SC22/WG11 DOCUMENT REGISTER as per 2015-01-15

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/ WG11 documents in reversed document number order:

N520 - Results of Voting on N519

N519 - FDIS ISO/IEC 10967-1:2

N518 - Disposition of Comments on N514 - FCD registration and approval ballot for the revision of ISO/IEC 10967-1

N517 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (June 2011)

N516 - Summary of Voting FCD 10967-1

N515 - Disposition of Comments on N510 - CD registration and approval ballot for the revision of ISO/IEC 10967-1

N514 - Working Draft 2nd edition of ISO/IEC 10967-1, for internal WG11 review (October 2010)

N513 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (June 2010)

N512 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (June 2009)

N511 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (June 2008)

N510 - Summary of voting on CD registration and approval ballot for the revision of ISO/IEC 10967-1 ref: email 1239

N509 - Summary of voting on FDIS ISO/IEC 11404 - GPD ballot

N508 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (June 2007)

N507 - Working draft for the revision of ISO/IEC 10967-1 - Language Independent Arithmetic part 1: Integer and Flaotingpoint Arithmetic

N506 - Editors draft of FDIS 11404

N505 - Disposition of Comments on FCD 11404 ballot

N504 - Justification for the free availability of LIA docs

N503 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (June 2006)

N502 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (July 2005)

N501 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting October 2005

N500 - Documentlist N451-N500

N499 - Tables of reply on FCD 11404

N498 - Minutes WG11 Meeting April 2005

N497 - FDIS 10967-3

N496 - DoC ballot comments on FCD 10967-3

N495 - FCD 1404 - General Purpose Datatypes

N494 - Resolution of Comments on CD Ballot of ISO/IEC 11404, GPD

N493 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting April 2005

N492 - Tables of reply on FCD LIA-3

N491 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report

N490 - LIA-3 for FCD ballot

N489 - Summary of voting on CD 11404

N488 - Disposition of Comments Report for ISO/IEC CD 10967-3,

N487 - WG 11 Business Plan/Convener's Report

N486 - Roadmap of ISO/IEC 11404-Its Standardization and Data Interoperability

N485 - ISO/IEC CD 11404, General purpose datatypes (GPD) for CD Registration and Approval ballot

N484 - Draft version of revised ISO/IEC 11404 for review

N483 - Summary of voting on WG11 N481 ref: email 996

N482 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (July 2002)

N481 - LIA-3 for First CD ballot

N480 - Liaisonstatement from ITU-T on willingness to cooperate on 11404 revision

N479 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report (August 2001)

N478 - Comments from Fred Tydeman on LID ref: email 934

N477 - Tables of reply on FDIS 10967-2 ref: email 925

N476 - LIA-3 for registration ballot

N475 - Response to ITU-T Liaison on 11404 (N472) ref: email 924

N474 - LID Roadmap (revised) in email 998

N473 - Minutes WG11 Meeting April 2001

N472 - Liaison Statement from ITU-T SG 7 Regarding ISO/IEC 11404 ref: email 898

N471 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting April 2001

N470 - First draft of WD 10967-3 for comment ref: document

N469 - DoC ballot comments on FCD 10967-2 ref

N468 - FDIS 10967-2

N467 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report

N466 - Minutes WG11 Meeting March 2000, Dresden ref: email

N465 - US Contribution on amending ISO/IEC 11404 (LID)

N464 - Summary of voting on LIA-2 ref: email 863

N463 - Anouncement WG11 Meeting March 2000

N462 - 4th (and Final) CD 10967-2: LIA-2 comments ref: document

N461 - WG11 Business Plan/Convener Report

N460 - Minutes WG11 Meeting April 1999, Amsterdam

N459 - Disposition of Comments on 3rd CD ballot for LIA-2 comments ref: document

N458 - Summary of Voting on 3rd CD Ballot for LIA-2 ref: email 838

N457 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting April 1999

N456 - Summary of voting on request to ISO/IEC JTC1 to make ISO/IEC 11404:1996 publicly available ref: email 831

N455 - DTR 14369

N454 - DoC on Comments Approval Ballot PDTR 14369

N453 - Result of Voting Approval Ballot PDTR 14369 ref: email 825

N452 - Request to ISO/IEC JTC1 to make ISO/IEC 11404:1996 (Language Independent Datatypes) publicly available ref: email 821

N451 - DoC on Comments on Registration Ballot PDTR 14369

N450 - Document Register Documents N401 - N450

N449 - Summary of Voting on Registration ballot PDTR 14369 ref: email 817

N448 - PDTR 14369 for PDTR ballot

N447 - WG11 Business Plan

N446 - WG11 Convener Report to SC22

N445 - PDTR 14369 - Language Independent Service Specifications

N444 - Minutes WG11 Meeting November 1997

N443 - 3rd CD 10967-2

N442 - DoC on 2nd CD 10967-2

N441 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting November 1997 ,

N440 - WG14 documents on C binding to LIA-1 ref: emails 774, 776, 775, 777, 778, 779, 780

N439 - WG11 Business Plan

N438 - WG11 Convener Report to SC22

N437 - Draft version of TR 14369 for Review and Comment. ref: document N437

N436 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting July 1997

N435 - C9X Complex Arithmetic

N434 - Disposition of Comments on 1st CD of LIA-2

N433 - WG11 Convener Report to SC22

N432 - Minutes WG11 Meeting April 1996

N431 - Summary of voting and comments received on concurrent CD registration and approval of CD 10967-2, Language independent arithmetic Part 2, Elementary numerical functions

N430 - Response from SC22/WG11 to the JTC1 Policy on Conformity Assessment and JTC1 Policy on Inter-operability (SC22/N2039)

N429 - Second CD of LIA-2

N428 - WG20 N423: Guidelines on character data types ref: email 633

N427 - Liaison Report from SC22/WG22 - PCTE ref: email 632

N426 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting April 1996;

N425 - Acknowledgments Contributors IS 11404 and IS 13886

N424 - First CD of LIA-2

N423 - Final Text of IS 13886 - LIPC

N422 - Editor's Notes to the Final IS LID draft

N421 - Recommendations on JTC1 Document Formatting Guidelines

N420 - Minutes WG11 Meeting September 1995

N419 - Report on LIA-2 discussion during WG11 meeting Gaithersburg

N418 - Disposition of Comments on DIS 13886

N417 - DIS Ballot Comments on DIS 13886 - LIPC

N416 - Second Draft LIA-2

N415 - WG11 Convenor Report to SC22

N414 - Minutes WG11 Meeting May 1995

N413 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting September 1995

N412 - Contribution on LISS

N411 - 2nd Draft LIA-2

N410 - SC21 documents on RPC

N409 - Final text of IS 11404 - LID

N408 - Disposition of Comments on LID

N407 - Minutes WG11 Meeting January 1995

N406 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting May 1995

N405 - Resolution ballot comments on CD 13886 (N394)

N404 - Draft LIA-2

N403 - DIS Ballot Comments on LID - 11404

N402 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting January 1995

N401 - Responses on LIA-1 ballot

N400 - WG11 Document register N351-N400

N399 - LIPC draft 7.3 for CD registration

N398 - Additional comments from France on DIS 10967-1

N397 - WG11 Convenor Report to SC22

N396 - Liaison statement to SC21/WG8 on RPC

N395 - Minutes WG11 Meeting April 1994

N394 - Summary of voting and comments received on CD 13886 - LIPC

N393 - Binding Fortran 90 Datatypes to LID

N392 - Issues to be considered in planning the Technical Report on Guidelines for Language-Independent Service Specifications

N391 - Proposed Policies for the Management of Cross-Language, Language Binding, and Language-Independent Specification Projects within JTC1/SC22

N390 - A taxonomy of datatypes (Meek) ACM Sigplan Notices 1994

N389 - Comments from Barkmeyer on LID DIS, and following email messages

N388 - Comments on LID (DIS 11404), Annex E

N387 - How to bind a programming language to LID

N386 - LID-binding to MUMPS

N385 - Summary of voting and comments on LISS

N384 - Comments on the draft Pascal binding for LIPC

N383 - Draft Pascal binding for LIPC

N382 - WG2 resolution on Pascal-LIA binding

N381 - Summary of voting and comments on DIS 10967-1 (LIA-1)

N380 - Editor's notes to the LID DIS revision

N379 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting April 1994

N378 - What is a procedure call? (Meek) ACM Sigplan Notices 1995

N377 - LIPC Comments

N376 - LIPC WD#6.2

N375 - Late Canadian NO vote on CD11404.2

N374 - WG11 Convenor Report to SC22

N373 - An informal Taxonomy of Aggregate Datatypes

N372 - Minutes WG11 Meeting July 1993

N371 - Responses to comments on LID (N361)

