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Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 16:49:37 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: SC22 N2464 - Minutes of WG5 Meeting on February 10-14, 1997

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Programming languages, their environments and system software interfaces
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May 1997

TITLE:            Minutes and Resolutions of SC22/WG5 (Fortran) Meeting
                  on February 10-14, 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

SOURCE:           Secretariat, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22

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DOCUMENT TYPE:    WG5 Meeting Minutes and Resolutions

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1 invited speaker:
    Arnold Winkler
37 delegates:
    WG5 Convenor: Miles Ellis
    X3J3 Chairman: Jerrold Wagener
    Austria: Gerhard Schmitt, David Schmitt
    Finland: Petri Mahonen
    Germany: Michael Hennecke, Wolfgang Walter, Manuela Zuern
    Japan: Masakaza Hayashi, Masayuki Takata
    Netherlands: Mattings Van Waveren
    UK: Malcolm Cohen, John Cuthbertson, Keng Low, Steve Morgan, David
Muxworthy, John Reid
    US: Jeanne Adams, Keith Bierman, Richard Bleikamp, Walt Brainerd, Viktor
Decyk, Craig Dedo, Dick Hendrickson, Kurt Hirchert, Baker Kearfott, Richard
Maine, Jeanne Martin, Loren Meissner, Mallory North, Charles Norton, Larry
Rollison, Bob Runyan, Reva Sacks, Van Snyder, Tony Warnock, Stan Whitlock,
Henry Zongaro

    Objectives are to establish Fortran 2000 requirements, and to make
recommendations as to ongoing projects including Technical Corrigendum 3 and
Fortran 95.

    Appointments for the meeting are: North, Librarian; Meissner, Secretary;
Drafting Committee (for WG5 resolutions), Muxworthy, Wagener, Ellis; Technical
Subgroup Heads/Assistant Heads, Hendrickson/Kearfott (High Performance),
Zuern/Cuthbertson (Data), Whitlock/Bleikamp (Miscellaneous).

    Objectives are to complete Fortran 2000 requirements; to further develop
technical specifications for selected requirements; and to make
recommendations concerning WG5 projects on C Interoperability and Conditional

    Plenary session actions will be based only on recommendations from
technical subgroups, except in unusual cases.

AGENDA (Wagener):
    Motion to adopt Agenda, WG5/N1234 (Whitlock, Dedo) approved unanimously.

    Motion to adopt minutes of WG5 meeting, Dresden July 1996, WG5/N1220
(Ellis, Hennecke) approved unanimously.

    Motion to adopt minutes of X3J3 meeting, Las Vegas November 1996,
X3J3-96-180 (Maine, Hendrickson) approved unanimously.

REPORT ON OFFICIAL ACTIONS OF SC22 and ITIC (formerly X3) (Ellis):
    The rules for final processing of draft standards have been changed
slightly. There will be a "final" ballot on the technical committee draft;
comments at this stage may result in changes. This will be followed by a
single Draft International Standard ballot with no comments. With regard to
WG5 documents in progress, the new rules will apply to the Technical Report on
C Interoperability and to the Part on Conditional Compilation. Some changes in
editorial rules have been forwarded to all WG5 Project Editors.

    New work items now require active participation by 5 member bodies;
implementation of this rule has created a problem in the case of GKS binding
to Fortran 90, as described in a communication from SC24 (X3J3-97-130), which
will be the subject of a resolution at this meeting.

    Reports from Germany (WG5/N1249) and US (WG5/N1258) have been submitted in

    Document X3J3-97-010 lists the current status, and references current
documentation for projects that are under way. Electronic subgroups
established at Dresden had prepared documents based on documents WG5/N1238,
/N1239, and /N1240 for consideration by subgroups at this meeting.

    WG5 Technical Reports on Floating Point Exception Handling (WG5/N1231) and
Enhanced Derived Type Facilities (WG5/N1230) are the subjects of current
letter ballots.

    Development groups for WG5 projects on C Interoperability (WG5/1237) and
Conditional Compilation (WG5/N1243; see also WG5/N1247 and WG5/N1208) met
separately during this week. Technical reports will require integration into
Fortran 2000.

    Defect management for Fortran 95 will begin after final approval.

    Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 will remain as US national standards; some
future US action may be taken in this regard.

    Issues identified by SC20, including defining and handling culturally
dependent "locale" information, were described and discussed. WG5 was urged to
accommodate internationalization insofar as possible.

