Paris 2001 meeting

Documents from the meeting in Sophia-Antipolis, France, 2002-10-17/18

DateDocument numberTitle
2002-04-09JTC 1 N6744Report from CLAUI TD Cordination meeting, Paris-Saint-Denis
2001-12-12CLAUI SD1Mode of operation rules for CLAUI
2001-12-12CLAUI SD2CLAUI Action Items
2002-09-12WG20 N979Calling notice and agenda for CLAUI meeting Oct 2002
2002-06-12WG20 N959Input to CLAUI from WG20
2002-06-12WG20 N931WG20 resolutions June 2002
2002-06-18SC2 N3616SC2/WG2 proposal on future of CLAUI
2002-09-12WG20 N980Swedish comments on SC2 N3616
2002-08-30SC22 N3489SC22 recommendation on CLAUI TD, resolution 02-17
2002-09-27JTC 1 N6888SC35 support on CLAUI coordination principles
2002-10-03JTC 1 N6901US contribution on frequency, location and structure of JTC 1 plenary meetings
2002-10-03JTC 1 N6902US contribution on technical directions
2002-10-13JTC 1 N6903SC22 business plan/chairman's report
2002-09-23JTC 1 N6866SC36 inquery regarding cross-sc topics internationalization and localization
2002-10-02LISANew Study to Determine Impact of Multi-Lingual Technologies