N370 - LID WD#8

N369 - A Proposal for Accurate Floating-Point Arithmetic

N368 - Thin C binding for POSIX 9945-1

N367 - Responses to comments on LIPC (WG11/N357)

N366 - LIPC WD#6.1

N365 - Responses to comments on CD 10967-1 (WG11/N355)

N364 - CD 10967-1.2

N363 - Minutes WG11 Meeting April 1993

N362 - Meeting announcement WG11 meeting July 1993

N361 - Summary of Voting and Comments on LID ref: email 231

N360 - Agreement between RPC and WG11 on N353

N359 - Liaison statement to SC22/WG13 - Modula-2

N358 - Character Issues in CD 11404

N357 - Summary of Voting and Comments on LIPC

N356 - U.S. Contribution on API Specs.; ref: email 201

N355 - Summary of Voting and Comments on CD 10967-1

N354 - TR10182 final version

N353 - Liaison statement to SC21/WG8/RPC

N352 - DBL Liaison to CLID re: Tables; ref: email 173

N351 - Liaison statement from SC22/WG9 - Ada

N350 - WG11 Document register N301-N350

N349 - Draft Agenda April 1993 meeting

N348 - Editor's notes to LID WD7 from WD6.1

N347 - Editor's notes to LID WD7

N346 - Response to Ballot Comments on CD 11404.1

N345 - LID WD7 (CD 11404.2)

N344 - LIPC WD#6

N343 - Presentation Prof Kulisch (Paris, Oct 92)

N342 - Information to SC22 MBs on LIA-1

N341 - Minutes WG11 Meeting October 1992

N340 - Responses to comments on DTR 10182 (JTC1/N1208)

N339 - Approval to use IEEE TCOS guide

N338 - NWI proposal Guidelines for LI service specs

N337 - Response to N299

N336 - How children compute numbers

N335 - LIA-2 WD 0.0 + 2 annexes

N334 - Report on Tampere WG11 Meeting

N333 - Informal report on SC21 RPC

N332 - JTC1 Vote on DTR 10182

N331 - Comments on CLIP N317

N330 - Programming languages: towards greater commonality (Meek) ACM Sigplan Notices 1994

N329 - RPC: Part 2 - IDN

N328 - RPC: Part 1 - Model

N327 - LIA and Prolog

N326 - Possible Language Bindings for LIA-1

N325 - Problems of language bindings (Meek); Computer Standards and Interfaces 1993

N325 - Annex: Programming Languages: Towards Greater Commonality (Meek)

N324 - Comments to N309

N323 - Liaison Statement from SC21 to SC22/WG11

N322 - Draft Agenda October 1992 meeting

N321 - WG11 Convenor Report to SC22

N320 - Responses to comments

N319 - CLID WD 6

N318 - 2nd CD 10967-1

N317 - CLIPCM WD#5

N316 - Response to WG15 on N314

N315 - Minutes WG11 Meeting April 1992

N314 - IEEE 1003.1 US 1003.16 Open Issues

N313 - Harmonization possibilities with CLID

N312 - New Project Proposal: SQL ADT packages

N311 - Abstract Datatypes in SQL

N310 - Collected Electronic email contribution on CLIP

N309 - Generic base standards - Review of CLID5

N308 - USA Contribution on USA NO vote on LCAS

N307 - Draft response to WG 2.5 (WG11/N303)

N306 - Draft Disposition Comments on CD 10967 (WG11/N229)

N305 - CLIDT WD5 and RPC IDN

N304 - A response to IFIP comments

N303 - Comments on 10967:1991 (N229)

N302 - Revised Proposal for changes to LIA, part 1

N301 - Draft Agenda April 1992 mtng

N300 - WG11 Document register N251-N300

N299 - X3J3 review of CLIDT

N298 - Liaison statement to SC22

N297 - AFNOR comments on N292

N296 - Parameter passing in CLIP (Meek)

N295 - CLIPCM 4.0

N294 - Minutes WG11 Meeting September 1991

N293 - Summary of CLIP concerns

N292 - Proposed changes to CD 10967 (LCAS)

N291 - Comments on IDN data typing

N290 - Identifiers etc.

