SD-1 07-0000R7 2007 J16/WG21 document list Clark Nelson
SD-2 07-0001R7 ISO WG21 and INCITS J16 membership list Clark Nelson
SD-5 03-0029 WG21 and J16 (C++) Joint Mailing and Meeting Information Herb Sutter
N2472 07-0342 June 2008 Meeting G. Dos Reis, S. Pion, J.-P. Rigault
N2473 07-0343 C++ Standard Core Language Active Issues, Revision 52 William M. Miller
N2474 07-0344 C++ Standard Core Language Defect Reports, Revision 52 William M. Miller
N2475 07-0345 C++ Standard Core Language Closed Issues, Revision 52 William M. Miller
N2476 07-0346 AGENDA J16 Meeting No. 47 February 25 - Mar 1, 2008, Bellevue, WA Stephen D. Clamage
N2477 07-0347 Uniform initialization design choices Bjarne Stroustrup
N2478 07-0348 A Proposal to Add typedef default_random_engine to C++0X Walter E. Brown
N2479 07-0349 Normative Language to Describe Value Copy Semantics John Lakos
N2480 07-0350 A Less Formal Explanation of the Proposed C++ Concurrency Memory Model Hans-J. Boehm
N2481 07-0351 Minimal Support for Garbage Collection and Reachability-Based Leak Detection H.-J. Boehm, M. Spertus
N2482 07-0352 C++ Standard Library Active Issues List (Revision R53) Howard Hinnant
N2483 07-0353 C++ Standard Library Defect Report List (Revision R53) Howard Hinnant
N2484 07-0354 C++ Standard Library Closed Issues List (Revision R53) Howard Hinnant
N2485 07-0355 A variadic std::min(T, ...) for the C++ Standard Library Sylvain Pion
N2486 07-0356 Alternative Allocators and Standard Containers Lance Diduck
N2487 07-0357 Lambda Expressions and Closures: Wording for Monomorphic Lambdas (Revision 2) J. Järvi, J. Freeman, L. Crowl
N2488 07-0358 Extending Variadic Template Template Parameters D. Gregor, E. Niebler