ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 Plenary
August 26-30, 2002
Hotel Riekonlinna, Saariselkä, Finland

Conference venue

The meeting will take place at Hotel Riekonlinna in Saariselkä in Lappland. Saariselkä is a well known Holiday Resort approx. 250 km to the north of the Arctic Circle. Saariselkä is a small "town-like"  community  located  in the corner of one of the biggest Finland's natural parks  having good winter sports facilities in wintertime and hiking facilities in summer.

Travelling to Saariselkä via Helsinki

Most international flights to Finland arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. There are several flights from Helsinki to Ivalo (served by Finnair, the national airline,, so you can book a connecting  flight quite easily). Because of the location in very Northern part of Finland there are no other convenient trasportation possibilities to Ivalo. For adventurers  a train to Rovaniemi (11 hours from Helsinki) and a bus (250 kilometers from Rovaniemi) is an alternative, but not recommended by organizers.

Transportation from Ivalo to Saariselkä (and back)

The Ivalo airport is located 25 kilometers from Hotel Riekonlinna. There will be regular bus transportation from the airport to the hotel after flight arrival and to the departing flights from the hotel.  The bus fare is about EUR 7 and taxi fee approximate EUR 60.

Contact information of the hotel is:

Hotel Riekonlinna
Tel. + 358 16 679 44 00
Fax. +358 16 679 44 56

Registration to the meeting and accomodation

The agreement with the hotel concerns meeting arrangements, accomodation and meals for the meeting days. Prices per day for single rooms will be EUR 111 and in double rooms EUR 80 per person (breakfast, dinner, lunch included).

Registration to the meeting:
Participants are expected to make advance registration to the meeting latest at June 15th, 2002.  The summer break of the Finnish universities is in July and we are not able to guarantee regular and fast response to the emails in that time. We recommend to make registration and advance hotel reservations before June 15th, 2002 even in the case that all details of the stay are not known. You may send corrected or more detailed information concerning your stay in Saariselkä by email to the organizers even after the deadline of the registration (

Registration and hotel reservation form:
Hotel reservations will be taken care by the organizers. Please make registration and hotel reservation  by filling the registration form.

Currency exchange, credit cards

Finland has joined to the European currency union and the currency is Euro. Check  exchange rates at Hotel Riekonlinna has an exhange service but because of hotel exchange rates  we recommend you to arrange your currency exchange in advance either at home or at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Most common credit cards are accepted in Hotel Riekonlinna.


Hopefully available. Listed later.

Meeting facilities

We have reserved one large meeting room and additional rooms for groupworks and drafting committee.  The large meeting room is equipped with overhead projector, a PC, dataprojector and network connection (hope so). We also have  photocopier and  printers for the meeting. Internet connection is available for the conference and available also in some hotel rooms.

The computers at the conference site are equipped with MS standard software. If you have special needs concerning conference facilities, please contact us in advance.

Electricity: Currency in Finland is 230 Volts / 50 Hz. The plug used is according to the Europe Schuko -standard.

Finland in August

The weather in Northern Finland  (Lappland) in August is turning from summer to autumn. The weather may be changing from reasonable warm and beautiful to rainy, windy and cool.  Anyway, it is expectable to have day temperature varying between +10..20 Centigrades, and at nights  the temperature +/- 0 Centigrades.  In Southern Finland day time temperatures are usually between around +20 Centigrades; nights a bit cooler.   General information on weather in Finland can be found at the www-pages of the Finnish Meteorological Institute ( Weather at Ivalo airport (and other airports) is reported by Finnish Aviation Authority ( Weather forecast covering several areas in Finland is also available in Wunderground www-pages (

Clothing instructions: The nature of the meeting is informal. Saariselkä is a leisure time center having good opportunity for hiking in the  surrounding National Park area having guided hiking routes - more or less demanding. The hotel and the village environment encourage you to wear leisure time clothes. We do not organize any occasions expecting formal dressing. Please take into account the weather conditions.

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Contact information

In case you have any questions concerning the meeting, please contact us:

Ulla Nevanranta
Tampere University of Technology (Pori)
P.O. Box 300, FIN-28101 PORI, Finland
tel. +358 2 627 2710
fax. +358 2 630 0911

Hannu Jaakkola
Tampere University of Technology (Pori)
P.O. Box 300, FIN-28101 PORI, Finland
tel. +358 2 627 2712
+358 400 622 942 (mobile phone)
fax. +358 2 630 0911