N289 - Declaration of Real Values

N288 - Pointer Datatype

N287 - Comments on IDN Grammar Syntax

N286 - ECMA proposed BNF for IDN

N285 - UK position on Open Issues in RPC IDN

N284 - P.L. Independent Spec. Methods D#4

N283 - Extension of value_expr syntax in RPC IDN

N282 - Revised Canonical IDN Grammar

N281 - Proposed revised Notification section of CD 10967

N280 - Summary proposed changes LCAS - CD 10967

N279 - Editors comments on Revised DTR 10182 (N278)

N278 - Revised DTR 10182 - Bindings Guidelines

N277 - Response by LCAS project editors to Scowen comments

N276 - RPC - WD3

N275 - IDN issues with CLID and CLIPC - 2

N274 - IDN issues with CLID and CLIPC - 1

N273 - Design for a CLI File Representation of Data Standard

N272 - Design for a CLI File Format Standard

N271 - Comments on CD 11404 - CLID WD #5

N270 - Experiences with ECMA PCTE Bindings

N269 - WG11 Convenor Report to SC22

N268 - The further discourse with Turba

N267 - Comments on Meek - N265

N266 - Comments on Turba - N262, part 3

N265 - Comments on Turba - N262

N264 - Comments on Turba - N262, part 2

N263 - Comments on Turba - N262, part 1

N262 - Comments on CLID WD#5

N261 - Response to N259

N260 - Draft Agenda September 1991 mtng

N259 - Recomm. changes to IDN and CLID WD5

N258 - CLID Outstanding Issues

N257 - Minutes WG11 Meeting May 1991

N256R UK comments on current WG11 issues

N255 - Comments on RPC

N254 - Response on call for comments on RPC

N253 - Progression of CLIDT, CLIPCM and RPC

N252 - IDN proposal

N251 - 2-valued datatypes revisited

N250 - WG11 Document register since N160

N249 - Distinct datatypes

N248 - CLIPCM WD3.0 comments

N247 - Updated Comments on Objects and Ptrs

N246 - Mapping, Marshalling

N245 - Editors notes CLID WD#5

N244 - Greengrass/Barkmeyer Dialogues

N243 - Editors notes to N242

N242 - CLIPCM version 3.0

N241 - Re: Craig's Comments

N240 - Comments on comments

N239 - Re: Types, .. etc part 2

N238 - Re: Types, subsetting, levels

N237 - CLI Datatypes and RPC

N236 - Meeks 4-levels ..

N235 - Levels of abstraction

N234 - CLID subsetting etc

N233 - CLID WD#5

N232 - Objects and pointers (Email 122)

N231 - RPC, CLIPC and subsetting CLIDT

N230 - Proposed IDN

N229 - LCAS Version 3.1

N228 - Response to Netwise Proposals (N219)

N227 - Minutes WG11 Meeting January 1991

N226 - Liaison statement form SC22/WG4

N225 - Comments on ASN.1 for real data values

N224 - Further Comments on Null/Undefined

N223 - Proj editor reponses on comments on CLID

N222R Proj editor reponses on comments on LCAS

N221 - Comments on CLID WD#4

N220 - AFNOR activity report

N219 - Relationship of CLIDT, CLIPCM and RPC

N218 - 2nd WD RPC

N217 - P.L. Independent Spec. Methods D#3

N216 - NULL Problems

N215 - Updated version PDTR 10182

N214 - Czechoslovak comment on N796 LCAS

N213 - Draft Agenda January 1991 mtng

N212 - LCAS Version 3.0

N211 - Comments on CLID WD#4

N210 - Summary of voting on N796 LCAS

N209 - WG11 convenor report to SC22AG

N208 - Collected responses to various comments

N207 - Minutes WG11 Meeting September 1990

N206 - Draft Resolution for SC22 on Alignment

N205 - Letter to SC22 on CLID

N204 - CLID - Comments on Comments

N203 - Disposition of Comments on PDTR 10182

N202 - AFNOR activity report

N201 - Alignment of RPC, CLID and CLIPCM standards

N200 - Discrepancy in CLID WD#3

N199R Comments on N196 (Comments from Sykes)

N198 - P.L. Independent Specification Methods

N197 - Comments on CLID WD#3

N196 - CLID, as seem from SQL

N195 - Parts from SC21/WG3/DBL SEL3b

N194 - Language-independent Standards (1.0)

