ISO/ IEC JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT

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These pages convey information on the policy on document distribution from ISO/IEC JTC 1. The papers presented here are mostly produced by the Ad Hoc Group meeting on JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing IT. It reflects the situation after the meeting of the ad hoc group in San Diego, USA, 1998-02-04/06, and the JTC 1 plenary meeting in Sendai, Japan 1998-06. The ad hoc group was disbanded in the Sendai plenary, and a new JTC 1 Implementing Information Technology Rapporteur Group was formed on the issues, with Clyde Camp, USA as lead rapporteur.

The document numbers in the following are ISO/IEC JTC 1 numbers, except where otherwise noted. The links on the documents lead to one or more formatted versions of the document, while the link on the title leads to a HTML version, if available.


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