    High Performance group requested guidance from the full group concerning
Interval arithmetic (WG5/N1252, /N1253); individuals expressed preference as
follows: (Required part of Fortran 2000, 7; Optional part of Fortran 2000, 24;
Undecided, 5).

    Miscellaneous subgroup reported its discussion of WG5/N1240. The subtroup
recommended deletion of selected items that had previously been classified as
requirements for "Minor Technical Enhancements," and requested guidance from
the full group. A majority of the group preferred to delete the following
items: Allow MERGE in constant expressions (M.9), Named scratch files (M.10),
Specifying default precision (M.12), and More than 7 array dimensions (M.14).

    Final actions resulting from other recommendations of High Performance,
Data, and Miscellaneous Subgroups are reported below.

    The group was requested to express its preference for "Maintain the
current schedule, according to which the next Fortran standard would be
published in November 2001." Individuals: (18-19); countries (2-5).

    The group was requested to express its preference for "Choose a revised
planned publication date and schedule the work to fit that date." Individuals:
(29-6); countries (6-1).

    The group was requested to express its preference for "The revised planned
publication date should not be later than November 2003." Individuals: (37-0).
"The revised planned publication date should not be later than November 2002."
Individuals: (26-11). "The revised planned publication date should not be
later than May 2002." Individuals: (7-28). "Confirm that the revised planned
publication date should be November 2002." Countries: (6-1).

    Anticipating that Interoperability with C would be the subject of a
resolution, the group expressed its preference for "Interoperability with C is
a Fortran 2000 requirement." Individuals: (31-0). Wagener noted that all
current Technical Report projects are Fortran 2000 requirements but are not
considered X3J3 work items except for integration.

    The following chart summarizes individual preferences for items previously
identified by WG5 as requirements, along with those recommended by the
Subgroups. Column 1 reflects individual preferences, expressed during Subgroup
reports, for giving items further consideration. Column 2 shows individual
preferences to categorize items as A (high), B (medium), or C (low) priority.
Column 3 refines Column 2 for selected items.

= Feature Name =======================   1  ;    2   ;    3   ;
                                            ; A- B- C; A- B- C;
derived type I/O                            ;17-14- 4;20-15-  ;
procedure pointers                          ;22-10- 2;        ;
inheritance (EXTENDS)                  32- 5;25- 6- 4;        ;
polymorphism (OBJECT)                       ;22- 9- 4;        ;
internationalization                   34- 1;16-17- 2;18-16-  ;
parameterized derived types                 ;14-14- 7;14-21-  ;
interval arithmetic                         ;11- 8-12;12-11-13;
constructors/destructors               30- 4;13-15- 7;17-17-  ;
asynchronous I/O                            ;14-15- 1;15-19-  ;
VOLATILE attribute                      yes ; 7-16- 5;        ;
allow public entities of private type   yes ; 4-16-14;  -18-15;
PUBLIC and PRIVATE components           yes ; 2-20-12;        ;
stream I/O                             21- 6; 6-20-7 ;        ;
command line arguments                 29- 4; 6-15-12;  -19-13;
access to status error messages         yes ; 5-16-13;  -20-14;
IEEE I/O rounding inquiry intrinsics    yes ; 7-10-13;  -17-17;
user-specified operator precedence     11-16; 3- 9-21;        ;
ASSERT statement or construct           yes ; 2- 6-21;        ;
pointer association classes            20- 1; 2- 6-20;        ;
aliasing type definitions               yes ; 4-13-17;  -11-20;
regularize KIND                         yes?; 0- 4-31;        ;
extend ALLOCATE to nonkind             23- 3; 3-13-17;        ;
exception handling                     21- 9; 9-10-16;  -12-21;
any kind integer in I/O specifiers     28- 5; 3-13-18;        ;
internal procedures as actual args     17-14; 7- 9-18;        ;
tabs in data                           22- 7; 2- 7-25;        ;
tabs in source                         20-15; 3- 8-22;        ;
regularize random seed                 19- 5; 8- 8-19;        ;
packed LOGICAL                         15-15; 5- 4-25;        ;
SWAP operator                          12-12; 2- 2-31;        ;
preconnected unit number inquiry       17-10; 2- 6-26;        ;
separate module spec                   15- 8; 3-12-19;        ;

    Country preferences were expressed concerning selected items.
      interval arithmetic (A, 4; B, 1)
      IEEE I/O rounding inquiry intrinsics (B, 4; C, 3)
      parameterized derived types (A, 5; B, 2)
      user-specified operator precedence (B, 4; C, 2)
      internal procedures as actual args (B, 1; C, 4)
      constructors/destructors (A, 3; B, 3)
      asynchronous I/O (A, 5; B, 2)

    Individual preferences were expressed concerning selected existing Minor
Technical Enhancement requirements:
       M6, extend initialization expressions (27-4)
       M8, liberalize BOZ constants (9-13)
       M9, MERGE in constant expressions (6-18)
       M12, default precision (7-15)
       M13, processor-dependent features list (10-13)
       M15, renaming operators (21-4)
       M16, data type encapsulation (32-0)
       M17, enhanced complex constants (23-2)

    Convenor stated that he will expand N1259 (Content of Fortran 2000) to
include a more meaningful title for each item, suitable for posting on various
Fortran news groups.

    Data subgroup proposed syntax for parameterized derived types. Motion to
accept X3J3-97-104r2 (Maine, Cuthbertson) approved (23-2).

    Data subgroup reviewed M16, data type encapsulation; see X3J3-97-145.
There is a small error in F90 but defect processing has terminated. It can be
processed during defect management for Fortran 95, and the corresponding
correction can be incorporated into Fortran 2000. If this is done, Fortran
2000 will agree with Fortran 95 but both will be slightly different from
Fortran 90. Technically, the defect relates to user-defined assignment of
components of a derived type. Straw vote to process as a Fortran 95 defect:

    Data subgroup presented Pointers to Procedures. Motion to accept
X3J3-97-147 as syntax (Maine, Snyder); after discussion, motion to table until
the X3J3 meeting in May 1997 (Meissner, Kearfott); tabled by unanimous

    Miscellaneous subgroup described the effect of "copy in, copy out"
semantics on asynchronous I/O. Straw vote, this is the proper direction:

    High Performance recommended that numbers of real type should not be mixed
with intervals in an interval expression. Straw vote on this recommendation as
described in X3J3-97-143: (26-2-0).

    By request of three countries that had preferred category B for
user-specified operator precedence, this item was reconsidered. The
reconsidered result was (B, 2; C, 4).

FUTURE MEETINGS (Ellis, Wagener):
    Gerhard Schmitt discussed arrangements for the next WG5 meeting in Vienna
July 21-25, 1997. Delegates should request further information from Gerhard if
they require a less expensive hotel or if they need parking facilities.

    Final arrangements for a WG5 meeting in 1998 will be determined at Vienna.
    Future X3J3 meetings:
       12-16 May 1997, Las Vegas
       11-15 Aug 1997, Breckenridge Colorado
       10-14 Nov 1997, Las Vegas
       16-20 Feb 1998, Lafayette Louisiana
             May 1998, Terre Haute Indiana
             Aug 1998, Edinburgh Scotland

RESOLUTIONS (Muxworthy):
   Resolutions in document WG5/N1261 were discussed. With regard to LV8,
Convenor expressed his intent to carry out the referenced letter ballot by
approximately March 31, 1997.

   Resolutions LV1 to LV10 were adopted unanimously except as follows: LV2, G
Schmitt abstains; LV7, Germany and Walter abstain; LV10, Mahonen and Walter
object. Resolutions LV11 and LV12 were adopted by acclamation.

The following documents have both WG5/N and X3J3-97- numbers:
(1151=134), (1235=107), (1237=108), (1241=109), (1242=110), (1243=111),
(1245=102), (1246=101), (1247=112), (1252=105). (1253=113), (1255=115),
(1256=116), (1259=138r1), (1261=1242r2), (1263=139), (1265=135), (1266=137r1),
(1267=124), (1268=128), (1269=129r1), (1270=114r2), 1271=126), (1272=131).

___________________end of minutes; beginning of resolutions ___________

         ON FEBRUARY 10 TO 14 1997, IN LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

The meeting was attended by the convenor and 37 members, representing 7
member bodies.  Resolutions LV1, LV3 to LV6, LV8 and LV9 were approved
by unanimous consent,LV11 and LV12 by unanimous acclaim; votes on the
other resolutions are shown following each resolution.

LV1. Technical Corrigendum 3 to Fortran 90
That WG5, as a result of comments made in the SC22 ballot (see
WG5-N1263), instructs the editor, John Reid, to make the alteration to
Technical Corrigendum 3 to Fortran 90 suggested by Japan and to forward
the resulting document to ITTF for publication.

LV2.  Fortran 90 Binding to GKS
That WG5, having considered the objections raised by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC24
to the proposed cancellation of project CD of GKS Fortran 90
Binding, requests JTC1 to allow this project to continue, for the
reasons already expressed by SC24.
LV2 was approved with one individual abstention.