N193 - WG11 project info from SC22/N805

N192 - Comments to CLIPCM WD#1

N191 - CLID WD#4, Editors Notes

N190 - CLID WD#4

N189 -

N188 - CLIPCM WD#2

N187 - Draft Agenda September 1990 mtng

N186 - Report RPC Rapporteur Meeting

N185 - RPC Definitions and Requirements

N184 - OSI - RPC Spec., First WD

N183 - Proposal NWI LCCAPS

N182 - Proposal NWI LCMPS

N181 - Letter of resignation

N180 - Minutes WG11 Meeting May/June 1990

N179 - French comments on N162 (CLID WD#3)

N178 - Further discussion of CLID

N177 - CLIDT Scope and Mappings

N176 - Comments on N157

N175 - RPC using OSI (ECMA-127) Final Dr 2nd ed

N174 - Amendments to N166, Proposal for LCCAPS

N173 - Amendments to N165, Proposal for LCMPS

N172 - Comments on N162 (CLID, WD#3)

N171 - Two-valued Datatypes (Sigplan paper)

N170 - Comments on N162/N163 (CLID WD#3)

N169 - Extracts from TSG-1 N287 Issues V4

N168 - CLIPCM WD Version 1.1

N167 - LCAS Version 2.2a

N166 - Proposal LCCAPS

N165 - Proposal LCMPS

N164 - Draft Agenda June 1990 WG11 Meeting

N163 - CLID WD.3 - Editor's Notes

N162 - CLID Working Draft #3

N161 - X3T2 Minutes October 1989

N160 - Document Register WG11 Documents

N159 - Standard ECMA-127 RPC Basic Remote Procedure Call using OSI Remote Operations

N158 - Register of WG11 Members Interest

N157 - Responses to WG11/N151 - Greengrass proposed additions to CLID

N156 - ANSI X3T2 - Data Interchange 1989 Document Register through 26 October 1989

N155 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #13: 25-28 July 1989

N154 - Draft Minutes of WG11 Meeting 10-12 October 1989, London

N153 - Fortran 77 and CLID: An illustrated statement of requirements

N152 - Compendium of email comments on CLID

N151 - Proposed additions to CLIDT Standard

N150 - Miscellaneous US comments of LCAS

N149 - Comments on LCAS Version 2.2

N148 - Draft Minutes of WG11 meeting, 25-27 April 1989, Lowell MS (USA)

N147 - Resolutions relevant to WG11 from the SC22 Plenary Berlin 1989-09-26/29

N146 - Notice of meeting of SC 22/ WG 11, 10-12 October 1989, London

N145 - Comments on N137 - CLIDT WD#2

N144 - Proposal for Language Compatible Arithmetic Standard Version 2.2

N143 - Report to SC22 Plenary Berlin, September 1989

N142 - Draft report to SC22 Plenary Berlin, September 1989

N141 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #12: 25-28 April 1989

N140 - Common Language-Independent Procedure calling Mechanism - What is the standard for?

N139 - Common Language-Independent Datatypes - Editor's Notes for Working Draft #2

N138 - Personal Comments on Common Language-Independent Datatypes

N137 - Common Language-Independent Datatypes Working Draft #2

N136 - Response to Wichmann's objections to CLIDT Proposals (WG11 N109)

N135 - Response to the ANSI X3J4 Comments on CLIPCM and CLIDT (WG11 N114)

N134 - Common Language-Independent Datatypes (CLIDT) - What is the standard for?

N133 - Responses to the SC22 comments on the Language Bindings Document (SC22 N507)

N132 - Revised comments on Lang Compat Arith Std, draft 2.1 dated Mar 10

N131 - Datatypes and Conceptual Schemas for Modelling Open Distributed Processing

N130 - Coordinating Liaison of X3J4 with C3T2 for Standard Arithmetic Project

N129 - Rationale for the Language Compatible Arithmetic Standard version 3.0

N128 - Proposal for Language Compatible Arithmetic Standard Version 2.1

N127 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #11: 24-27 January 1989

N126 - Comments on the current LCAS draft (X3T2/88-179)

N125 - X3T2 meeting 25-28 April 1989

N124 - SCAN-89 Symposium on Computer Arithmetic and Self-validating Numerical Methods

