TC 304
European Localization Requirements
Exigences européennes de la localisation
Europäische Lokalisationsanforderungen

Recommendations of the second workshop on the Euro in IT standards

CEN/TC304 N771

1. Transfer of finance and electronic commerce

1.1 Registration of currency code

2. Output: International registration of the EURO SIGN glyph

2.1 Registration of Euro sign with AFII

2.3 Design of OCR glyphs

2.4 Design of Euro sign glyphs in ordinary fonts

3. Input: Keyboard layouts

3.1 Euro sign in ISO/IEC 9995-3

3.2 Euro sign on national keyboards

3.3 Euro sign in banking terminals

4. Electronic code for information interchange

4.1 Euro sign in ISO/IEC 10646

4.2 Euro sign in European subsets

4.3 Euro sign in 8-bit coded character sets

4.5 Euro sign in 7-bit systems

5. Other aspects

5.2 Sorting and matching aspects

5.3 Writing amounts and simultaneous rendering

5.5 Interoperability aspects

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Secretary: Þorgeir Sigurðsson