SC22 N2514 - JTC 1 IT Strategy Timeline
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Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
Secretariat: U.S.A. (ANSI)
July 1997
JTC 1 IT Strategy Timeline
Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22
Note that consideration of this document will be an agenda item for the
August 1997 JTC 1/SC22 Plenary.
SC22 N2511, N2512, N2513
To SC22 Member Bodies, WG Conveners and HODs for consideration.
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ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22 Secretariat
William C. Rinehuls
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JTC1 N4796
JTC 1 IT Strategy Timeline
September 1997 begin: document distribution via the web
begin: hyperlinked document registers
begin: e-mail notification of newly available
begin: security password distribution for members
begin: hyperlinked agenda for JTC 1 plenary
begin: problem solving "hit team"
[Problems/Suggestions should be sent to Michelle
Maas ( who will distribute problems
to "hit team" to resolve.]
December 1997 end: diskette distribution
begin: paper distribution for those without access
meet: ad hoc to share successes/resolve issues
March 1998 begin: JTC 1 Secretariat web based balloting and
June 1998 review: non-web based distribution
give: status on implementation
end: ad hoc on IT Strategy (Determine the
ongoing maintenance requirements of policy
and tips-and-techniques documents)
Operating Principles:
As a WG document progresses through the SC to the JTC 1,the
following is understood:
- SC "owns" the document, provides a cover page with necessary
actions and assigns an SC document number
- work progresses to the JTC 1 level (JTC 1 "owns") where the
JTC 1 Secretariat adds a cover page with necessary actions and
a JTC 1 number, posts to the web, and sends e-mail notification
to NBs that such a "distribution" has occurred
- NB processes the document locally to their members, either
forwarding the JTC 1 e-mail or through extracting the necessary
files, attaching a cover page with local information, and
distributing using local "rules"
The following assumptions are therefore made:
- mirroring or extractions are permitted by NBs - NBs take
responsibility for distribution to their members in a timely
- mirroring or extraction are not mandatory - it is up to the NB to
determine local operation and if such an activity is "value
added" for their membership
- posting of documents for a meeting shall cut off 1 week prior to
the meeting to permit adequate time for NB distribution and
- announcement of late documents before a meeting should have
a cutoff time of one week before the meeting in order to ensure
"fair" worldwide distribution.
- if a document is limited to "members only" distribution, NBs
must retain the secure nature of those documents worldwide
- based on the preparedness of a given SC, the date by which
diskette distribution will end shall be left up to the SC so long
as it occurs by end of year, 1997. This phased implementation
towards web servers may actually be a benefit for those NBs
handling multiple SCs
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