST)
From: "william c. rinehuls" <>
Subject: SC22 N2409 - Venue And Agenda for WG22 May 1997 Meeting

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Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
Secretariat:  U.S.A.  (ANSI)


March 1997

TITLE:             Venue Information and Draft Agenda for SC22/WG22
                   (PCTE) Meeting on May 13-14, 1997 in Camberley,
                   Surrey, United Kingdom

SOURCE:            Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22

WORK ITEM:         N/A

STATUS:            N/A


DOCUMENT TYPE:     Venue Information and Agenda

ACTION:            To SC22 Member Bodies for information

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ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22 Secretariat
William C. Rinehuls
8457 Rushing Creek Court
Springfield, VA 22153  USA
Tel:  +1 (703) 912-9680
Fax:  +1 (703) 912-2973

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Portable common tool environment (PCTE)
Secretariat: Switzerland

February 1997

Title:            Venue and Agenda for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG22 6th and ECMA
                  TC33 39th meeting
Source:		  Secretariat SC22/WG22
Project:	  JTC1.22.47
Status:		  Venue notice and agenda
Cross reference:		
Action:		  For action by SC22/WG22 members and for information of

Venue and Agenda for ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG22 6th meeting, ECMA TC33 39th
and joint meeting, to be held in Camberley, United Kingdom

Date:	13 - 14 May 1997
Place:	EDS (UK)
	Pembroke House
	Pembroke Broadway
	United Kingdom
	Phone:	+44 1276  68.62.00
	Fax:	+44 1276  664.35

Schedule of meetings and agenda

Tuesday 13 May - WG22 6th meeting, 10:00 to 17:00
1	Opening
2	Adoption of the agenda
3	Approval of the minutes of Hyannis meeting
4	Review of actions
5	Fine Grain extensions
	5.1  Status of answer to comments
	5.2  Status of DAM ballot (if initiated)
6	Object Oriented extensions
	6.1  Status of answer to comments (if any)
	6.2  Status of DAM ballot (if initiated)
7	PCTE edition 2
	7.1  Status of corrigendum
	7.2  Review of draft edition 2 of abstract specifications
	7.3  Review of draft edition 2 of C binding
	7.4  Review of draft edition 2 of Ada binding
8	Review of liaisons
9	Review of WG22 position concerning the JTC1 re-engineering plan
10	Status of WG22 in 1998 and replacement of WG22 officers
11	Review of PIMB support offerings (if confirmed)
12	Identification of remaining work
13	Next meetings
14	AOB

Wednesday 14 May morning - Joint WG22 - TC33 meeting
15	IDL binding
	15.1  Review of status versus IDL ballot
	15.2  Review of FG IDL binding
	15.3  Review of OO IDL binding
16	C++ binding
17	Query language
18	CTS5
19	Other technical issues TBD

Wednesday 14 May afternoon - TC33 39th meeting
A distinct agenda will be prepared by Mr. S.J. Dawes one month before
the meeting.

Hotel information
Here are a few hotels in the area local to Camberley and their prices
(ask for the EDS rate):

1.	Frimley Hall Hotel		85.50 (including Breakfast)
	Portsmouth Road,
	Surrey GU15 2BG
	Tel: + 44 1276 28321
	Fax: + 44 1276 691253

2.	Lakeside International Hotel 	89.00 (including Breakfast)
	Wharf Road,
	Frimley Green
	Nr. Camberley,
	Surrey GU16 6JR
	Tel: + 44 1252 838000
	Fax: + 44 1252 837857

3.	Pennyhill Park Hotel		135.00 (room only)
	London Road,
	Surrey GU19 5ET
	Tel: + 44 1276 471774
	Fax: + 44 1276 473217

Travel information to EDS Camberley

1. By Car approaching via the M3 Motorway
The Motorway system around London and Heathrow makes it easy (if the
traffic is not too bad!) to find the M3 Motorway which branches off the
M25 in a south-west direction away from London, nominally towards
Leave the M3 Motorway at Junction 4. Go left at the exit roundabout,
signed A321 Wokingham, A30 Camberley, and right at the next roundabout,
still heading towards the A30. Go over 2 or 3 sets of traffic lights to
a large roundabout on the A30. Turn right, onto the A30 towards
Camberley (follow the signs). Go over 3 sets of traffic lights after the
large roundabout and at the 4th set go right into Park Street. Go
straight over the roundabout and very shortly left into Park Lane (by
Stokes Dairy) - take care of the filter lane from Pembroke Broadway on
your left. The EDS offices are the modern red brick building on your

2. By Car via the A30 from London.and Heathrow
If you are not coming via the M3, there is an alternative route in from
the A30. If you are going south-west down the A30 away from London (the
route from the M3 junction 4 brings you to Camberley along the A30 in
the opposite direction), turn left at the first traffic lights to
Camberley, turn right at the second mini-roundabout (you cannot go
straight on at this roundabout) and then going straight ahead takes you
onto Pembroke Broadway, a dual carriageway with EDS at the end on the
left.  At the end of the dual carriageway take the left turn, and left
again into Park Lane. 

3. By train
Alternatively, a Railway Station is very close to our office which
provides a good service (every 30 minutes) to Camberley from London
(Waterloo station).  The travelling time from Waterloo is about 1 hour
(you may have to change trains at Ascot, which is very simple, the
station is small).

4. Travel to Lakeside Hotel, Frimley
The most obvious way is via Junction 4 of the M3. To get to the Lakeside
Hotel from Junction 4, take the third turning off the exit roundabout,
which is a multiple-lane highway. 
Take the leftmost lane immediately (indicated by a red Hospital sign)
and follow the lane up and round to the left towards Frimley. At the
large roundabout, turn right into Frimley town centre, and then left
along the A321 to Frimley Green. After about 2 kilometres and one small
roundabout take the left turn (not long after a Jet Petrol station) to
Deepcut. The entrance to Lakeside Hotel is a few hundred metres on the

5. Travel from Lakeside Hotel to EDS, Camberley
Turn left out of the Lakeside Hotel, rurn right onto the A321 towards
Camberley and Frimley and you will come after about 2 kilometres to
Frimley town centre. Turn right at the small roundabout and go straight
ahead at the large roundabout onto the B3411 towards Camberley (the
Frimley Road).  At the second, small, roundabout, turn right, signed as
"Town Centre" and follow Park Road round for about half a kilometre.
Turn left at the small roundabout, go under the Railway bridge and take
the first turning on the right. You are now at the back of the EDS

6. Travel from Camberley to Frimley Hall
Starting from the back of the EDS building in Park Lane, Camberley, turn
left onto Park Road and go under the railway bridge and on to the small
roundabout. Turn left here and then follow the road along, straight over
another small roundabout, and then on for about a kilometre, winding
down a hill, to a large roundabout.  Take the first turning off this
roundabout and then the first turning on the left (Conifer Drive) and
follow the signs.

Parking at EDS Camberley
The Car Park is below the offices (blue sign: "Private Car Park").
Visitor Parking is at the bottom of the ramp to the left. Come early if
you want a space! If the visitor's car park is full the most convenient
car park is the Multi-storey car park opposite the front of the
building. Entrance to the building is via steps with a red balustrade. 

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