ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG21 P0615R0
Group: WG21
Jens Maurer

P0615R0: Renaming for structured bindings

As per EWG guidance on Monday, this paper replaces the term "decomposition declaration" with "structured binding declaration" and adds the term "structured binding" for each name so introduced.

Change in 7 [dcl.dcl] paragraph 8:

A simple-declaration with an identifier-list is called a decomposition structured binding declaration (8.5 [dcl.decomp]).
Change in [dcl.type.simple] paragraph 4:
For an expression e, the type denoted by decltype(e) is defined as follows:
Change in [] paragraph 1:
The auto type-specifier is also used to introduce a decomposition structured binding declaration (8.5 [dcl.decomp]).
Change the section heading and paragraph 1 of 8.5 [dcl.decomp]:
8.5 Decomposition Structured binding declarations [dcl.decomp] [dcl.struct.bind]

A decomposition structured binding declaration introduces the identifiers v0, v1, v2 , ... of the identifier-list as names (3.3.1), called structured bindings. ... ... where the declaration is never interpreted as a function declaration and the parts of the declaration other than the declarator-id are taken from the corresponding decomposition structured binding declaration. ...

Change in [temp.dep.expr] paragraph 3:
An id-expression is type-dependent if it contains
Change in Annex B [implimits]: