ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 N2549

                                    Doc Number: N2549 = 08-0059
                                    Date: 2008-02-27
                                    Author: Thomas Plum <>

Excision of Clause 31

Overview of Changes:  Delete clause 31.


The LWG considered various objections raised to the time and
date capabilities in clause 31.  The most-popular choice was to replace
them with simpler capabilities that will be presented in a separate motion.

Every alternative met with some opposition.  Leaving clause 31 as-is was
very strongly opposed by a large majority, and the simpler capabilities
were widely supported, but several participants requested more time to
evaluate the proposal before voting it into the WP.

If clause 31 is deleted and its replacement is postponed, the project 
editor will make editorial decisions regarding the unspecified pieces
that are needed in clause 30.

This is an unusual situation: every choice is controversial, but leaving
the WP unchanged is the least popular outcome.

The full committee may decide that, upon consideration of all
factors, the simpler capabilities should be approved at this meeting;
alternatively, the full committee may decide to postpone that decision,
leaving some inconsistencies to be resolved at next meeting.

In either event, the LWG requests that clause 31 be deleted, pending 
subsequent decisions; that decision, of course, requires full-committee