LV3.  Fortran 95 DIS
That WG5 instructs the editor, Richard Maine, to make the alteration to
DIS 1539- 1 suggested by Japan in its response to the SC22 ballot on
Technical Corrigendum 3 to IS 1539:1991, together with any editorial
changes requested by ITTF.  If there are no other suggested changes in
the DIS ballot, WG5 further instructs the editor to forward the
resulting document to ITTF for publication as soon as possible
thereafter.  If there are any additional changes suggested in comments
accompanying member body votes in the DIS ballot, WG5 instructs its
Convenor to distribute these comments to the members of WG5 as soon as
possible, and to conduct a letter ballot of member countries to
determine the action required with respect to these comments.

LV4.  Interoperability with C
That WG5 instructs the project editor, Michael Hennecke, to modify the
draft PDTR, WG5-N1237, in accordance with the decisions of the
interoperability development body described in WG5-N1265, and to forward
the resulting document to its Convenor no later than March 17, 1997.
WG5 further instructs its Convenor to forward the modified draft PDTR to
the SC22 Secretariat and to request that a first PDTR ballot be
conducted as soon as possible.

LV5.  Internationalization
That WG5 thanks the Convenor of SC22/WG20, Arnold Winkler, for attending
the meeting and for presenting various issues related to
internationalization.  Further, WG5 resolves to address these issues
during the development of Fortran 2000.

LV6.  Schedule for Fortran 2000 Revision
That WG5 revises the schedule defined in section 4.3 of its Strategic
Plan (WG5- N1151) as shown below, and further resolves that it will make
a more thorough revision of its Strategic Plan at the meeting in July

 Stage      Process                                            Fortran 2000
     1      Initial requirements prepared                      1995-11
            Review of requirements completed                   1997-02
            Final definition of requirements                   1997-02
     2      Completion of separate edits                       1998-11
            First working draft available                      2000-01
            WG5 approval of draft CD                           2000-07
     3      First CD submitted for registration and approval   2000-08
            First CD ballot initiated                          2000-09
            First CD ballot comments available                 2001-01
            Final CD submitted for approval                    2001-08
            Final CD ballot initiated                          2001-09
            Final CD ballot comments available                 2002-02
            WG5 approval of draft DIS                          2002-03
     4      DIS registered                                     2002-05
            DIS ballot initiated                               2002-06
            DIS ballot results available                       2002-09
     5      Standard published                                 2002-11

LV7.  Content of Fortran 2000 Revision
That WG5 resolves that the content of Fortran 2000 be the items
specified in paper WG5-N1259.
LV7 was approved with one individual abstention and one country
abstention, from Germany.

LV8.  Letter Ballot on Part 3 of the Fortran Standard (Conditional
Compilation in Fortran)
That WG5, taking regard of the inconclusive nature of the discussions
and votes on the subject of conditional compilation at the meeting,
instructs its Convenor to convey the sense of the meeting to the project
editor, David Epstein, to summarize the relevant issues for the benefit
of members not present at the meeting and to carry out a letter ballot
of WG5 member bodies to confirm the continuation of the project.

LV9.  Development of Part 3 of the Fortran Standard (Conditional
Compilation in Fortran)
That WG5, if appropriate following the letter ballot described in
resolution LV8, instructs the project editor, David Epstein, to modify
WG5-N1243 taking regard of the comments of the conditional compilation
development body described in WG5- N1266 and other comments received
from members of WG5, and to forward a copy of a revised draft CD to the
WG5 Convenor no later than June 16, 1997, in a form suitable for
submission for balloting by SC22, in order that it can be thoroughly
reviewed by WG5 before its meeting in Vienna on July 21-25, 1997.

LV10. Future Meetings
That WG5 proposes to hold meetings in the next two years as follows:
      July 21-25, 1997              Vienna, Austria
      June or August, 1998          Trollhaettan, Sweden
LV10 was approved with two individual negative votes

LV11.  Vote of Thanks for Support for Meeting
That WG5 thanks X3J3 for generously supporting the meeting.

LV12.  Vote of Thanks
That WG5 wishes to express its appreciation to the WG5 Convenor (Miles
Ellis), the X3J3 Chair (Jerry Wagener), the secretary (Loren Meissner),
the librarian (Mallory North), the subgroup heads (Dick Hendrickson,
Stan Whitlock and Manuela Zuern), the drafting committee, the hosts and
particularly the local organizers Mallory North and Stan Whitlock for
their contribution to the success of the meeting.

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