N123 - A language-based design for Portable Data Files

N122 - Some reflections on Common Language-Independent Datatypes

N121 - ANSI X3T2 1988 document register through 10 January 1989

N120 - New Work Item Proposal for A language-Independent Arithmetic Standard

N119 - Comments on C3T2/88-179 Proposed Language-Compatible Arithmetic Standard, Version 2

N118 - ODP Requirements for defining datatypes

N117 - Critique of Datatypes Approach

N116 - Comments on the proper Scope of Common Language Independent Datatypes

N115 - Letter from CLIP project editor to X3Jn

N114 - Review comments on WG11 documents

N113 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #10: 26-28 October 1988

N112 - Proposal conformity section Common Language Independent Datatypes

N111 - Personal comments on WG11 N101 - Common Language Independent Datatypes

N110 - SANS - Formal Description of Datatypes

N109 - Notes on Common Language Independent Datatypes

N108 - Coded Character sets and programming languages

N107 - Language-Independent Routine calls

N106 - Rationale for the Language Compatible Arithmetic Standard version 1.1

N105 - Supplement to convenor's report to SC22 AG meeting Tokyo, October 1988

N104 - 1988-Q3 report to IST/5

N103 - Minutes WG11 Meeting April 19-21 1988, Cleveland (UK)

N102 - DIS 10148 - Basic remote procedure call (RPC) using OSI remote operations

N101 - Common Language-Independent Data Types, Working Draft #1 plus Editor's notes

N100 - RAAM - Remote Application Access and Management

N099 - WG11 Report to the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 Advisory Group, Tokyo 1988-10-17/19

N098 - Approval New Work Item for Language Compatible Arithmetic Standard

N097 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #9: 27-29 July 1988, Issaquah WA

N096 - Multi-byte Character in Character Strings

N095 - Letter on Common Language-Independent Data Types

N094 - Summary of Voting on DTR - Guidelines of Programming Language Bindings

N093 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #8: 27-29 April 1987, Washington DC

N092 - Common Language-Independent Procedure Calls - Comments and Suggestions

N091 - Common language-independent procedure calling mechanisms - Proto-draft of the conformity definition and introductory parts of the proposed standard

N090 - Letter to X3T2 on cooperation on Language-Independent Data Types project

N089 - ISO New Work Item Proposal for a Language-Independent Arithmetic Standard

N088 - Comments on Guidelines for Language Bindings

N087 - Towards a formal specification of floating point (1988-01-07)

N086 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #7: 27-29 January 1988, Pasadena CA

N085 - Comments on X3T2/87-121 (WG11 N084)

N084 - Common Language-Independent Data Types

N083 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #6, 27-30 October 1987, Kansas City MO

N082 - Language-Independent Data Types

N081 - Proposal for an International Standard for Floating Point within a Programming Language (1987-11-19)

N080 - Comments on Version 1.1 of Draft Proposal for a Language-Based Arithmetic Standard (1987-11-06)

N079 - Draft Proposal for a Language-Based Arithmetic Standard

N078 - The Matrix: time relations between GKS/PHIGS/CGI and Fortran/Pascal/C/Ada standardization

N077 - Guidelines For Language Bindings, Draft December 1987

N076 - Anticipated Schedule for ISO Graphic Standards Progression 09/17/87

N075 - Draft Minutes of ISO/TC 97/SC 22/WG 11 Meeting, Kansas City27-29 October 1987

N074 - X3T2 Data Interchange Annual Report 11/03/12 1987

N073 - Some personal thoughts on Ada/SQL binding issues

N072 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #5: 29-31 July 1987 Seattle WA

N071 - Report of WG11 to ISO/TC97/SC22 Plenary 09/08/87

N070 - [Not distributed replaced by new version of N077]

N069 - Ideas for project 602-D

N068 - WG14 comments on C binding for PHIGS and GDI

N067 - Proposal for the LOTOS executable standard library

N066 - Common Language-Independent Set of Datatypes: Notes and Comments

N065 - July 29-31 X3T2 Meeting in Seattle (draft agenda, document register)

N064 - SC21 Documents for Review (Fortran PHIGS bindings)

