ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 Ballot Resolution Meeting - DIS 23360 LSB

Preliminary Meeting Notice

The JTC 1 fast-track ballot for DIS 23360, LSB 2.0.1, closes 2005-05-10. The IT Standards Committee, Singapore (ITSC), has graciously offered to host any ballot resolution required for DIS 23360. This preliminary notice is being issued in order that potential attendees for such a meeting may start making travel arrangements. The final details of the venue and local travel arrangements will be issued after the ballot has closed and the size of the meeting can be estimated.

  1. Convener: Nick Stoughton (
  2. Host: The IT Standards Committee, Singapore (ITSC).
  3. Host Contact: Ho Buaey Qui, ITSC Secretariat
    Tel: 65 6211 1233
    Fax: 65 6211 2211
  4. Date: August 29 - September 2, 2005

An agenda will be issued after the closure of the ballot.

Note The meeting is open to all JTC 1 and SC 22 'P' members, and attendance is required from any national body submitting negative comments.