N063 - Draft Minutes of Fourth Meeting 22-24 April 1987 Washington DC

N062 - BSI amendments to N50 (Changes to ISO TC97/SC22 N261

N061 - Minutes of meeting no 2 BSI London 06/17/87

N060 - Document list

N059 - Membership list

N058 - Comments on ""Changes to ISO/TC97/SC22 N261 Guidelines for Language Bindings as of 7 May 1987"" WG11 N52

N057 - Common Language-independent Procedure Call - General Description

N056 - Common Language-independent Procedure Call - Fortran binding

N055 - Working Draft for CGI Binding to Fortran SC21 N1838

N054 - Review of N1778, PHIGS Extended Pascal Binding

N053 - Reply to BSI comments in N012

N052 - Reply to ANSI comments in N011

N051 - Reply to AFNOR comments in N032

N050 - Changes to ISO TC97/SC22 N261 - First WD Guidelines for Language Bindings

N049 - Common Language-Independent Procedure Call - COBOL Binding

N048 - Common Language-Independent Procedure Call - Extended Pascal Binding

N047 - Common Language-Independent Data Types

N046 - Ken Meyer's Notes to SC21 of WG11 meeting

N045 - Draft Minutes of ISO/TC 97/SC 22/WG 11 Meeting, 5-7 May 1987 Middlesex (UK)05/05/07 1987

N044 - IRDS Service Interface

N043 - Database Language Embedded SQL

N042 - Procedure language Access to SQL

N041 - An example of a calling sequence standard

N040 - Data Types - MEP Database Guideline

N039 - An approach to logical specification of Common Data Types from ANSI/X3H2 (Data Base)

N038 - Follow-up on X3 B 810

N037 - X3T2 Document register through April 15 1987

N036 - Draft Agenda of ANSI X3T2 Data Interchange meeting 04/22/24 1987 Washington DC

N035 - Review of document 97/21 N1778 - PHIGS Language Bindings - Part 2: Extended Pascal

N034 - An almost-everything-independent data transfer method

N033 - French Activity Report on work related to ISO/TC 97/SC 22/WG 11 Binding Techniques

N032 - Contribution on the First Working Draft on Guidelines for Language Bindings

N031 - Not avaliable

N030 - Comments on X3 ballot 810 and transmittal X3/86-2086 on Common Language-Independent procedure Calling Mechanisms

N029 - Fortran 8X data types

N028 - News Release on Common Language-Independent Data Types project

N027 - Draft Minutes of ANSI X3T2 meeting #3 01/27/30 1987 Los Gatos CA

N026 - Not avaliable

N025 - Draft Agenda of ANSI X3T2 Data Interchange meeting 04/22/24 1987 Washington DC

N024 - X3T2 Document register through March 15 1987

N023 - Letter to SC22 WG2 on Pascal binding for GKS

N022 - Material on X3T2 projects

N021 - Letter to WG11 convener on WG11 projects

N020 - Review of SC21 N1415 - Pascal binding for GKS

N019 - AFNOR comments on SC22 N261 - First Working Draft on Guidelines for Language Bindings

N018 - US comments on SC22 N261 - First Working Draft on Guidelines for Language Bindings

N017 - Unconfirmed minutes of BSI IST/5/11 meeting held on 1986-11-27

N016 - Minutes of meeting no.1 BSI London 01/12/87

N015 - Document register (February 1987)

N014 - Membership list

N013 - Notice of meeting of ISO/TC 97/SC 22/ WG 11 5-7 May 1987 Middlesex UK

N012 - Comment on ISO TC97/SC22 N261 - First Working Draft on Guidelines for Language Bindings

N011 - Comments on ISO/TC97/SC22/WG11 - First Working Draft on Guidelines For Language Bindings

N010 - X3T2 Document register through January 12 1987

N009 - Final follow-up to X3LB 811 Approval of X3/86-428R - Project Proposal for Common Language-Independent Data Types and assignment to X3T2

N008 - Anticipation ISO Graphic standards schedule for 1987

N007 - SPARC approval of X3/86-428R - Project Proposal for Common Language-Independent Data Types and assignment to X3T2

N006 - SPARC approval of X3/86-429R - Project Proposal for Common Language-Independent Procedure Calling Mechanisms and assignment to X3T2

N005 - Pascal correspondence on data types

N004 - ISO and ANSI data interchange standards

N003 - Letter to Mr. William C. Rinehuls (chairman SPARC)

N002 - Letter to potential X3T2 members

N001 - Letter to Dr. Leonard Gallagher - X3T2